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  • Hello everyone, this is a Thread to dedicate to exploring people's creative Ideas, if you have one come here and exchange your storys/Poems and any thoughts and feelings you wish to express in any creative way, Being creative is good for your Soul and lets out any emotional feelings that you are having, and sometimes makes you feel better, Maybe start by writing a short story, or telling us what you did with your day is just being Creative in itself.

    Explore your Creativeness here, and you will find a lot of peace comes with it too.

    Hope you enjoy this thread, as anything could happen.

    Bee X PS be back later to add my creative thoughts!! 🙂


  • BUMP :O) X

  • What a fabulous idea Bee, nice one!!, I will get my thinking cap on and see if I can get the creative juices flowing and will post back if I succeed.... can't promise it today though, I'm in such a childish silly mood ....I just want to go out to play ....LOL...I think my past creative endeavours on working on "lightening up and have fun" has caused it, seems to be working...LOL ....

    🙂 :).... wish we had emoticons on here to show how we feel....see, I told you I was in a childish mood....LOL


  • HAHAHAHA, Thats Okay Healingways i am in a childish Mood too, i want to go out and play just took doggy for a walk, Now going to the train station to pick up my friend, who will be here soon, i will be back later also have some ideas of storys running through my mind, we all need some play time Healingways dont feel bad for being Childish :O)

    Its good for you 🙂 makes you feel Younger trust me hehehehe. be back on later as going to Cineama to watch Toy story 3.

    will post again soon.

    Bee X

  • Bee my dear DARLIN' LOVE!

    This is BRILLIANT! THANK YOU! I start my mornings with a danced prayer & focusing, then--while moving one sprinkler across my big garden every 25 minutes or so--coffee with Rick & Jeff & our FORUMS!

    I saw this name & yours--it's the FIRST one I HAD to open up today!


    What a FINE SMART CREATIVE ON IT Young One you are!

    And may I say I LIKE calling you Bee--better than Rebecca Ann!

    Creativity is one of Zeeva's Principles of 21st Century Wellness! Zeeva's Art of Wellness is SO about Creativity! And though you've started it with writing--many reasons WHY it's such a powerful a tool for us besides the ones you already listed! There are many ways of being Creative--maybe we can explore our creativity in all those ways here--with no judgements, no critiques--a place of exploration, discovery, trying things out in Bee's Lil HIVE!!!

    BTW--one of the youngest coolest gallery/workshops in LA's Gallery Row is called The Hive!

    This last Spring--the Hive celebrated it's 5th Anniversary--I was there I'll tell that story & post some pix here as we go along!


    Creativity is something we no longer get taught to use in schools & we NEED Creativity.

    Creativity's also a BIG part of any kind of Psychic skill & ability development!

    My thank-you GIFT to YOU--with GRATITUDE because this is just the forum on which to post a video I just got yesterday--of ME!

    When I saw it--I knew I had to post it on our Forums! But where? THANKS Bee--for CREATING the RIGHT PLACE!

    I participated in the Creative Solution of a photographer who'd lost his studio job. He came up with a great idea: asking personal & Facebook friends to let him sleep on their couch for just one night, agree to an interview, & photography of hosts & their houses. I'd never met him before except on Facebook--I checked him out (of course) & offered him my couch for a night. We communicated by e-mail & FB. He had a list of interview Q's--the same for each host--and sent them before his arrival so we could think about how we'd answer.

    THIS is my answer to his Question "Where Do You Live?"

    Organization is one of the most important things for any Creative Artist--whatever medium we use--to learn. So instead of continuing communicating with you on THIS forum, I'll connect with you on our others!

    HERE: I'll use Bee's Lil Hive to post this raw video--not yet public--but LIVE online:

    it's my response to Dean's Q: "Where Do You Live?"

    I'm SO proud of you Bee--you've started something I think will give great value to MANY!


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  • The Haunted Type Writer.

    Once upon a time there was a little boy named Duke, he was 18 years old and lived in a really Old house, it was built around the 1800s and really strange things seem to happen were he lived.

    Like one time he was sitting quietly in his bedroom and nobody else was in the house apart from him, he had herd walking along the floor boards as the sound of creaking and footsteps suddenly could be herd. He was never really freaked out by this he didnt really mind.

