• RisingPhoenix, I just had a look at the pics of the fire on the captains blog thread, I have to say what a brave young woman you are, I admire you so much with how you think and react to everything :)!!...but looking at the first one I instantly saw the shape of a turtle's face in the smoke? now, I hope I don't sound stupid (I know I do in a different thread lol).. but since being a child I have loved looking up to the skies and often used to see all sorts of things and think, why do they seem so prominent to me? why doesn't others with me see them?...well, a couple of years ago when going on a spiritual forum, I came across a thread talking of Angels that appear in the form of clouds, so that answered my thoughts on why I was seeing a certain profile image of a face in the clouds so often that past few years, it was always in the exact shape, it's not the nicest looking face but I truly have become to understand it there to comfort me in times of stress, it always appears when I feel troubled.....

    sorry I went on a bit there as I do...but seeing the turtles face maid me do a little search on the symbolism of them,

    the obvious symbol is water, which was being used at the time, the others being, Order, Creation, and Protection....

    and after reading that I'm convinced it was a sign to say "all will be well"...

    just needed to share that...

    also on pic 4, did you notice all the orbs in it?...would love to know your thoughts on this...

    much love and blessings to you


  • HealingWays thats Interesting, sorry for butting in on your thread to Rising Phoenix but i also think she is an amazing young women, and i always love to read the posts she rights are very inspirational to me. :O) Hope everything is well RisingPhoenix

    PS: Healingways Hope all is well with you, Not had a chance to talk properly for awhile 🙂 Love you lots.

    Bee X

  • Hi Bee, no need to apologise my friend :)...it's great to see you!

    Rising really is amazing isn't she, I too love read as many of her posts as I can, inspiring lady indeed!!

    I'm doing really well Bee thank you, hope you are too my friend :), hows things in your world, all good I hope :)...

    I'v'e been doing lots of "clearing" stuff, you know, old thought patterns etc, been keeping a dream journal lately, I sure recommend that to all, I tried it years ago but with not much luck, but I feel a bit more "aware" of things now, I also recommend that before going to sleep to ask the Angels and your guides to help you remember and understand your dreams, it's working wonders, I also drop to sleep with one of my crystals in my hand, it's one I have programmed with Reiki energies to help my dreams be more meaningful, I'm always amazed that little crystal is still in my hand when I wake up, I've never dropped it yet :)....

    Love you lots too Bee 🙂

  • Yes Rising Phoenix is amazing 🙂 hehehe.

    Thats good HealingWays i am glad, im good Yes 🙂 good to see you to! all on my own this weekend, hehehe, not been alone at home b4 was suppose to have a friend over tonight but she thought it was next weekend, so shes coming ova 2morow instead. done a lot today shops, walking the Dog tidyding the house a bit keep myself busy heheh.

    another night on my own with the Doggy, rats and guniepigs i have 6 rats and 5 guniepigs LOL

    i have a lot of crystals healingways i try to believe they work, and even have one a bit like yours but it does not help at all, i guess my dreams are just too powerful. i have got a dream Journal and i try and write in it when i can unscramble and remember my dream clearly and its not soo confusing because i never seem to understand them. i am more aware now too 🙂 more than i was. of things.

    my dreams have been with my since i was little though they are always bad, so there more like Nightmares to me. I Use to have Rosequartz crystal by my bed, sometimes that helped me have no dreams but not all the time, they've been getting stronger and stronger and more vivid. and one of them has almost been like a vision of sorts. which really freaked me out as i found it was true from a friend.

    its Lovely and sunny here blue skys quite odd for 5 oclock but then again it is summer.

    We also have 2 Horses but i never see them, infact i have not been to a stables for quite some time. not my thing anymore use to be but gave it up. its more my mums side now, thats the reason why shes away shes in sweden doing a confrence for behaviour horses. stuff like that.

    Sisters are out with dad, not enough room for me, do not get on well with dad anyway so thats Ok and my mums boyfriend has gone to a re-enactment camping show we do, history stuff romans and things. so everyone is out exept me lol. Looking forward to doing something fun 2morow though.

    Lots of love


  • PS: Earlier i was having a drink of Cherryaid thats fizzy cherry, and a fly drowned in my drink and i almost drank it, Ugggg glad i looked in the cup before i drunk the lot. LOL

    Bee X

  • Well. Well. Well. I am humbled, grateful, & my heart is so warmed inside. THANK YOU:-)

    I've used Tarot.com since I was blind--somewhere around 2002--with a talking computer. The only friend I'd had in some years who I trusted to read for me had passed the year before & with no sight, I could no longer read for myself--till I found this site. I had so much to learn, so many struggles to overcome--I never even discovered our Forums til this Spring--when I was feeling so overwhelmed I was having a hard time reading myself with ANY tools--including simply centering myself.

