Interested in a reading for my Pisces ex & I! :)

  • I'm still learning how to use this site, and am still exploring the forums...

    I notice many people ask for readings? I find that interesting, I was just wondering if I could maybe get a reading done by whoever is willing and free at this time; I really enjoy reading LeoScorpion's readings so far. 🙂

    My info: Laura 09/28/1987 born in Pensacola, FL

    His info: Wilson 03/07/1983 born in Recife, Brazil


    We broke up in beginning of June, but he still stays in contact with me. I am getting mixed signals from him, it's like he wants me to chase him in a way, and worries if I dont talk to him for a few days... He did however ask for time to himself to figure things out (beginning of July). Thats the reason I have been backing off! It seems as though he wants time to himself, but doesnt. haha, little confused with this Fish. He has been really busy learning how to manage a restaurant & hasn't lived in US for very long (about 4 years), so I personally think he is establishing himself still, and relationship might be a little hectic for him at this time. I also posted another thread about our relationship, if you need that information as well.

    Thanks to anyone! 🙂

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