    But what he did mind was when the taps started to turn themselves on in the barthroom or when the atmospher would suddenly go very cold even when they'd had the heating on, then sometimes even he had herd a phone ringing somewhere in the house and when he went to go see if it was his phone or not, normally when he went downstairs to answer it he picked up the phone and it still could be herd ringing somewhere in the house useually when he put the phone back down the ringing would abrubtly stop.

    Sometimes when he was upstairs and the phone rang again he knew it was not his phone somehow, and he did not answer it instead it seemed someone else answered it because immediatly he could here someone talking in a quiet muffling sort of sound, he dared not go downstaires so instead sometimes he would peek close to the banister of the stairs and see if there was anyone by the phone, and useually there was not and the voice would keep on talking.

    He even had random strangers visit his house sometimes.


    Hehehe for the moment i will leave it at that. and will carry on 2morow so if anyone wants to find out whats going to happen to the boy in this house you can come back 2morow :O)

    Bee x hope you enjpy the first bit.

  • Well Bee sounds like you have quite an interesting concept developing. Glad you could get your creative juices flowing. I wondered is there some truth the house you live in now feeling this way?

  • Hehehe, RC dreamer good guess but no it all came from other peoples storys about haunted houses and stuff like that though, and neighbourhoods houses close by that was haunted.

    Not mine but good thought. 🙂

    Bee X hope to see you with some of your thoughts of creativeness on here RC dreamer 🙂 X

  • Continue from Story of the Haunted Type Writer.

    Now it was Mid afternoon, the night before Halloween, and Duke's mum was out with friends tonight and she wouldn't be back till next day, so again he was left all alone.

    He was not keen on the Idea knowing what may happen, he did not have any siblings or any pets to keep him company, he was the only child which he sometimes loved to be and sometimes didn't, and it was these times that he did not like being the only child.

    He new he was not expecting any visitors, he hated halloween and the thought of getting candy from other people was just weird and almost rude in someway's, i mean knocking on peoples doors at midnight when people are trying to sleep and putting there hands out and going RWAR or BOOH and asking for Candy, and people actually give it too them which is even weirder.

    He also thought that half the people who actually wore costumes were not actually scary at all half the time, i mean some people dress as princess for goodness sake, its supose to be halloween not a fairy tale, though i guess parents don't wanna scare their Kids too much espeacily little girls, so even some times they even come as faeries Pfft.



    It was written in red paint to scare of other people, he'd done well thought, he wasn't sure that people would actually fall for it, because he didnt have a killer dog and yeah he nicked named himself the nutter for the fun of it, and to scare people of since it was halloween he may aswell have some fun. He was sure nobody would dare knock on his door, and anyway if they did he would use his water ballooons and maybe some egg's to get rid of them.


    Bee X more will be here soon. :O) stay tuned LOL

  • Love it! Here is a Poem I did Friday I think.


    My love for you has no end

    I know for myself I can’t pretend.

    Sometimes you are a mystery to me

    Something, Someone I cannot see

    Deep inside my Heart you dwell

    How many lifetimes, I cannot ell

    I feel your love and your embrace

    With every view of Natures Grace

    In the early morning’s dew

    When the sun’s first light’s in view

    On the surf of the Ocean’s Blue

    In the green of Moss, I see you

    And oh the Beauty of the Stars

    Mercury, Pluto and even Mars

    You’ve thought out everything for me

    You always have through out History

    I see your beauty and your grace

    In every strangers smiling face

    I feel your mercy all around

    No matter if I’m up or down

    Surely times come that are not so good

    Nothing is going as it should

    But when I remember your love so true

    I forget all about being blue.

    To My Divine Father

    From Your loving daughter,

    I AM Cecile! Amen!

  • Impressive ladies. Bee your story is coming along quite nicely. Beautiful poem poetic, now we know how you got your name LOL. As for me, I will give it thought and you never know what may come into play since the invite has been given. Keep up the good work all.

  • Post your poem here too, it was beautiful RC!

