Till when shall i wait for him ????

  • Hi THE CAPTAIN...its me again...my BF was angry with me since JULY 25, He was away for Business trip and since he is Taurus...very slow im aquarian...i was very patient with him since he left...no calls , once he sent message SMS. the first and last time we chat was JUly 25 . At first , we chat like ages...missed each oder so much..my heartbeats so fast, and he was telling that he never sleep with anyone coz he cares about me so much....and i feel how sincere he is...so, i told him that even i have temptations i still manage to be faithful with HIM, i told him i went with my friend for dinner ...and he get mad at me..the word "TEMPTATIONS" i used the wrong term and he misunderstood me. Then, he opened up his true feelings towards me..which really surprised me and i never expect that...i felt that he was HURT...that he control himself and even told me that He was working hard and never go out because he cares alot and think of me. He said he is not stupid, he is LOYAL and he feels that he didnt give whatever im looking for coz i was looking away... I was too upset too coz i hurt him but i know he's mind is closed even i told him that i never slept with anyone and i can prove him once his back. he said he loves everything about me with him and all were stamped in his memories.He make sure that the last LOVE making was unforgettable for me to be able to wait for him but i get weak... i kept quiet and he was thinking i cheated him. he excuse himself and say he was angry and we'll talk later...but till now he never did... i was quiet for 3 days and didnt send him sms and offline messages.not even thru his email. Tomorrow he is one month away, and i send him messages and email how much i missed him , say goodnight like as usual thing... and never mentioned about the issue. I already say sorry many times and i think i have said enough...so, im still waiting for him to say hi or send any offline message. i know i need to cool him down and give space but until when...till when should i wait for him ? he is the one who taught me to be patient ... but i dnt know if im doing the right thing, i want to prove him how faithful i am, but im helpless since i dnt know if he will still talk to me... we are turning 2 mos. on 7th . i feel that he will come around when he is ready ....i divert myself alot at work but he is always in my mind . please i need an advice from you? thank you

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