I lost a very important ring too:(

  • I don't know where to turn to get answers. I would love to be put under hypnosis, but need a contact in my area. (Boston, MA)

    I lost a most precious family heirloom. A gold ring with a large round smokey grey star opal stone. The ring was a wedding gift and had belonged to a favorite great aunt. I think I last had it when I took it off before a swim in a pond on July 5th. I think I remember tying it into the leather stand of my necklace and placing it on the cement steps with our towels.

    Friends have told me the ring is in our loft apartment, but I have searched everywhere. I thought it may have been in the pocket of my purse. I also remember clearly deciding that I needed to keep the ring in a black velvet box which I though was in the bathroom on a shelf. I found the empty black box in out bedroom but have no memory of bringing the box upstairs.

    Please, please, please help. I'm devastated by the loss of this ring which represents so much to me.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Here is an image of the ring.

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