LEOSCORPION or HANS WOLFGANG...Could I please get some insight?

  • I would really like some insight on this one!!

    My info: Laura 09/28/1987 born in Pensacola, FL

    His info: Wilson 03/07/1983 born in Recife, Brazil


    We broke up in beginning of June, but he still stays in contact with me. I am getting mixed signals from him, it's like he wants me to chase him in a way, and worries if I dont talk to him for a few days... He did however ask for time to himself to figure things out (beginning of July). Thats the reason I have been backing off! It seems as though he wants time to himself, but doesnt. haha, little confused with this Fish. When we hang out, he still flirts and compliments me alot. He has been really busy learning how to manage a restaurant & hasn't lived in US for very long (about 4 years), so I personally think he is establishing himself still, and relationship might be a little hectic for him at this time. I also posted another thread about our relationship, if you need that information as well.

    Whats in store for us? Is he interested in a reconnection, or is he playing games with me? Should I be the one to try & get him back since he is a Pisces?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Am I invisible on this forum????? I dont get it...

  • many new threads every day and I am too busy at work I don't always come here

    if you want to reach me faster, I am usually lurking on Men of the Zodiac with my 2 friends SS and Highpriestess2

    will read yours this week I hope it's OK

  • Lovelylibra

    Here is a quick look at your DOBs

    It does seem he is often unsure what move to make. So maybe you making initiative is not a bad idea. But then again there is still no guarantee he will make the move you want him to make 

    Venus conjuct Mars is making him sweet and reliable at one time, and out of the sudden going independent and aggressive pursuing his dream. In Aries, Mars is at home. He is having abundant of energy that hopefully he can direct it right, or else he will constantly move around, switching from one object to another. An exciting lover, but hard to keep and hard to predict.

    Jupiter conjunct Uranus makes him even more unpredictable. Uranus likes freedom and originality. Routine, same thing all the time or even same person all the time, can bore him. Jupiter has no problem with variety, but in Sagitarius, he can be too confident he is actually testing his luck too often and then he realizes his luck runs out. It’s common that when we are all happy and lucky, blessed by Jupiter, we will start taking risks we shouldn’t take and ignore those that matter most. The good thing with this placement is he always bounces back.

    His sun is in Pisces, but Sagitarius is quite dominant in his chart. Neptune is also here, will enhance his intuition and enrich his imagination, if only he knows how to escape its fog of illusion. He seems rather focused on material success and career ambition, while his purpose in this life time is to be more nurturing and caring, more of family oriented than career and money oriented. This belief that only career and material success will save him, may stem from events in his early life.

    A close relationship can feel uncomfortable to him. Saturn warns him against being controlled or being controlling. As soon as he feels he has total control over someone, or totally controlled by someone, he may make an escape. Moon sits close to Neptune makes him sensitive and easily annoyed by small things.

    Your Pluto in Scorpio can overwhelm you with strong powerful desire. Since your Pisces is sensitive, it can overwhelm him, making him feel as if he is under its control. If he is taking his time away from you, wait and give it enough time before you take the initiative to contact him again. Your Mars in Virgo helps you work with small details. Watch for being too concerned with small things, since it will annoy him also. Libra is quite dominant in your chart. You Sun here conjunct Venus, doubles your charm and interest in art. You strive for harmony and keeping romance alive. Watch for giving too much for the sake of harmony and romance.

    Your purpose, however, is in Aries. No wonder you enjoy being with him, you can feel Mars energy that he exudes. Jupiter will bestow you abundance if you care to take more initiative in pursuing your dream. You love communicating and seem to have opinions about everything. It’s a good thing because then you will not keep feelings bottled up inside, but if you give it more thought before you express yourself, communication will be more meaningful and deeply touching. Try it. You will be surprised how much you can touch sensitive Pisces.

    Moon in Sagitarius, your optimism and cheerfulness are contagious. Watch for being too optimistic and taking action without much consideration. Saturn and Uranus are also here. Take the risk, only after you consider things thoroughly.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much... I apologize for seeming rude. I got a little impatient and was having some odd emotions 😞

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to give me some insight 🙂

    Have a wonderful day

  • no worries lovelylibra

    I can see in your chart /wink

    "You love communicating and seem to have opinions about everything. It’s a good thing because then you will not keep feelings bottled up inside, but if you give it more thought before you express yourself, communication will be more meaningful and deeply touching"

    hope this helps I need to go do more readings

    take care

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