Going to court to get my child back....

  • Hello all, I'm a single parent of a soon to be 16 yr old boy and I also have a wonderful princess of 5 years who lives far away from me with her father. 2 1/2 years ago, I was going through a severe depression being that her Dad had put me in financial and emotional roller coaster because he was a drug user (big drugs). He left the house and moved to another city, promising he would get bether and we would be together someday....well because I loved him and wanted to help but couldn't anymore, this was something he had to do on his own, he has family where he resides and he has been clean ever since he left my city. 4 months after he was gone, his family confirmed that he was clean, so in order to get my life back, my son's emotional stability back....we needed to heal also. I called him up and ask if he could care for our daughter for a couple of months and he said yes. We were still together and I would go to his city to be with my daughter and him once a month, a weekend at a time for 1 1/2 year. During that time, I found out that he had been cheating on me with an older woman all awhile....well let me tell you, I was crushed and totally pissed off at him...all the lies and deception and promises of: "I am building a life for us here and you will be able to join us when you are ready" just flew out the door. I was actually getting ready to move to his city with my son when I found out. I also found out that he had been on welfare all that time and the only reason why he got on it was because he has my daughter. What an as*****! well he has a low rent apt and hasn't lived in it since Aug 2008, yep he lives with his "sugar mommy" and my daughter who is old enough to speak now, cries for me and wants to come back home. I'm fighting for her real hard and it's tearing my heart apart everytime I speak to her. By writting this all I am asking for is your prayers for her to come back soon, settlement in court is soon and I'm feeling a little nervous. I have learned my leasson.

    Bless all who had to fight to get their child back because of trust and healing!

    Prayers needed, thank you all 🙂

  • Hi, In spite of everything else (and I do hope you succeed in court), try to maintain a positive relationship (if possible), w/ the father so that your kids can have a relationship w/him. In the long run it's important. 2 (praying for situation)

  • Thank you for your time in this matter and yes even though he boils my blood, I keep it positive for my daughter, for my sanity and also because I've given lots of my power and energy to him in the past, he can't shake me now......most of all your prayers are very much appreciate, god bless your heart and those of your loved ones!

  • ScorpWolf - Hugs and prayers to you and your children. If you can prove he's not living in his low-rent apartment it will be helpful to your case as it proves his decptiveness, among other things. Have you reported this to the proper authorities? If not, please consider it. Please keep us posted as to how things turn out for you.

  • My daughter has a child's lawyer....yooohoooo! Yep he lied too much to his own and so his lawyer and I (unrepresented) have agreed to appoint my daughter a child's lawyer and I'm going to his city next week to meet with her and have my daughter for March break.....please please please to all who has read my story and have prayed for my daughter and I.....DON'T STOP!!!!! all your good thoughts and wishes are coming true! Thanks you all, i'll keep you posted....thanks again!!!!!

  • Well for those interested, he won....yep the judge said that since he had her for the same amount of time as me and that she has established a school and friends life over in that city...that, that is where she will stay.

    Not surprising from a judge whom has been married and divorced 4 times!

    Not to worry, I`ve made my peace with all of it and my daughter will return home someday 🙂

  • To add...funny how karma works, he (dad) has developped severe prostate cancer.

    To all a very wonderful day, God Bless!

  • Hello all! well my daughter still doesn't live with me and my son, but she is now 7 yrs old and always talking about how she wants to be with me everyday...the father had an operation for his prostate but mixed with his condition of MRSA....he might not live to a ripe old age and so for my daughter I have been preparing patience for when she returns to us and I have been speaking to her still only 3 times a week, at the father's request..... and every single time she speaks to me, she says "Mommy, I feel I'm coming home soon".... it breaks my heart everytime, but being a strong woman and with the support of my son, I always answer "Yes my sweetie I feel it too, and regardless what happens, you know I'm in your heart and you are in mine and no one or no distance can break it" and she always replies the same right back at me.... she keeps me alive in my heart and my son keeps me sane in my mind! Megweetch

  • Hi,

    I wasn't aware of this. Sorry to hear this. As a mom I know that you miss her terribly. Yet remain hopefull you both deserve it.


  • Absolutely Flowsco....she is worth every smile that comes to my face when I think of her, the crying has stopped a long time ago. This strong woman will not be defeated! Only a strong woman can pick herself up... and I've done it many times! hey I'm almost a pro at it lololol..."Hulk's sis" lolol

    Thanks for caring!

  • Update - she might be coming home soon, like she predicted. Children's Aid Society (Canada's child protective program) has recently received information that will probably push this case and my daughter into my arms. He screwed up majorly. And so I keep asking for prayers and good energy.

    Thank you all

    Flowsco - This is awesome, my body has been vibrating ever since I got the latest news... feel like it's the lottery I've been asking the Creator for, seems like my hearts tears are finally being answered.


  • Hi ScorpWolf, Fingers and toes crossed, keep us updated when you get the final good news.

  • Sending prayers for you and your children

    Love and Light

  • lots of prayers coming to you and your daughter scorpwolf and your son too - sometimes I wonder about the stupidity of judges but karma will take care of them

  • Wow you are one strong lady! I hope and pray that you are soon united with your daughter hugs

  • Hugs and prayers for you and your family. In the end ll will all work out as it should.

  • Hello Dear Readers - Thank you so much for the positive energy. I found out that they have been trying hard to meet with the father without success, the more he flees them, there more the question as to why his not being cooperative. Works on my daughter's favor and of course in mine. Therefore, they haven't shut the case yet.

    As for my son, he is my strength, he holds me when I'm down, and cries with me when I'm happy!!!! I raised a strong young man...he will be quite the father someday.

    Thank you all for the prayers...

    If this can help for sending energy, my daughter's name is Selina-Rose.


  • Most beautiful update ever!!!!

    Hello Readers, after 7 long and hard years, I will be picking my daughter who is thankfully safe and sound this Saturday!!!!!

    The Creator is great, never stop praying for the energy you send out always comes back especially the good kind!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone, happiest mother alive!



  • So happy for you !! God Blessings !!

  • Wonderful news....so excited and happy for you all!!

    Many, many blessings to you and your family.

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