For the Captain

  • It was suggested I contact you. Could you please do a reading for me concerning my relationships or just a general one.

    Thank you

  • I have my own set of Tarot cards.

    The card I drew for you regarding relationships is the asteroid Tantalus. Tantalus from Greek mythology represents someone who is always being tempted (by love) but is never satisfied. It's like the prize is always out of reach, dreamed of but never actually achieved. There is a failure to appreciate what one has here, and always pining for the perfect relationship that can never be realised because it is unrealistic and impossible. Tantalus advises accepting that no one is perfect and that you must stop deliberately trying to find weaknesses in your partners so that you have an excuse to reject them when they turn out not to be your dream mate. Tantalus suggests you have a a tendency to do things just to test and see if others will react as you suspect they will. This card advises you to stop your endless search for the perfect partner and instead recognise that people are only human with a share of strengths and weaknesses. Compromise and trust are both needed if you are ever to find romantic happiness. Find someone real, not imaginary.

  • I am confused. I have been married for 30 years to the same man. Recently I found a text message on his phone from another woman (he works with her). He tells me nothing is going on but checking out my phone bill I found quite a few text and calls to her. Any time I question him he gets angry and defensive. He erases his calls and text off his phone but every now and again he misses one and the phone bill tells me he is still in contact with her. Should I just let it go and trust him. Please could you help me out here with some guidance here.

    Thank you


  • Hi Hopefullylost

    I'm am answering this as I feel for you as being the one to find out last.

    Now he is having a fling and has been for a while. This will go now where as his boss has commitments also. It is a thing that has happened "like something new after 30 years" .

    You still love him, and 30 years has seen you guys still together, that has to say something, that you are home security for your hubby. so can you take time out as couple as you have in the past, If you feel that positive response from him then you still have a marriage, but if that sparkle has gone between you then It is time to have a heart to heart talk with him and speak you mind, as you never have before,I feel until you do you are not going to be a happy person. Relationship, home front and family is your everything. You have a right to happiness and if this is threatened as it is now, don't take it laying down, as you are seeing another side to hubby (anger, defensive} so maybe he will see another side to you, and buck his ideas up, or else.

    I hope this will help you get some incentive to tackle the situation, out in the open, so that you can retain the happy person you normally are.

    Take care Helen NZ

  • Hopefully lost, if the card is not you, then it refers to your husband. He is seeking the perfect woman that will satisfy all his desires but he has too many impossibly high standards for anyone real to fill. but he will keep looking. I'm not sure if it is a consolation to you that he will never find the woman he is looking for because she doesn't exist. But he shouldn't treat you as if you are Plan B in case he can't achieve Plan A - the perfect partner. That's why he doesn't want you to know about the other woman. So he can use you as his fall-back plan because he doesn't want to be alone. But he will get tired of her when she turns out not to be the 'dream' woman.

  • I have tried that but most of the time he starts an argument. I have done other things and the bed room has never been an issue even now. I am not sure what else to do but tell him to choose because he cant have his cake and eat it too. I just hate the feeling that I have wasted 30 years to someone younger.

  • Captain,

    That sounds more like him, he never seems satisfied. I do not like feeling like I am Plan B. I have given him my entire life because I have been with him since I was 16. Sometimes I feel like he is trying to get caught. I called this woman and he was furious, but still denies any involvement with her. Could you please do a reading for me to see what path I should take.

    Thank you


  • Hopefullylost, you don't need anyone else to tell you what to do. You just need to decide if you can put up for the rest of your life with someone who will keep having affairs while keeping you around as second best. If that's how you want your life to be, then fine. But if you desire something more, then you must go out and find it. Your partner is a hopeless dreamer - are you going to stick with him for security's sake or chase your own dreams?

  • Dear Captain,

    I am not sure yet of what to do but I do know that I want peace in my life. I can not live with a man that I have to share it is just not in me. Thank you for your time.

    Hopefully lost

  • Dear Captain,

    It has been a while since I last contacted you and a lot has changed in my life. Could you please give me a reading for some insight on where things are heading?

    Hopefully lost

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