DEAR (notshy2bme)

  • Dear Lovely Lady notshy2bme

    I know you are very much Hurt from what was said on the Pet detective board but please refrain from leaving, I know sometimes when people give readings they either Put things on you that you know does not feel right, and thats Ok you just have to yourself well thats not right but im going to thank this person anyway for giving me a reading, I so do not want you to leave as your are the very person who made me Open myself up on this Forum, you give me so much Inspiration from all you've been through, and you just being here as made an Impact on myself, I really hope you do not leave, i know i can not stop you but i can certainly try get you to understand that its not all that bad here, There are some amazing people i have met and lots of amazing things that i have read since coming here, Please do not leave permenantly at least take a stand back and think about what was said in your reading from TheCaptain,

    You know sometimes she means well, and sometimes takes things to far when seeking the Truth of things, because sometimes things are not always true and are not always what they may seem.

    what has this forum given you? what has the Community here done for you, everybody here loves your soul and Light and would Certainly not wish for you to leave, i bet you have many friends here who appreaciate you here, I know i do 🙂 So please think twice and next time you see a reading either that you do not like or just think its a bit wrong, either just say thankyou for the reading these things were wrong, these things were right and leave it at that, you do not have to push all the buttons to be heard, as this can proberbly make you feel very angry and upset.

    Just say your bit after your reading and then leave. Please think about this carefully. and hope you are still around to read this message.

    Lots of Love and Light to you

    From you dear friend

    Bee X

  • Also please feel free to join my new thread, Its all about being Creative, explore your Creativeness and find some sort of peace within yourself by creatiing something new.

    Its a place to express your feelings and emotions in a completely different Way,

    Hope you come and Join us.

    Bee X

  • dear elaine,

    sorry about what happened on the other thread. I know how it feels, as I 've been told such and such by few reader(s) that are either misinterpreted or perceived incorrectly.

    sometimes readers get tired and burnt out, and forget to take a break to regroup. I think the captain is in need of rest.

    I hope you don't leave, as I am grateful for you befriending me.

    wishing you and Sparky all the best... Sunny

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  • :O) Thank you, Send me an email so that i have your adress too and so i can save it. 🙂

    Love you lots

    Bee X




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  • OK, i will honour your request, i'm going to send an email to you...

    Hugs and love to you...


    You need to feel positive my friend with all that you r living through I will not push this further, but i am still sending you mail...:)

    hugs sheila

  • wait ha-ha one more thing, people need you also my Friend don't ever forget .that...

    Just think about this okay please..

    Hugs again sheila

  • If readers are not allowed to speak their truth, then what would be the point of anyone asking for help? And if people aren't ready for the truth as a reader sees it, why then do they ask?

    RebeccaAnn, you disappoint me by saying publically that you think I am a liar or deluded, considering how many times you have asked for and been given my help.

    Human behaviour - amazing! People can be thanking me for my help one minute, then turn around and slap me in the face just because they get an answer they can't deal with. I would think that if you ask someone for a reading, then you would realise that it is rude to throw the answer back in their face.

    My replies to Notshy2bme were not meant to be nasty or shocking. I was simply telling the truth of how the animal feels when treated in such a way. But the fact she won't even consider that what I said could be true indiocates that it could very well be. And if she thinks I was talking only about her when I mentioned negative vibes, then she doesn't realise how many reading requests I answer here and elsewhere each day.

    This smacks of a witch-hunt by two people who didn't like the answers they received but who instead of finding another reader, chose to react by attacking.

  • And to suggest that my financial problems interfere with messages from spirit suggests an incorrect understanding of psychic receiving. It is not something that is tied to the physical plane.

  • All,

    Please help us keep the forums a safe, peaceful and enlightened place and think twice before posting anything that could be hurtful to someone else. This is one of the reasons we don’t allow personal readings here on the forums. At some point feeling will get hurt, and we’ll have to intervene. We know that it is always unpopular when we need to delete these personal reading threads, but we have our reasons and this case is a good example of why.


    Forum Admin

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  • aaawww, I feel really bad this is going on, and I have seen similar on other forums. I was actually thinking of staying low for awhile, as I hear the stars and planets are clashing, and we might as well wear a bag over our heads LOL

    just kidding of course!

    just hours earlier, I was petting my dog Moses, and I called him "my baby". I stopped for a sec, and remembered what you said about calling your beloved pet snarkey "baby". I believe that term was taken out of context, and sorely misinterpreted, and because of this, severe hurt feelings have taken place. one person forgot how sensitive the other person and unaware of her story of not having children due to an illness. I can certainly understand her sensitivity and would apologize for hurting her feelings.

    and a reader sometimes being off target and for perceiving incorrectly, and be something of an embarrassment, and at times be hard to swallow your pride and apologize.

    I remember one time as a little girl, I was watching young child speak but her speech was not normal. another child unaware of why this child could not speak normally, began to assume this child was retarded. a few days later, he found out he was dead wrong.. the child was hearing impaired and suffered from a speech impediment. she was smart as a whip, and definitely not retarded. he felt badly because he assumed wrong, and he made fun of the child thinking she was retarded and thought it would not matter because she would not remember.

    as a reader myself, I have perceived incorrectly, and yes, sometimes I am wrong. so I am always aware, that I do not know everything, and to apologize when you have offended someone even though it was not intentional.


  • Elaine, sent you an email hope you are well and not stressing out too much, stay calm all will be fine in the end, these desputes do not last long, just relax and have a nice bath or something,

    🙂 or go for a nice walk heheh that always helps me calm down after a bumpy ride.

    No need for anymore despute here Captain, i am always thankful for your readings nothing i said to you was personal, nothing much to say here apart from Goodnight. and Lots of love to you both

    Bee X

  • oops, typo error big time. I meant your beloved pet "sparkey" hehehe

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