    I'd been in a number of communities--other forums, chat groups, local face-to-face community groups for many many years. Just being me--pretty much the me you experience, I gave a lot of myself to online & in-person friends abundantly & freely. But me in need of support? I'd been feeling VERY unsupported. The LOVE & SUPPORT that's coming from all my friends here has lifted me up & given me so much strength!

    Guess eventually one comes to the right place:-) I am very very grateful.

    Also amused you gals perceive me as a young lady--I just turned 55 June 24th:-)

    I FEEL kind of ageless! Both younger & older than many my own age group! I feel strong, vibrant, able & like a LOT of life & experience is still ahead of me.

    Denise--I'm very grateful for this feedback! To tell the truth--once I posted the pix--I didn't even look at them--too much to do! The Cloud people have always fascinated me too--now I looked and WOW can I see that Turtle!!! My Turtle Guardian is RIGHT THERE staring me in the face--HUGE! THANK YOU! NOW I'm inspired to PAINT that Turtle! Amazing--why we NEED to be connected with others who have sight!

    I always loved the original Star Trek for explaining the "cloaking device"--you know--the Klingon ship is right there--but they have that "cloaking device" so you don't see it--til someone or something else tells you they're RIGHT THERE! Then the Enterprises' crew knew exactly what to do & how to deal with it!

    Not like I think this Turtle is anything CLOSE to an enemy--it's one of my GUARDIANS! I have so many it's freaked out psychics who work via inviting in my Guardians & their Guardians to communicate! Had you not pointed this out--I would have been "too busy" to LOOK at these pix for a while! NOW I know Turtle Medicine is with me powerfully at this moment!

    My sense of my life: everything is happening & unfolding as it should.

    THAN YOU for this! 1-The Phoenix--like me--is a Fire AND Water bird!

    Fire is my strength & public persona.

    WATER is my sensitive, healing, interior, private personal SELF.

    The changes I'm facing in life now are BIG ones--stepping into this next major cycle (the third)

    Order Creation Protection are exactly what I need! With all the huge insanity and upheaval in my life--I've still managed to feel pretty balanced & like all WILL be well. THANK YOU FOR SHARING what YOU see!

    Per the orbs--yes I see them. I often have orbs show up in pix of me--other Guardians being picked up by the cam. So that's not surprising in the general scheme of things--and especially now--being one of the Fab Five WITH SO MUCH LOVING HEALING ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY ENERGY coming daily!

    Rebecca Ann--you give me the gift of LAUGHTER--all IS WELL--thank you.

    Now you give me the gift of reflecting that I am successfully fulfilling one of my life's & my company's (just me now) purposes: INSPIRATION! I hope to keep doing so in an empowering way:-)

    Thank you for opening my eyes, sending me back to really LOOK at those pix to find the lessons--one of things I KNEW was Mama Pele had reminded me of her power & that the old needed to be cleared away burned away--that destruction part of the cycle--before the NEW could really begin. I gave thanks she's done it so gently in this case--wildfires here often burn BIG & for months & destroy violently!

    Drawing my attention to my Turtle Guardian--for whom I am grateful & immediately SPOKE to me--that is a great gift HealingWays. Thank you.

    FYI: here's a direct cut & paste from a site that describes the Turtle Clan among the Native Americans:

    "focus on the tasks at hand with the determination and perseverance of one with a true Mission. They have been instilled with a desire to connect to Earth Mother and to assist Her in the process of creating Life. In Earth Medicine, the Earth Mother is represented by the Turtle, as the provider of all Life. Think of Sister Turtle as she walks along at a slow, yet steady pace. She has no worry of shelter, for she carriers her home upon her back. She has no concern of how fast she is traversing the Path, as she knows that she will arrive where she is going exactly when she is meant to. She doesn't fear attack from predators as she knows that the armor like covering of her shell will protect her from all threats. This is the Blessing of being born of the Turtle.

    The challenge for one who is a member of the Turtle Clan, is to come to understand the Wisdom to be had in going Within in order to absorb the lessons they are faced with. Yet, these lessons may instead be seen by a Turtle, as an irritating obstacle to be ploughed through, instead of as a lesson to be resolved. Yet every obstacle, in point of fact, is merely another step along the Soul's Path to be acknowledged and absorbed, rather than ignored in the stubborn resolution to complete the Journey. When Turtle Soul raise her head into the warm light of awareness and operates from quiet perseverance, tempered with reflection, then She/He has attained the true gift of having been born of the Turtle Clan."

