Lookinf For Truth

  • I have had some really tragic things happen to me in the last couple of years and some good things too.

    I find my self at a cross-roads and I am doubting myself and my decisions.

    I need insight yes and mayhap a bit of counseling as well.

    I have many worries that at times I have thought would subside or I could solve, but I find that my proverbial shoulders are heavy and my mind is bogged down.

    Anything at all that anyone can pass on to me, would be helpful.

    Thank you so much in advance....

  • Hi... I drew some cards for you. Just looking at them it seems like something happened that caused you to doubt yourself, meaning that group of people might not have agreed with you?

    The Past - 7 of Swords reversed. To me it seems like you tried taking matters into your own hands to the point of causing some unfortunate event.

    The Present - Queen of Pentacles reversed. Right now you aren't feeling like you're responding to the situation as well as you'd like. You know you could be doing better. This card tells me it may be work-related? Try not to be hard on yourself. Acknowledge what has happened and try to work at taking one day at a time while improving your approach. I think it is more of an issue of letting what has happened go. Please remember that time lessens the pain.

    The Future - Page of Wands. The future does show me a new direction. You are quite new to an experience. There is a need for you to feel freed from the past and become a new person.

    I hope this helps QuilterofWords. I think things will get better for you, just hang in there. 🙂

  • I am astonished by the cards you drew for me. My husband killed his self within 14 days of me telling him if he couldn't get help for his drinking, I couldn't live this way any more. His family and some of his friends blamed me for his death, his family even tried to implicate me in his shooting. Even though I was at home with a friend and one of his workers was working on a car in our backyard. He was at his brothers estranged wife's house in her barn when he did this. Two days prior to the shooting, I had him arrested because he attacked my 18 year old son and took out the fuses to the central air unit, cut the wires on the pump that pumped water in to our house and threatened to cut the electric and run over my car with a backhoe. 13 years I tried to be supportive and help him. Yet, I was the one to blame. I am still very hurt and angry by it all. Not just for myself, but for my kids as well. I spent a year and a half trying to save my house from going into foreclosure after he killed his self and left me with nothing. No life insurance, no savings and in total bankruptcy, including 7000 dollars in federal taxes and 2400 in state taxes. Now I am struggling to survive, that is why I am depressed, that is why I am tired. Two weeks ago my car was hit from behind by a dump truck. How in Gods name I wonder, is any of this my fault, or me depending on someone else to save me? If that is the description of dependency, I am very confused....

  • I meant astonished in how close your cards was about my life situation..lol

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