Could use please help me?

  • I feel that a man will live in that house with you but it is no one that you have met before (at least in this life). This is a brown haired very jolly and funny man you will meet probably in a bookstore or place of learning. His spirit is very close to yours.

  • Scary thought! lol

    Then I can say I will be at that home for a while cause right now the thought of a new person makes me think that I would have to get really brave to get that crazy again!! Oh BTW on the bright side he does sound like the type of fellow that I would like!! 🙂

    Funny you say in this life because I am thinking that's why I can't get my ex outta my brain, still connected to him somehow in the last life! I am 37 now though and have been around him since I was 15 so I don't know anymore. The whole thing confuses the daylights outta me! I pick up like he'll come back around but I don't know how. Then again I don't want any wishful thinking messing up my thoughts! I am too close to the situation to be able to figure it out.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Many blessings your way! Thanks for helping us all out here on the board! Much Appreciation!

  • I just had a funky thought!

    I met my ex husband in high school! He used to have blonde hair but now it is more like a medium brown.

    We were always real close but like I said I always felt like we had a connection from a past life. Gosh it is so crazy how we can re meet certain people and seemingly at just the right times.

    Food for thought.

  • Sometimes I think our subconscious psychic ability allows us a glimpse of our future soulmates and that we grab the first person who 'fits the profile' without stopping to make sure.

  • Indeed you are mostly likely correct on that one!

    Funny I dreamed I met my first husband 2 months before I met him.

    When he left 4 months before that I had a dream he chopped down a tree in our front yard. It came crashing down on our home and our kids and I were stuck behind the couch and safe, but he was next door at the neighbors. (the lady he left me for) Ironically 2 months later he chopped down half of the tree and shortly after that well he winded up at the neighbors.

    The unconscious mind is a really weird thing. I get alot of information like that from dreams. Some of the things that I have picked up from dreams have done anything from predict the night my daughter would be born to the airplane crash that happened on the night of her birth killing 240 people. It is an odd thing. It is exactly why that flowers from my ex dream still has me really wondering. It was crazy!

    Thank you for your time! I truly appreciate it!

  • Hey Captain,

    Been a bit! Got moved to the new house and haven't had any internet for over a week!

    Just thought I would update you. Surprised to say my current husband who I separated from has actually moved in with me here. It has taken 2 weeks to get me in this home because of my knee problem and lack of outside help and much to my surprise my husband dove right in got up and has become a very big help in the moving process, couldn't have done it without him.

    He at one time did have very dark brown hair, we meet because our daughters went to school with each other and funny to say he is somewhat funny and most of the time good spirited.

    Not sure if this was the best thing for us to do but I think everyone deserves a second chance so we'll see.

  • Be careful not to make the man fit the prediction. Unless your ex has become a completely different person, you two will still have to face all the same old problems.

  • Indeed you are definitely right on about that! Will do! Thank you much! 🙂

  • One other thought I hate to ask about this please believe me my daughters and I believe there is an evil almost demonic spirit in the bathroom here. It's the only bathroom we have to make matter worse. Do you know of anyone that could advise me on this? I have a ministry background and have helped in these situations with others before but I dread dealing with this one for some reason!

    I didn't say anything to my daughters the other morning when I thought I heard something speak in there early am and the next morning my one said to me why didn't you tell me that bathroom was weird? Well I wanted to confirm it before I said anything. They've heard noises in the room at night coming from that bathroom as well.

    I wish so wish I was making this up. However I have always told everyone the real world has positive and negative. Batteries positive and negative. God and the devil positive and negative, we are surround. I believe in both no doubt about it.

    Any suggestions and if you can't help I understand. This may not be the best board to ask this question but please understand why I am asking, I have to get it gone. I am weak from the move, surgery and everything else and I am not sure if I can handle this one alone!

    Thanks for your thoughts! MUCH appreciated!

  • The bathroom spirit is not so much evil as confused and scared. She wants to move on as much as you want her to. But she believes that the bathroom is all there is - she cannot see beyond it. Try talking to her and project in your mind to her the wonder and vastness of Heaven. Tell her that the angels have come to take her home. Encourage her to move into the light and don't put forth any negative vibes or show her you don't like or fear her. Give this lost soul your compassion and gently guide her towards freedom.

  • Thanks for your help!

    She has gotten quieter and me and the girls haven't heard anything more from her. I think she was mostly upset because we moved in to her house. The older lady that first lived her before the current owner out lived many husbands before passing away. I think she is just determined to out live who ever is here. The girls and I have been encouraging her to go to the light and have assured her we mean her no harm. But we have been very nonchalant and polite about it all. I am sure I'd feel the same way if I were her.

    In the meantime I still haven't received my deposit back from the other house and I am wondering when I might expect it? Those people took me for several thousands of dollars and I am really hoping to get back the full $2600 they owe me. They even charged me over $2000 to replace an air conditioner that was never fixed. We could really use our money back at this point. Any thoughts?

    Much much appreciated!! God bless you!

  • I feel you have a battle on your hands over this deposit. They don't want to return it and have actually spent it.

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