    I am grateful.

  • RisingPhoenix really loved the story about the Turtle, im glad you are happy hear, it is a good Forum with many lovely people, 55, ahhh dont worry we are only as old as we feel, age does not matter.

    well if you do not mind, then it does not matter.

    Im glad i amuse you heheheh, :O) I like making people laugh!

    I was curious if you would do a reading for me? if you do readings for people. iv seen the one you did for CWB i think its pretty good, iv know sometimes people have said they find it hard to read me.

    But maybe you could have ago? 🙂 I looked at the pictures as well, there cool well the fire being a bad thing that destory's things, but i mean the pictures that still look Awsame with the flames everywhere looks Kind of pretty in a way.

    Bee X

  • Oh MY!!...all you say really really speaks volumes RisingPhoenix, I am lost for words!!...I just KNEW I had to tell of what I saw!! I have been reading lots of posts of yours with a deep knowing and deep feeling of how special you are! I know, we are all special, we truly are!...but sometimes, just sometimes we know when someone with such depth of "knowing and Inspirational" comes along.... it's times like this I just want to plant my heart smack on this page to let you know and feel how much you inspire me.... I nearly didn't post my thoughts to you on the pictures in case you thought me crazy....but, the need to tell of it way over rid my fear of keeping quiet...I felt the sudden urge to drop my fears of seeming silly, like I was "took over" by something to just "do it"....I can't tell you how PLEASED I am I did, I now know we truly do need to "look and think" outside the box, it truly is the time to let go! and FEEL the changes in or times....... I have received a very good lesson to me today with this, it's something I hear many many times,....DON'T HOLD BACK with worry what others may think of me!! when I get the urge to say something that comes from heart and inner knowing and the urge to tell, I will never hold back again, I will pass it on....like I said, I only did a little search on what the turtle may mean as I don't know much about things like that, but got SUCH a feeling you needed to know.....

    See what I mean Rising, you inspire people in more ways than you ever know!!...............:)

    My love, gratitude and total respect to you!! I feel blessed our paths have crossed on here young lady!!....yes, you are a young lady still...with SO much to offer...

    Blessings to you!!

  • My dear sweet friend Bee, I know what you mean, I have had my crystals for about 5yrs now, I have the most stunning crystal Amethyst Cave, it's at the side of me now on my desk...I will post pic of it later, I have quite a few, in fact it was my love of them that got me on "my path" so to speak,and learning about energies..but have to say I was the same, I so wanted the crystals to do their "magic" for me which led me to think "Eeerm, nothings change....lol... but as with everything, all is in "divine order", I was obviously meant to go through lots of "stuff" before my full understanding of how these things work!... I now choose a crystal by focussing on what area I need to understand, then choose one at random to hold,It always seems to be the right one, Just let yourself choose it, it always will be the right one to do what you need, I then hold it in my dominant hand for it feel my vibration, let the crystal know my intention...and Voilà! things seem to be unfolded so to speak....I do hope my ramblings don't confuse!...lol...I do get carried away sometimes....but, I hope your night goes well my friend, just know you are safe and loved by your Angels...and all of us!!...

    SO much love to you...will talk again soon! Have a wonderful happy day tomorrow Bee....


  • Hey denise Sounds nice maybe i should try that lol i have loads of crystals that sometimes id keep under my pillow with me, i never thought to do that though. or hold one on in my hand at night, everything always falls out of my hand if i tried that way. LOL

    I will be fine tonight, got the dog and just fed all the animals all happy here 🙂 Im sure i will have fun 2morow, and im glad i caught up with you again, missed you 🙂

    i know there is much to learn still but i like to learn about these things its interesting, and makes me much more mature than some teenagers that are around today.

    i know not all of them are bad but a lot of them are getting pregnant and stuff like that know a days, and its sad to see there wasting there life, without even thinking what they are missing.

    i dont mind you babbling, we all need to babble and ramble Occasionaly its good for the soul

    Lots of love to you too

    Bee x 🙂

  • I just had to pop my head in and say these words:)

    Healingways you to are a remarkable woman, like river, i read your posts like rivers, so much healing in your words and rivers..you both have come through so many trials in life and i am inspired and greatly grateful to have you both in my prayers and life..i know you didn't know this healingways but there was a time and place, that i knew i could get to tell you.


    Bee, your a flower waiting to bloom, you have grown so much in this past month



  • HELLO BEE, thats hard for me to get used to Bec hehe, River can chime in but I think she is taking a breather from readings, CWB is a reader herself and I know some of them can't read for themselves, so i am learning lol. So thats why she went to river i think... please ,i hope i didn't offend you or River for speaking for her....

