Could use please help me?

  • I have a hard time reading myself as I understand most people with some ability do.

    My question is this I really need for someone to read for me.

    I am getting ready to separate from my husband & have a very good job. I am however thinking that it may be best for me to move and find a smaller and cheaper home. My question is is there is not alot of property available that seems willing to take my dogs and I will not part with them.

    My questions are how long will I stay in this home and does anyone have a general idea of which direction I should look for something if I should be looking at all. Also I am wondering that is not really any room for a promotion in my job, I am already the manager where I am but I am wondering if there is any possibility of any type of raise or pay increase that may be involved in my job?

    Also if I move from here what are the chances of me seeing my whole deposit refunded?

    Thank you so much & God bless,



  • Sandy, you really need to live more in your heart than your head at the moment, though you prefer to approach life from a mental perspective. You normally like to analyse things before putting yourself into new circumstnaces but this time follow you intuition. As you separate from your husband this year, so you will separate from anything and everything that is not useful to you or that doesn't serve any important purpose in your life. You must invest your time and energy in things that excite your passion.

    Look at your job and your home - do they excite your passion? Don't let money be your overriding decideing factor. Do you feel they suit your current ambitions and desires, your personality and attitudes? If not, move on to find what does stir your heart. Your heart obviously lies with your dogs so of course you will bear them in mind when it comes to changing or staying in your current living circumstances. Perhaps you need to scale back and redefine your worldly preoccupations with beauty or sensuous experiences in the interests of self-evolution. I see you moving into a much simpler and more natural way of life (maybe even out in the country), cutting out anything that does not serve your best interests. Operating from the most basic and elemental levels of your being will give you much fulfillment. Redefine what it really takes to make you happy. Discover what it is you really value, and don't be too impatient or too unrealistic in the process. Be honest with yourself about what and how much you need.

    Follow your passion...

  • Thank you Captain!

    Very much appreciated! You are indeed right on! Funny thing is I have been saying that I just want to go back to simple things, chill out for a bit, get some me time, not worry about the material stuff so much, plant a garden next year, grow some flowers, just generally be happy without chaos and not so much to take care of. It is hard for me to think in that terms because I am used to I don't know how to put this but I guess alittle I am by nature just a simple person who in a way has kinda gotten lost!!

    I found a home last night on the internet that had just showed up after me looking for days. Crazy as it was it was right after I read your response and when I looked at it it was exactly what you said and what I felt in the exact price that I need. They do accept dogs but only small and 1 inside which mine are 2 and can only be inside but I am still going to call on it anyway. Of course its also down a road I used to live on but out further in the country. White and black with a screened in back porch and even a handicapped bathroom which my knees have not been great so something else I was praying about! Do you feel like I'll have any luck with that? Its very nice half the size of what I have now but a big yard which I love!!

    Anyway I really appreciate your time. Being new to the boards but on since 2002 I have to say looking around I see why alot of people ask for you. Thanks again! With that said I also have another I guess you could call it burning relationship questions concerning my ex, but I won't bore you with that! You've helped me enough for the moment!!

    Let me know what you think, if you can!

    Very much appreciated! Hugs and thanks!

    Sandy 🙂

  • This place sounds wonderful for you. If not this one, then one very similar...

  • Ah indeed it winded up not being the one! Sad to say, he was fine with dogs, she was not!

    I can only say God has better plans! I still believe your right!

    Thank you again.

  • Ah today I found one similiar and went and looked. Alot like the other home and now just praying its the right one!

    Dogs yes!

    Work with me on money yes!


  • If it's right, everything will go smoothly. I do get good vibes off this other place. The owner(s) will want you, too.

  • Hello Endless 1987,

    I'm psychic and will assist you with your question about moving with your dogs.

    I feel a small house with a meduim size backyard for the dogs. The house has redwood on the exterior. A man is the owner and will like you and allow the dogs in with a deposit. The home has two bedrooms yet has a lot of sun coming in, may have a bay window on a side wall. The kitchen is lively with yellow attacked to it in the form of wallpaper as I see flowers. The choice is always yours dear through your own free will. The house is not far from where you are now with in 10 miles.