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  • Oh! How nice of you! I remember you and your courageous story! I just went to a Funeral on Saturday for another relative who had HIV, maybe thats why you saw the Church or felt the Church. Sure we could meet sometime, I used to belong to a Church Evergreen Baptist Church, but I stopped going and have my own Church at home! As part of my "Awakening" I started to question a lot of things that were taught and found myself having more of a personal relationship with GOD! I'm no holy roller don't get me wrong, I just started to question what is real and what is true and I found that as opposed to some of the "Church" teachings, God is more of a loving God as opposed to the Hell and damnation theory. I'm kind of shy though believe it or not. Thank you for the offer! How kind! 🙂

  • OK Becca, excuse me for jumping in, I got curious and went and read the posts from Pet Detective. Notshy2bme, You have a place here and a wonderful story of encouragement and overcoming that is meant to be shared with everyone. We all have a place, don't take it personal when someone rubs you the wrong way, I was kinda snapped at once too and just iqnored it, knowing sometimes we are under a lot of pressure or stress not to mention maybe on the raggedy ann (hint) and before you know it thing get blown out of poportion we are all guilty of it. I have days when I can feel horns growing up out of my head and it would take only one bad comment or move by someone. It's all good let it go. You have a wonderful gift of inspiring others don't let your light go out! 🙂

  • Oh BEE! See what you've begun??? LOVE LOVE LOVE to you & I'm LOVING your Story!

    Cecile--ABUNDANCE & LOVE & MORE MORE MORE CREATIVE FLOW to YOU! THANK YOU--a beautiful poem & I second notshytobeme's--SHARE IT!

    And notshy---I ditto Cecile's message & also wish that you stay here among us! If you've been to my chanel--meet my Advisor Joey--who I LOVE & shares experience with you--maybe you can share yours on my art of Wellness FB Page in a Discussion? It's so very very important that stories like these come out more & more--that's why I started that Page!

    Thank you for your compliment & thank you for commenting--

    commenting IS gratefully & happily accepted--& HELPS ME--the more comments on my FB Pages & my YouTube channel--the more people see it and SHARE--the more it spreads & goes viral--& that is something that will HELP this RisingPhoenix get her messages OUT!!!

    so SHARE IT EVERYONE as much as you like!

    And for everyone who visits Bee's lil Hive of Creativity: WELL-COME!

    the Inspiration, LOVE, Peace, Empowerment, Natural HEALING, & Transformation, this RisingPhoenix is all about spreading in this world of ours

    is now upon YOU!




    LOVE LIGHT & BLESSINGS upon you BEE & ALL who come to BEE's Lil HIVE!

  • Notshy2bme, Thankyou thats so nice, I was wondering if you have an email of some kind i can contact you with, id like to know how you are from time to time :O) If thats Ok.


    Poetic555 love the poem it was beautiful. thankyou for the lovely message ill try and keep my light 🙂 its for you guys espeacially. no worries about being Curious i am just that too,


    RC dreamer want to see some poems here from you LOL the last one was good.


    Rising Phoenix thankyou im glad your liking my story i have to do bit by bit or it will go wrong if i do not do it slowely 🙂 and i am working on a story origanly for a book, so will be doing a bit everyday.

    and i really loved your video.

    Lots of Love and light to you

    Bee X

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  • Hi Bee and all you very talented ones on here 🙂

    I've been quite a busy "BEE" :0) myself last couple of days and only had time to do couple of quick posts till today....

    Bee, I too had nickname years ago, a partner decided to start calling me DEE......he said it sounded cuter than, this is DEE talking to about that for creativity eh!....only kidding (about being creative that is lol)...he did call me that :0)

    but, your story is great!!...can't wait to see what also gave me an idea to try and write one, I will have a go later and post it 🙂

    Rising, your video was wonderful, your beautiful energy really shone through :)...I love the paintings you did, especially the spiral one in the middle, I have a thing about spirals again at the moment, I remember as a child I was always doodling them, but they have a greater meaning to me now, :)....I will post a picture on here of a painting I did about 4 yrs ago, at that time I used to watch repeats of the lovely Bob Ross on tv....I loved his style so much I had a go myself...:)

    Poetic, you truly do live up to your name my friend!! I loved your poem so much 🙂 and RC I hope you put your poem on here as I must have missed the thread you put it on before....:)

    see you all later have a most wonderful loved filled Day/Night


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