Recipe For Evolvement!

  • I receive weekly emails with inspirational talks between a lady called April who is a channel to spirit called Veronica, this weeks mail I got, I wanted to share, I ask for permission and was granted it as long as I state the source, I have placed that at the end of, I hope some of you will find this as interesting as I did, because I remember a motto from many years ago as a child ,being told... "Bad association spoils useful habits"....I think the message is along those lines...

    hope you enjoy!

    A New Message From VERONICA

    Recipes For Evolvement

    "Being physical is a challenge for all souls. The thickness of the energetic environment may wreak havoc upon those who wish to evolve. Without clear thoughts one may beckon many energies into the field of their participation creating a recipe of difficulty.

    It is important to view all those who would interact into your life with clarity. View each as an ingredient that should add substance and vitality to your world, not distract from it.

    Often it becomes necessary to review negative participation and eliminate them from your realm. It is never an easy thing to do, as some are familiar signposts in your life.

    When desiring evolution those who would not be conducive to that path often need to be reassigned to their own moments so that the flow of your path is not impeded.

    Look not at it as an elimination but rather more as of a "time out". Familiar energy that has become toxic could be the key ingredient to troublesome times for your own evolution.

    Be brave in these moments. By moving the energy you create opportunity for expansion. Those who have blended in your environment who are toxic often are not aware of it.

    You are the only one who may do all of you some good. Do not be afraid to eliminate an ingredient that no longer serves the recipe.

    Often the ingredient merely needs a new environment.

    Be brave.

    Move the energy.



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  • I'm so pleased you liked this notshy2bme, it really does help so much to keep on our path if we consciously make an effort who we choose to spend lots of our time with, yes, it can be difficult, I know first hand, my ex husband was the most negative person I ever met in my life, he bought me down so much I knew I couldn't go on living with him, I have come on leaps and bounds in the past 5 yrs we split up, yes, I still get a few down days, we all do don't we, but I no longer go down in to the sheer depths of despair like I did when living with him, I know it could be impossible to cut off totally with some negative ones that maybe in our lives, for instance you may have to be amongst negative ones in your job, but even in that situation I think there could be ways on holding back on how much you associate with will all things in our lives, we just need to do the adjustments and tweaking here and there 🙂

    much love to you too 🙂

  • I so get this healingways, i have so many toxic people in my life. Its so true that most people including myself at times don't even realize it. I was just recently reminded of this when i got caught up in a thread that got the best of me.

    If i choose to put my negativity into something or someone it will go into the universe and come back at me,i am trying to teach my 10 year old daughter now. if we send out good energy it will come back to seems so easy ,but yet we struggle. I'm learning that i have to stay away from the negativity. Because of my upbringing and my X husband who i was with for gosh, 18 years. its so easy to fall back into something we are familiar with. turning 50 soon is taking me more on a positive journey ,that i am looking forward to for the first time of my life..just not the 50 part haha

    Hugs to you both


  • Hi Sheila,

    I know what you mean about having so much toxic people in your life, I too have had this, and your right, it does sound easy but a struggle to rid myself of as much as I could, because the worse thing for me was many of them were family, but to save myself and my sanity I had to cut down dramatically the time I spent with them, I managed it over the years, yes, it means I spend more time on my own, .... but my reward is I love the peace I get and time to work on ME at last 🙂 and I do like and feel content in the many hours in my own company, and of course I come on here quite a bit and talk and learn from the many beautiful souls like you :), you are a wonderful caring mother, I have read many of your posts hearing of all the wonderful ways of teaching your daughter...she is one lucky girl!!....:)

    This next "message from Veronica" I got in my emails this morning is also a very good lesson for all of us who are trying to switch off the "mental chatter" that goes off in our minds, I just know it serves us no purpose at only creates more negative scenario's in our lives!....

    This is the message:....:)

    A New Message From VERONICA

    This Happens Often In A Life

    "The Calm thinking needed to engage and respond to your reality is compromised by the chatter in your head. It becomes so loud that you are unable to listen to what's being said by your soul.

    In an attempt to find clarity you search for the strength to break through to your soul. Frustration can mount when it's not easy and your emotions boil over to release some of the pressure. Yes. It can feel like too much with no end in sight. Isolated you despair, becoming more aligned with the chatter than anything else.

    It's difficult to think clearly during these times. If indeed your thoughts create your reality then how does one recover from the chaos to better moments?

    You have a choice now to either choose the chatter or to realign with the power of your soul. Use your emotions to break through to it. The soul is ever faithful. It can calm the chaos, soothe the heart, and turn off the chatter.

    Your physical reality will not magically transform, however, the negative symptoms will start to dissipate.

    Signs of hope are there but will need some moments to materialize.

    In the meantime rejoice in the reunion, enjoy the clarity. Be patient as you heal so that you never return to that space of chaos again.

    Go on.

    Break Through.

    Your soul awaits."