    You should get most of your deposit back from your former landlord. Feels like there will be some kept for a repair of flooring.

    Enjoy your new environment and think postive happy thoughts to bring in joyful new beginnings.

  • Found another house today. Right by me, the price I wanted. I don't know about the dogs yet. It is for sale, but they are looking for a possible rent to own.

    Going to call tomorrow

    4003 Longview Drive

  • Would you like to rent to own?

  • Maybe but then again I have done rent to own, I really don't want the stress of it right now, I would rather just rent!

    Found a rental nearby today

    121 Englewood Road

    3 bedroom 1 bath


    about a mile away from me in town

    fenced in back yard

    She will let me take the dogs.

    Supposed to go look tomorrow after my yard sale!

    4003 Longview winded up being too much! They had a price change of $200!

    Thoughts? I am to close into the situation to tell right now!


  • Maybe but then again I have done rent to own, I really don't want the stress of it right now, I would rather just rent!

    Found a rental nearby today

    121 Englewood Road

    3 bedroom 1 bath


    about a mile away from me in town

    fenced in back yard

    She will let me take the dogs.

    Supposed to go look tomorrow after my yard sale!

    4003 Longview winded up being too much! They had a price change of $200!

    Thoughts? I am to close into the situation to tell right now!


  • You should go and see this place for yourself before you decide on it.

  • Went and looked and the home on Englewood yesterday. I was very surprised at the inside condition of the home! It wasn't what I expected at all! It was drop dead gorgeous! She was going to show the home to another gentleman last night and she told me to call her to today! Hopefully I will hear good news!

    As I said it is right in town, but funny enough it is a blink of an eye to walk to our favorite coffee shop and Japanese restaurant! It's on a side road off of a main road, but it's about 1 mile from me and less then 2/10ths of a mile away from my moms.

    The location isn't what I thought was the greatest but once I stood in the driveway looking around I realized all of the homes around it had gone thru lots of outside renovations in the past and they look really good.

    The home is very feminine in the inside. White cabinets, yellow walls over paneling. Hardwood floors and cedar lined cabinets. The sunroom windows have the older fold out windows that reminded me of my grandmothers sun porch from when I was a kid. I love ceiling fans too and wouldn't you know there was a ceiling fan in every room! Also the past renter had started a small flower garden in the back. I told her I would love to redo it, I love working in the yard. There are shrubs to be trimmed. She said I could also do a garden in the back.

    Indeed I wasn't very excited about this home until I stepped inside!

    Praying for the best!

    PS.....I can also put a koi pond in the back! The Japanese restaurant has one that I would love to remake!

    Attached is a picture, I hope of the home! The sunroom is all the way over to the left hand side. The back yard is fenced in for my dogs and has two buildings outside! Funny part was to I was so worried about storage it also has a full attic and is right around 1400 sq ft. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Let me know what you think!

  • Dingy as I am at moments, I forgot to attach the picture!

  • Lets try that again!

  • I don't feel that this will be your final permanent or happiest destination, but the owner here really liked you and feels you will look after the place.

  • Captain,

    Right on! I feel the same way!

    She did however say when I talked to her today that she didn't bother to catch up with the other people last night as she decided that she liked me and that felt I would take care of the house!

    Looks like for now, this is it. I am supposed to hand over deposit money and do rental contract this Wednesday.

    I to was wondering where is my house by the water? I swear one day I will have one, thought I would probably only move one more time in life, but I guess I am wrong!

    Thank you!

  • This is just a transitional house before you find your permanent home by the water but it will bring you some interesting and necessary lesson and experiences.

  • I hope so!

    Thank you!

    One more thought I am wondering about that home is will it always just be me, my children and our dogs that live there or will my ex husband or my separated from husband ever live there?

    I will say this, I know in my life I am in a transitional stage, to exactly what I have no idea but like you I feel the same way on that house! Learning stages are good and I definitely plan to use whatever I learn to help someone else in the writing a book I hope!!

    Anyway I hope all will go well! Of course God has always been good to me!

    Thank you so much Captain! PS...Love the avatar! :~)

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