    Hugs Bee, i haven't checked any emails yet, its laundry day, only once a week so i have to get it all done....

    i'll talk to you soon, i don't want to impose on this thread too much hehee.


  • Dearest shatz, what a wonderful thing to say to me, It bought a tear to my eye, it makes me feel so blessed to be on here and amongst some of the most loving caring souls on our Earth, you truly are one of those, and now your beautiful words to me are confirmation that I am now open to receiving the utmost thing I have ever wanted, from the ones on here, my family and all I meet day to day!!....to live giving love, healing and compassion, and receive it myself!...

    and now your words have had such a profound affect on me, I feel so humbled and blessed that our paths have crossed with you too!!...just like many of the beautiful ones on here, this connection and the feeling we get from it is second to none....we all are of one mind and one heart!!....

    to "give and receive" LOVE and COMPASSION!!!

    I so feel I have been given this from you my friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    You do SO much good for us all on here....

    BIG HUGS to YOU...

  • Hi Bee, Hope your night went well, I'm sure your angels were with you to keep you safe and loved!

    I have to say I find you to be a lovely young woman with a lot more maturity than most of your age, you have a beautiful soul, just the fact you are on here wanting to learn all things spiritual speaks volumes....you are an Angel my young friend, you have so much to offer on here, you keep us "eerm, older ones" feeling young ourselves!! your youthful energy is so uplifting I feel it from every post you make....bless you.

    hope you have fantastic day today with your friends...have fun!! and come back and tell us...we need reminding a lot sometimes and not get toooo serious...lol ...To Have Fun and Laughter!!

    Love and laughter to you Bee


    (oh yes, I think I've worked out how to make sure those little kisses don't turn into ***, I have held down the the caps button...hope it works...lol... because yesterday I placed my nomination on the Abundance thread and just put three kissed on the end, they turned in to **** when I hit send...I was afraid people thought I had put a bad word on end of my post....LOL.... so here goes!! lets see some XXX and not ****....lol

  • OH NO....it didn't work...lol

    someone please tell me how to do it...LOL

  • Heres the pic of the Amethyst cave I told you about that I have, there are two crystal eggs in it at moment that are being energised (after cleansing them using Reiki) by the Amethyst, one of the eggs, the dark one is Labradorite, the other I have a mental block at moment on what its called...lol....but, I just love crystal eggs, have a couple more dotted around home....I meant to say in my last post that maybe to try holding an Amethyst crystal when sleeping, it's a very powerful healing stone, but a very gentle one too 🙂

  • Thankyou healingways 🙂 and shatz thats okay i dont mind i was just being curious lol heheh.

    healingways i had a nice sleep last night, slept downstairs with dog again, its now 09:33am here and im sorting my self out so that my friend will come over later, she though sleepover was next weekend but shes still coming over today to see toy story 3 with me lol.

    gunna to a bit of tidying and take the doggy for a walk again, and feed the animals.

    Loving the crystals i love crystals there so amazing and pretty, and Pure. Sometimes i keep my Rosequartz one with me and it goes all hot when i touch it, like it using my body heat or something strange. :O)

    Love the picture anyway its beautiful i have rosequarts big one like that massive, with one of those candles in the middle and when u light it from inside the middle its quite amazing and pretty.

    i will try the Amethyst one because i have a smaller version just like that.

    Lots of love to you.

    Bee X

    PS i find when u put all those X its quite anoyying when it turns up like that, and really weird because theres nothing wrong with x's lol anyway love you lots

    Bee X

  • So pleased you had good sleep :)...

    sounds like you have good feeling for the vibrations with the crystals, they are connecting to your energy, you are picking up their healing qualities with feeling the heat from them, try holding one in your dominant hand, relax take few deep breaths and ask the crystal if it would help you in whatever help you need at the time, wait for the answer, it will come, if you get a "nice" intuitive feeling from it, it means the crystal wants to work with you on the problem you wish to get help for!... I programme my crystals in this way, they need to feel your vibration and thoughts, then when you've done that after feeling you have really gave your thoughts and energies to it, carry it with you all the time, when you feel the thing you asked of it seems to have been resolved, thank the crystal and cleanse it and save for another time when you think it could help with something else 🙂

    Hope you have wonderful fun filled day with your friend at the Cinema

    Love to you!!



    so, it should work with one X then?....and not XXXX....lol

  • HEY!!! my PC is making fun of me.....all the XXXX works now....LOL





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