  • Wonderful messages, the first one I learned a long time ago! Believe it or not I read something like this on yesterday. Folks are going to start questioning long term relationships with partners, lovers everything. Big changes are going on, please continue to post them I love learning something new thats food for the soul! 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic, I will....but it's a shame admin deleted the link to the site because when I wrote to ask for permission from the messages source they gave it to me with the understanding I would use their link, I knew admin would remove it I suppose, but I so wanted to get their messages out to ones who are wanting answers to some things....I hope the people who I get the messages from don't mind I still post them though....I'm sure they will understand 🙂

  • I know they do that all the time, I post stuff too that is meant to be shared and states so and it's still delted sometimes, very weird.

  • BAMM, WITH THIS ARTICLE WOW, CHATTER IN MY MIND...oh yes,Thanks Healingways..


    About links disappearing, its funny you mentioned that, i copied and pasted a link right away from healingways on another thread..Because sometimes they go very quickly and sometimes they stay.SO NOW UNDER MY FAVORITES THEY GO RIGHT AWAY..HEHE.oH GOSH i MIGHT GET A SURPRISE ONE DAY...

    Hugs sheila

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  • Yeah I think it's so important to share information as we learn with each other. This site is the perfect place to learn and grow together, pray together for each other and the World! We have a lot of power when joined! I've met the most wonderful people here! 🙂

  • The latest from "Veronica".....I know many on here are already doing and living in gratitude, 🙂 but I still wanted to post this 🙂


    A Life Truly Blessed

    "We have often listened to many in your culture that are extremely focused on riches and fame. We realize that it is indeed important to be able to function well in the linear. Basic needs have a cost in the everyday life and without money it is always a difficult process.

    It is important to look at reality as a "give and take" of energy exchange. To receive energy you need to give energy. The integrity of yourself while doing so defines the physical life.

    The soul evolves through experience and your life provides that through various lessons that help advance the soul. Not all of them are easy.

    Your thoughts are a power that drives your experience through the linear. Keeping your thoughts positive help in that regard. A constant focus on what you don't have can hinder prosperity even more.

    A sense of gratitude for what does manifest can keep you on track. In other words focus on the progress while creating yourself towards the goal.

    Give your energy fully regardless of what is received back. Initially you may be working through karmic energy or balancing an imbalance within yourself that makes it feel that the goal is unattainable.

    Gratitude for what you do have is important. The thought structure will put you in a place of receiving the energy more freely. Comparison to others is inappropriate. Everyone creates different struggles for themselves.

    We realize how difficult living a physical life may be. The twists and turns can deflate even the most healthy ego.

    Know that in the end it won't be the riches or the fame you take with you. It will be the love and the energy exchange.

    Appreciate what you have and perhaps the rest will follow. As for fame.... all of you are famous in the eye of your source energy."




  • Hi all, I'm so pleased you all enjoy reading these messages from Veronica as much as I do, here is the latest one, I think this one is SO great reminder to us :)....I will post it in the Abundance thread too! 🙂

    "Being Spontaneous in The Linear"

    "In your reality the essence of time is a huge factor in your level of participation. Many adhere to the ticking of the clock closely by planning each and every moment. The culture contributes to this on many levels as well.

    The ability to connect with your soul may be distorted by this close adherence to the timeline. One should remember that the soul knows nothing of time. It is only the physical participation that brings it so close to the soulful energy.

    It is important to remember that in the linear the choice to be more spontaneous is available. Using your thoughts to create reality need not be defined by the particulars of the hour.

    Decide that the feeling of a moment may have the ability to transform your life and your connection with spirit.

    Thinking through the moment in its creation is more valuable when coupled with the immediacy of the action.

    Do not let the time element distract from the pure essence of the immediate moment. You are indeed able to transform the current energy with great ability.

    Being open to change and the energy it brings may be just the thing you need right now.

    Eliminate doubt and go with the positive energy of the moment. Pure energy is extremely poignant when enacted without the boundaries of time.

    Just be.


    Be spontaneous.

    See what happens."


  • Thank you for these messages...thought provoking & definite life lessons

    Blessed be

  • What wonderful messages. I am glad to hear that time is not of the essence in the big picture. Other people sometimes think I am mad not planning everything. I prefer to let it happen and seize the chances as they come (if I can recognize tehm as such). Please keep posting your messages, they are so inspirational.

  • Thanks darling! love them

  • What a great reminder, to me anyways..Thanks Healingways...

    'Being open to change and the energy it brings may be just the thing you need right now.' love it BAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    Hugs to all


  • Healingways and every one, i hope you don't mind me posting this here.....It was so beautifully done i wanted to share with everyone..

    hugs sheila

    This is STAND BY ME like you've never heard it! This video was done by 5 sound engineers

    who went around the world recording individuals performing this song. They then blended

    them together into one song and video, which is wonderful. Click on the link below.

    (The first guy shown is at the 3rd St. Promenade, in Santa Monica .)

  • I certainly don't mind at all Sheila, this video is AMAZING!! should appear in every thread in my opinion... 🙂

    I hope everyone gets to watch this!!...I know I SO love it!!

    blessings to you Sheila


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