I just want to help this Scorpio man. Please Help!

  • Here is our info:


    Sun - Scorpio.

    Moon- Capricorn.

    Mercury - Scorpio.

    Venus - Libra.

    Mars - Aries.


    Sun - Taurus.

    Moon - Aries.

    Mercury - Gemini.

    Venus - Gemini.

    Mars -Aquarius

    We have been hanging out through common friends lately, this is how me meet each other. But he never calls me or texts messages me. I know that he has my phone number, because he asked for me for it the first time we hung out. I feel like he likes to play little mind games, when he asks "Why haven't you called me?" but he CLEARLY said the last time I saw him that he would be calling me.

    Besides our little communication bearer, I would say everything is great with this guy, when he sees me he acts like I'm his girlfriends. He holds my hand, hugs me, he really likes publicly displaying his affection.

    However, I'm worried about him. I found out that he is an only child, he never knew his father and that his mother died 2 years ago. When we hang out he likes to drink and smoke a lot. Sometimes I feel as if he is trying to escape from his real underlying problems. The last time I saw him he was completely out of it, from the drinking and smoking. He was so far gone, to the point that I knew he didn't realized what was going on around him. I was so sad from seeing him in this state of mind that all I could do was stand their and hug him silently. I really was shocked and couldn't find the right word to say.

    I don't want to get on his case about his issues because I feel like it's not my place. I am not even his girlfriend, we are still dating and I know that if I even try to tell this Scorpio man to fix himself, it's not going to get me anywhere. So I just tend to keep myself at bay with him and let me him do his thing. I get you could say I'm just trying to wait patiently, sit back, watch and try to figure him out.

    I know I sound crazy for even liking this guy, I get it, trust me I see all the red flags here. But he is a good guy, and I love being around him and I just want to help him. What should I do? Any insight on my situation would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • What are the exact birthdates here?

  • By the way, I was struck by how alike you and I are, Alovelytune. Except that I have a Pisces moon (but on the cusp of Aries/Pisces), our other planets mentioned here are the same. Never been romantically involved with a Scorpio though I have had Scorpion friends and my father was one. They certainly have a sting in their tale, even the mild-mannered ones.

  • a lovely tune,

    sounds like a familiar situation; I can see where you would want to 'sit back' and try to help him...I stuck by a similar guy for two years and his attitude didn't change until I changed. Let him be himself but be healthy in your own outlook and don't feel you must 'suffer too'. Scorpios respect wisdom in others even if they do not show it. He will be inspired by you if it doesn't look like you are presenting yourself as someone to follow. He wants to think it is his own idea to change, and change usually comes about when he learns his life won't change until he does.

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