Qwalchmai60 might you have some time to help?

  • Hi Qwalchmai60, I have been reading your posts with real interest and delight infact. Have never requested a reading as such, just a "view" on situations from The Captain and HansWolfgang. Both have been helpful in a time of need. I am aware that you are experiencing some back problems and you have had requests for readings too! Might I jump in feet first and ask if you could do a reading for me when you have the time please?

    I have an awful lot happening at the moment and whilst I remain optimistic it is difficult to maintain the positivity. I have court cases that have stretched on since May 2008 (very nasty divorce and custody battle - and I mean battle!) and still no end in sight. I would be particularly interested in how you see the next month (August) panning out for me, three more court cases listed and maybe the rest of the year? My dob is 21 Sept 1965 if that helps. Let me know if there is any other information you need from me.

    Thanks in anticipation and no rush... Dx

  • Hi, just logged in and read your recent post. I understand your position and hope I did not offend or be the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back". I retract my request but heartfelt best wishes to you and I feel you will bring a "wise head" to this forum and we are all blessed by that. I do look forward to reading your posts. Dx

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