How do I get my Virgo man to take respnsibility for his child that's on it's way

  • Hi everyone,

    I am a mom to be and I am facing some hard times at the moment.

    I am a turean myself and I am afraid my stubborness and temper might have destroyed the love me and boyfriend once shared.

    I am expecting my first child with this talented 26 year old Virgo man.

    And after 5 months of dating I accidently got pregnant and becasue of some private resons I decided t keep the baby although my boyfriend did not want it.

    He left me and told me his carrier was too important to through away becasue of me wanting to keep the child.

    Even though I kindly told him I would never ask him to gice his dream up for me, i just wished we'd continue as a small family and I'd take care of the baby as long as he is still climbing his carrier.

    He didnt want that and he ignored me and called me names instead of trying to work things out. Also an issue is that we live far away from each other. i live in Sweden he in Sri Lanka.

    And we grow up differently although i am born sri lankan too but I grew up here and he is really scared to let his family know he got me pregnant since no one except his brothers who i told the truth to, knows we where a couple. He is a Buddhist. And I told him karma will definitly come around for him by the way he treats me and his baby right now....

    But this is all killing me. My due date is in about 4 months and I truly wish we could solve this and start over.

    but now he broke contact ith me entirly.

    I can understand I might have burnt my chances with him. But fo my baby's sake what do I do?

    Is there anyway to make him come back to us, to solve this?

    I am even willing to move down there or just go back to see him....but since I know about the Virgo mans nature now...I am wondering how best to do this?

    please someone help me!

    Thank u all for reading,

    Love and blessings


  • I'm sorry to hear about your situation....must be very painful. I was married to a Virgo for 10 years and even though our marriage didn't last, he was a great father and still is. My only advise to you is you cannot make someone be with you but you do have a lifelong bond and that is your baby on the way. I don't know what the laws are where you live, but I would try and get child support for your baby. He does have a responsibilty. Things could also change after the baby is born. I wish you the best of luck:0

  • I am very sorry to hear you are going thru this. it's too bad. apparently he is focusing on his career because it's important to him, and even if he moved in with you, my feeling is, he would be very resentful of you. he feels you have trapped him into a corner, and that was your plan all along.

    not saying that is the case, just relating to you on what his thoughts are about you and baby.

    did you 2 discuss children, commitment, marriage, career, prior to you becoming pregnant? I am trying to get a feel for what went down, and why it fell apart. everything was fine until you told him the news? is that correct?

    I do feel that telling him karma will bite him in the end, was not a good idea. he does not need for you to be God, or to pass on judgments. since he is Buddhist, I am sure he understands what karma is. You have you own karma to deal with here.

    communication is key, and it looks that your wires were crossed, and a big misunderstanding has developed. he no longer trusts you, and if you force him back in with karma threats (LOL) he will treat you like you don't exist. Virgos are real good with the silent treatment.

    If he is close to his brother, his brother may take a stand against you. you have to be careful here, as family in that culture is not to be messed with, and usually will stand united with any outsiders.

    If you play your cards differently, and not chase after him by insisting he needs to step up and be with you. he simply is not ready for father hood.

    does not mean he is right or wrong. yes, he will step up and be the father, but he does not feel he has to be with you.

    I think because of your temper is what made him take off to spite you.

    Ms Sunny

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