MsSunny --can you please help me

  • MsSunny,

    After checking some of your threads I am tempted to ask you to please do a spread thread for me and him for the now and the future.

    any thing coming from it is accepted and appreciated for your time and energy.

    lov a,

  • MsSunny

    hope you see this 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Art, your question should be specific and clear. who is him? Please use the first name of the person you are inquiring about and their date of birth, and your date of birth.

    If you have your own tarot deck, please do the shuffling yourself, and lay out the cards, and then lay them out here for me to read and then I will interpret the cards for you.

    If you don't have a tarot deck, let me know.

    what is exactly the nature of your inquiry? Obviously one is not going to ask a reader for a reading unless you are in a crises, or the relationship is not going as you expected.

    I will await your reply..

    have a good day


  • I am not comfortable giving name and birthday

    thank you a lot still


  • you don't have to include his FIRST name (only) no last name is required. you could supply a date of birth if that is okay for you. even initials would help me focus and tuned in.

    up to you..

    have a nice week, Sunny

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