My Aunt has terminal cancer...

  • My Aunt Pat has been battling breast cancer for 2 years and we just found out mid-june that it has spread to her lymph nodes. And since she's not responding to chemo and is too weak to undergo another round of radiation, her doctors are telling us that there's nothing else they can do and that she has about 6 months left to live.

    I am at peace with this because I know in my heart that it is her time to go and she will be in a better place, but I worried about her state of mind and how everyone around her is taking it. Has she accepted it and is there anything we can do to ease her suffering and improve her quality of life for the time she has left? Also, her and my Mother are very close and I don't know how she is going to handle it once she's gone... especially since she lost her other sister a few years back.

    I'm also worried about her family, especially her husband Butch and her 4 year old great-granddaughter Leila, who currently lives with them. Butch is in poor health as well and just lost his right arm in an accident, so he can barely take care of himself, let alone a 4 year old!! Leila's parents are druggies and the other grandparents won't step up to care for her, so I'm concerned about what's going to happen to her once Pat is gone. My Mom said she is going to get CPS involved, but I can see that getting really ugly. Is that a good idea? What should we do? The situation just plain sucks and I could go on for days! Any insight would be much appreciated.



  • It's time all the family pulled together and stepped up on this - call a big meeting if you have to, of all the relatives. Government care should be the last option. Butch needs someone to take over the little girl's care and to look after him too. Aunt Pat is no doubt worried about those she will leave behind so you need to take as much worry off her shoulders as possible. She will feel much better about passing on if everything she leaves behind is in order.

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