• #11 Changes ( typo)


  • Hi Aunt Buck-

    I would still love a Love reading..

    DOB 5/8/68


  • Oh I guess that makes me #12 sorry..

  • Hii Aunt Buck

    i would if you could take your time and give me a reading.

    I met this man two months back. He is a very young guy who came into my life as a teacher , while i was doin some spiritual course. I instantly knew that I had met him my earlier lives, he seemed so familiar. Two days before the course ended, i felt terrible about leaving him and going.After I finally left the course i realised i was in love with him, I gues i was in love with him even before i knew i was in love.I feel a strong pull towards his beautiful soul.its like his name is imprinted on every cell of my body and he is always on my mind. Please tell me if I am going to be with him in future as lovers or is it a past life love connection thats jus not meant to be this life.

    Thank you so much

    Creator's Blessings

  • I am #13 btw.and my DOB is 17/11/87.

  • NO request but that everyone is PATIENT & POLITE & LOVING & GRATEFUL

    and for clarity LOVE & STRENGTH to Aunt Buck!!!!!


    LOVE Rising Phoenix

  • Hi AuntBuck,

    I am #14.

    I would like a general reading.

    Thank you for your offer! My DOB: 2/1/72

  • Hi AuntBuck

    I am she#14

    I woild i like for your to do a reading for me

    Thank You So Very Much

    My DOB:10/23/63

  • #15 DOB 7/29/1984

    Thank you

  • Ohhhh booo! lol

    All I saw was #14 in the last post and rushed my post. Then noticed after posting that there was one more before that. Bummer.

  • Hi Everyone...I took a break for the last week. I will get to your readings...I promise. My life has been getting in the way with me connecting with my cards. I did do some readings the other night in person and they came out well but then I got slammed with more fears and worries the next day. I think things are coming around and I plan on having a good chakra clearing session tomorrow afternoon so if all goes as planned, I will start tomorrow night. I apologize for not doing these but well...I'm discovering that when my mood is off....I think the cards are off too. I just needed to work thru some fears I was going through. But...I'm coming around...and will do these. Love and blessings all for being patient. I really appreciate it.

  • HI Aunt Buck!!!! Sending you LOVE & LIGHT & POSITIVITY & CLEARING!!!

    Reiki energies create all kinds of changes to go through as you become a clearer & clearer channel!--recognize your fears--acknowledge them-- and allow them to RELEASE!

    Everyone will be patient with you! LOVE & LIGHT & HEALING BLESSINGS!!

  • Oh Rising...I'm finding those Reiki energies are bringing out all sorts of stuff. I now have hand eczema which I've never had in my life....just a new thing with skin

    The mind irritations hit last week and it was a week of addressing my fears...and taking a leap of faith and moving forward. I'm getting there!! Love and blessings to you!

  • Dear Aunt Buck

    Coincidentally even Ive been addressing lots and lots of fears since the past two weeks too . It has calmed down since two and i have been experiencing acne on my face. I know I am healing and all Ive been doin is acknowledging them and releaing them to the Creator's Light. And offcourse keep that faith.. Hope this makes you feel good and the Creator is blessing you with Strenght.

    Love and Light

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