Card combination meaning

  • hello all!

    hope you are all well and joyful.

    im in a middle of a huge dilemma in my life and decided to spread some light on it through my tarot desk.

    As i am so involved in my dilemma i dont think i am able to be objective anymore when trying to get the meaning of the combined cards.

    Basically i was asking about my love life.

    And future outcomes look like this: (15 card spread, upper line)

    1. Temperance (rev) | 2. Emperor |3. 2 Cups | 3. 1 Cups (rev) | 5. The World (rev).

    It looks very good to me. but doesnt really help me out. If you would see that when reading to someone else, what would you tell them?

    Thank you so much in advance!


  • Hi loveandsunshine, it looks to me there may be a power struggle in your life and/or with bringing some type of order to your relationship through trials or scenarios that have not been successful. To me it looks like the emperor is the card specifying what that is. You want to be in control and with some dignity. The emperor to me is all about being one's own person/boss and laying rules down. He has everything under control and is very well rounded. The third card tells me about the love relationship, perhaps its potential. It may start off being a friendship. Next, the cards tell me that you are blocked due to the dilemma in this relationship via the ace reversed. Nothing can get through or out. The energy is too low and to me it looks like a hard decision.I think you are not done in this journey and your karma won't be exactly great with this guy either. I have to say that there are rough times ahead but you will make it. Just hang in there. Don't be afraid to let your partner know what you want. I hope this helps.

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