#2 Offering 1 ? Readings 2 the 1st 10 People ONLY!

  • Okay, I have to try this again, since it worked so well the first time. I'm going to just paste the instructions from my last thread here, but first let me apologize. I have been gone for a week or so because quite frankly, I've been burning both ends of the candle. It takes everything I have to just stay awake when I do finally get home each night. & Even on the weekends, I am trying to play catch up for what I'm not able to get done during the week. So, please bear with me as I concentrate on each of your requests individually.

    I have to warn you though, I am merely practicing and I do NOT want you to take any of this as fact. I do not use any tools, such as tarot, numerology, runes, crystals, etc. This all comes from what I "get".


    1. Only one (not two or three or four or more) question per person. If I feel I have to add more, then I will do so.

    2. I will take the first 10 people ONLY, as this does drain me and I know this will fill up quickly. If you request a reading AFTER the first 10 people have already been listed, I will ignore your request. I am not trying to be rude, but I need to focus my energies on the first people that followed these rules. & If you request afterwards, it will frustrate me and set me off balance. I may not be accurate, because my emotions will be running higher than normal.

    3. Please, when you request a reading, PLACE YOUR CHRONICALOGICAL NUMBER BEFORE YOU ASK ANYTHING, k? This will keep everything in order. (The number of which place you are in/holding).

    4. I know I said I don't use any tools, but if you give me your birthdate, it just gives me a better "feeling" of you.

    5. Please know I apologize if I don't "get" anything on you. Like I said, I don't do the cards (anymore) and can't just pick up anything. I will try to give you a raincheck to when I might "get" something later. Sometimes it just pops up on me like this.

    Since this went so well, I'm happy to make this second offer. Please remember that I work 40 hours a week and am a single mother of a young man that goes to football practice 5 days a week (I stay at his practices because I enjoy it). I have bouts of vertigo at times and have to pull away. So, please be patient. I will do the absolute best that I can, k?

    Here we go.

    May God bless each and every one of you!


  • I think I am # 1

    Dear Amantim,

    It's so kind of you to do this for the community. I appreciate you sharing your gift.

    My DOB is 12/29/58

    What can you tell me about the future of my relationship with Zac?

    Thank you,


  • Great timing. I missed out on the last thread.

    1. Do you see me advancing or getting a higher position in my career? I'm hoping I can achieve some goals by the end of this year.

    I'm paranoid about posting my exact birth date but my birthday is this coming Monday.

    Thanks for the gift and I'll be sure to give feedback 😉

  • Oops - I'm number 2 then

  • Hello Amantim i think i am the first one LOL, :O) My birthday is Novemeber 9th 1991, not really looking for anything specific so whatever you pick up is Ok with me, you know i dont really mind.

    anything at all! 🙂

    was born in Plymouth and am in the Uk. its nice to meet you Amantim please call me Bee

    Love and blessings

    Bee X

  • Ohh maybe not Okay, number 3 hahahah that was quick! :O)

    Bee X

  • #4

    Hey Amantim!! Thank you for your generous offer!! I;m so excited I saw this in time this time!!

    What can you tell me about my future with Dave??? My DOB March 18, 1960

    Thank you so much for your time, your gift and talent!!


  • #5

    Hi Amantim! Please let me know your vibrations about my marriage.My DOB is 22/08/1959 at 5am and we got married Jan. 10,1988. Thanks so much for the geberous offer and God bless!


  • #6

    Amantim thanks for your offer. My dob is 11/5. Can you tell me what is in store for me over the next 12 months? Thank You!

  • #7 cool, my dob 6-1-61. thanks ! anything on carreer , relationship or health would be great !

  • I am Number #8

  • My question is in regard to the decisions and changes that I will have to make; in the next 3 months. I would like for you to please look at Job Opportunities, and my friendship with my friend.

    Myself April 21,1973

    Friend: June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance:)

  • Hi, hope I am #9, What will August month hold for me in terms of my upcoming court cases, Dx

  • In my hast forgot to put my birth date 21 September 1965 Dx

  • #10

    love life on this coming months


    thank you

  • #8

    Dob 15/04/76. Relationship, career. Thank you

  • Infoseeker you are #11

  • ups my birth year is 72 not 79


  • Wow! That was MUCH faster than last time. I would have checked earlier, but I was going on experience from my last offer. Sorry to have kept anyone on "hold". 🙂

    Now that I have my 10 requests, I will get busy.

    Infoseeker, I do apologize but pilot007 is correct. You are number 11. Hopefully, you will get in on my next offer. Please forgive me, as I explained in the introduction to this thread that I am burning both ends of the candle as it is, and more than 10 at a time will just do me in. 😞

    That being said, let's get started!

    God bless


  • Weezie12298 -- You wrote:

    I think I am # 1

    Dear Amantim,

    It's so kind of you to do this for the community. I appreciate you sharing your gift.

    My DOB is 12/29/58

    What can you tell me about the future of my relationship with Zac?

    Thank you,


    You're very welcome. Thank you for allowing me to gain more experience with your request. 🙂

    For some reason one word came to me: SOFT

    I get that you two have a soft relationship. What this means to me is it is comfortable, not pushing & pulling in crazy directions. I see there is genuine love and that it is BASIC. I do not see that this is your DREAM LOVE that you always anticipated but it is real love and again comfortable.

    He seems to be able to do things outside of the relationship to enjoy himself....regular hobbies, but for the most part, I see that this relationship is comfortable.

    Pleae let me know if this is anywhere near what you were seeking. I'm feeling a bit off tonight, and it concerns me. I do not want to just answer requests to get answers out quickly. I want this to be genuine.

    Thank you so much in advance for your feedback. It is most appreciated.

    God bless


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