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  • Hello Junemoon26,

    Been a while since I last responded to you .. Hope all is well with your schooling.I have been pretty busy with my kids and work.. Not alot of time to stop and think and haven't really been here in a while. I check postings when ever I get a chance to do so.. Was wondering if you can tell me if there is any changes that you see in my future love life and family life with my kids.. Still trying to move on from the break up over 8 months ago with the ex 11-02-71..but still hard but working on it. You said that a new love was coming my way in the near future was just wondering what you see now. It's just me and my kids and they are the light of my life and they keep me busy as well as work. Hope all is well with you and I know that you are busy with your own life as well. Will keep checking back with you for your reply.. DOB is 10-22-69 if needed.. Thanks again.. Is there also any chance of the ex coming back into my life at all also....Thanks ...will be waiting for your response...

  • Hi, Libralady2008. Sorry it took me awhile to get to your post...School has been going well; I took a summer class (history), but that's over and I still have a week until fall term...I've been enjoying the break from academic work!

    I can see that this year has been busy and somewhat hectic for you. It's been exhausting at times, but positive changes are on the way. This is a fortunate year for love, if you can make an effort to meet new people. Work will go smoothly in August, although try to stay healthy and avoid taxing yourself too much if you get more responsibilities! October will be a challenging time--avoid making too many promises at this time. By November, the hard work you've been putting in will pay off, and you will get an unexpected confidence boost. December will be the best month of all for you. Your family will all be getting along very well and you'll have a chance to improve your finances. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • would like to see what one of you gifted ones would see in this relationship with him/leo 08/08/1968 and her/libra 10/11/1966 hold backs let the truth be told .....thank you

  • Thank you Junemoon for your reply...I know how it is when you get busy.. Hope you have a blessed day and thank you again

  • If I may, just curious but what do you see as far as the ex goes..11-02-71..No hopes up just curious...Thanks again

  • I'm sorry Libralady, and I could certainly be wrong, but I feel he is probably not in your future anytime soon. I would advise trying to move on and heal as best you can...Dwelling on past relationships too much can block new love from coming your way. Try to let go of your last relationship. Only then will you find new love (which I still feel is headed your way if you open yourself to it). Good luck, and best wishes! 🙂

  • hello Junemoon26

    My name is Illona Jameson and I would like to see what you see for me as far as relationships I am not in a relationship. I just finished one that I was in for three years and I am very happy that it is over. I knew a long time ago it should have been over. So now I am ready for somebody to come into my life and treat me the way I should be treated. I am a very awesome person down to earth, funny and very honest and I know that it is time for Illona to be treated good. Do you see somebody coming into my life. And maybe even marriage. I have never been marry before and now it has been on my mind my dob is 07/12/1961

    Thanks Illona

  • Junemoon26,

    can I also have a reading please?

    Just would like to find out whats in store for me in the next 3-6 months in my love life?

    Will there be any developments concerning the man I care about (sorry no date of birth)... Or someone new?

    My Dob: Jan 4, 1979

    thanks and kind regards.... 🙂


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