Help interpreting personal reading please!

  • I'd like help interpreting a personal reading i recieved. Im not really trained in the tarot and your help would be greatly appreciated. I recieved a 3 card reading from the marseille tarot and the cards were (from left to right) 1. the chariot 2. the bateleur 3. the lovers.....i understand what each card means individually but i'd like a full explanation. To all those that help, thanx so much 🙂

  • I get something like an project or enterprise here that you're thinking of doing or trying to size up. To me the chariot means moving forward and the magician tells me resources needed to do so are available. The energy is very favorable for movement. Could this involve your partner or romantic interest as well? This is what the lovers tell me.

  • See my comments in your original post, but espearite has certainly put a good spin on things to begin with...however, my instincts tell me that The Lovers in this spread is of a higher order than an earthplane relationship or romance. One would see that kind of thing more easily if one turned up the Two of Cups, which is the "marriage" card.

    Again, what does the position of each card signify?


  • Well said, gwalchami60. I appreciate the comments. 🙂

    @iTheBeautilful: I'm sorry the reading was not as long as you'd hoped. I hope this does help in some way though.

  • Yes u really did help give some insight i really appreciate that, for the both of you guys. @gwalchami60 thats the order they were pulled in thats why i numbered them from 1-3...i really appreciate u both thanks alot!!!! 🙂

  • @espearite Yes u really did help give some insight i really appreciate that, from the both of you guys. @gwalchami60 thats the order they were pulled thats why i tried 2 number them from 1-3...(sorry) i really appreciate u both thanks alot!!!! 🙂

  • Thank you for the feedback! Glad I was able to help. 🙂

  • ur welcom 😉

  • google learntarot , lovers does not mean marraige" it means choice of engagement in a relationship of all kinds...its a choice and my marraige to my job, me and my marraige to my friends values and beliefs shall be assessed in making that choice of commitment as myself awareness shall influence my choice on what balances me....................

    Blunt terms Chariot; direct will hard control and direct focus to Magician-manifest and crewate out of your will and ability Lovers balance and harmony in all your relationships on this universe...............................this is you now free of attachemnts to get your prioroties strait and clear with focus (chariot) see blueprint and aclaim power and manifestation (magician) concerning what choices will balance and creat harmony in your future...........

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