#2 Offering 1 ? Readings 2 the 1st 10 People ONLY!

  • tenchi2go -- If you're not comfortable posting your exact birth date could you give me your general age group? I like to know how old each of you are. For some reason, it gives me a better feel for you. Plus, it helps to know your sun sign.

    Thank you

    God bless


  • RebeccaAnn -- You wrote:

    Hello Amantim i think i am the first one LOL, :O) My birthday is Novemeber 9th 1991, not really looking for anything specific so whatever you pick up is Ok with me, you know i dont really mind.

    anything at all! 🙂

    was born in Plymouth and am in the Uk. its nice to meet you Amantim please call me Bee

    Love and blessings

    Bee X

    Ohh maybe not Okay, number 3 hahahah that was quick! :O)

    Bee X

    Bee, thank you for your request.

    What I get from you is ENERGY. I get LOVE as well. I feel you have a lot of energy and love to share. Do you do any motivational speaking? Or if not, do a lot of people come to you for advice?

    I feel this is an excellent area of expertise for you. If you are not already, you should find work in this field, even counseling, social worker, human resources, etc.

    I DO love your energy. It is making me even feel better. Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, I'm feeling a bit off tonight. Your energy has helped me balance it a little better. 🙂 Thank you for that!

    Take care & God bless


  • I'm in my early 30s. Sun sign is Leo. Hope that helps more.

  • Hello Dear Amantim 🙂

    Good to see you doing this again...you sure got your 10 quick! Lol! Hope everything is going well for you! I know all too well burning both ends! Just take things at your own pace, recognize your limits and take time for yourself to regenerate when you need too. You and I both know that's not always easy to do but sometimes it's necessary so we can be at our best for the ones who depend on us to be and for ourselves. Sometimes even finding time for a peaceful candlelight, un-interupted bubble bath where I can let my mind, body and spirit just relax for a short time is just what I need. Anyway, been a busy time around here getting all the things done that need to be done in order to be ready for the new school year which begins for us in a week and a half. Wow! Where did the summer go?!? Lol! Just signed on for a minute before heading to bed, (busy day again tomorrow) and saw your post and wanted to say hello and lend a bit of support for you doing this again! You will do a great job again, I know.

    Take care my friend!

    God Bless and may the Angels surround you 🙂

  • Dear Amantim

    Yeah actually im enrolling in a course in college for Health and social care, to get me into counselling, and yes people to come to me for help a lot and i give them advice base from my own experiences and sometimes Intuition but not all the time, as i need to work on that one a bit more.

    I never expect the Love energy thing coming from myself but i am glad it made you feel better 🙂 if i could describe myself in one word i would use (Introverted) as thats what i think i am because everything i read about that word relates to me too, i only just found out that word the other day and i was like Wow i learn something new about myself everyday, and thats one strong word all on its own. If you look up Introvert there is a good example of what it means but i guess you might already know, but it describes me in only one word lol, sorry to blabber but i do get carried away sometimes. I dont know why i included that but i just thought about it and thought of posting it. LOL

    Do i really have that much Love energy? hehehe, i try not to let it out all to often if i can help it, i use it to help people and then sometimes i close it off, like well i try too. But i keep it to myself in away. hope you understand what im getting at LOL

    anyway you read me good i liked it, is there anything else you can pick up generally like Love or health, because people saying about my health might be getting worse again in the future, and is there anyway i can avoid that.

    I may not seem very open person, which im not but i do try to be. so hope it wasnt to hard for you to read me. 🙂

    Lots of love, and sorry for posting so much had a lot to say for some reason.

    Bee X

  • Amantim, Just read your post that you are "feeling off". Please do not rush or deplete your own energies, I am so grateful to everyone on this forum who have reached out and I have learnt patience, patience and more patience, so please please look after yourself first and foremost. Hope you feel back on an even keel soon and heartfelt thank you. Dx

  • Dear Amantim,

    You might have felt a bit off when you did my reading, but your assessment of things makes perfect sense to me 🙂 Yes, my relationship with Zac is absolutely comfortable and lovely, so there is a sweet softness or plushness to it.

    Many thanks for the reading.

    Be well,


  • First of all, to everyone's feedback...I am eternally grateful. I will respond in better detail when I am doing a bit better and had some more rest. I had to pop on and just keep the communication flow going. I don't want anyone to feel forgotten.

    To everyone else waiting for their personal reading, I do sincerely apologize for the delay. My health has recently worsened, and not getting much sleep isn't helping.

    Long story short -- I had a full hysterectomy in Jan. of this year. I developed an infection where they took my uterus out in late March. It took a month to clear up after antibiotics prescribed from my doctor. (whom I can't stand) In late June, the infection started to reappear. I was told by a local well-reknowned psychic here in my area that I needed to sue the doctor who as she put it "butchered" me. (She is also a retired physician...so, she wasn't just throwing out accusations). Anyway, I've been putting it off because I haven't found a replacement OB GYN yet. I refuse to go back to the doc that butchered me. I phoned the Women's Care center today and they closed just 6 minutes beforehand. So, I will try again tomorrow.

    So, please please please forgive me for the delay. I've started taking my leftover vidodin again for the pain. I WILL get to your requests. It's just going to take a bit longer than I initially expected. Again, I am terribly sorry for this inconvienence.

    Please forgive me as I try to repair my physical health.

    God bless


  • Thats Okay dear Amantim i hope you start feeling better soon, take your time, maybe do one or two readings at a day maybe that will help.

    have some rest and stay relaxed

    Lots of Love

    Bee X

  • Dearest Amantim~

    The great thing about the internet and these forums is it allows us the opportunity to make friends all over the world, but the bad thing, at least for me, is I am one who always wants to help out my friends when they are sick or just need a little help getting things done. As soon as I read your post I immediately wanted to do something to help you and for a moment felt helpless but I can pray for you that the Lord will heal your body and lift some of your burdens. You are in my prayers my dear friend Amantim! Hope you feel better real soon! Take care of yourself! Sending you lots and lots of love! (((Hugs)))

    God Bless!

  • hang in there and feel better!

  • Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through!! I cannot imagine the pain you must be in!!

    Please, do not feel bad about the readings!! You should take care of yourself first!! Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you!!

    Love and Light


  • If I can wait for HP to get to my birthchart, this wait will be a piece a cake :0)

    Don't stress yourself over the readings. Take your time and heal thoroughly.

  • Hi Amantim,

    I wish you a quick and full recovery!!!

    Blessings, a

  • I beleive I am number 8. My birthdate is October 23,, 1960.

    My question is will my husband come back to me and our marriage soon?

    Thank you and God Bless you

  • Emptyheart,

    Pilot007 is #8. This request list has already met its limit. You can start a new topic and ask someone for help.

  • Emptyheart2010 ~

    Please, please read through the posts! Amantim is dealing with some health issues at the moment that take priority over the readings. She has very politely and regretfully apologized for the delay, but her health is a priority at the moment. When she is feeling better she will resume the readings.

    Thank you and have a blessed day!

  • Amantim, I am feeling for you and really don't want to tax you more than you need to be. My question is unfurling and it's not great, so I think I now know what to expect. Please reserve and your energies for others who have not had their question(s) resolved. I wish you best wishes and a speedy recovery. D x

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