Going to court to get my child back....

  • That is awesome scorpwolf!!!!! I know your daughter will be so happy to be back with her mom many blessing to you and your family

  • Fantastic news!! Gives us all some faith. Am so happy for you

  • Thanks to all of those who've read my story and that keep sending blessings and energy of happiness!!!!

    She is just wonderfully happy as well and life is back in it's beautiful balance!!!

    Prayers for all in need, 2013 is a wonderful year for change, therefore, if you need change this year is the time to do it!!!!!....

    As within, so is without!!!

    If you can think it, feel it and give it positive energy, it will come back...as everything is in circular motion.

    Native Prayer

    May the warm winds of heaven blow gently on your house

    and may the Great Spirit bless all who enter.

    Love to all


  • May love infuse every moment of you and your children's lives.

    Thank you for sharing your story.


  • I am glad you got your child back scorp wolf and that your prayers where heard and answered even if it took a long time to wait. You have a strong spirit 🙂 hope we hear from you again one day. Hope she settles in nicely. Blessings n love Bee

  • Thank you Greenshoots!!! We are happy indeed...

    Thank you Bee, she is settling very well, some hard moments for her in memory of bad experiences, but this mommy has a special hug and kiss that makes her feel better and back to the loving child she is ....

    Love to all


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