Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • Hi Taurean girl....what is the census of what it takes to love a cancerian male! Can you ladies sum this up for me?

  • Patience and flexibility.

  • i replied to the pendulum and added to the ways of of the Crab.... what is your point Tarueen,,, please STOP with your Sarcy~ inunnedoes on my posts i said notg=hing of offense to you.... So why are you B***chin on me.. WHY???

  • Thank you so much for the answers Taureen!!!

  • Only a pleasure Squabull.

    MilleFeori - i am sorry. Bad timing. Not the place or the time to have a fight. Truly sorry

  • you are an idiot.... Timing Argue & Fight.... WTF...

    what is wrong with you..?? What is your problem..??

  • yes maria,am in the same situation like you,buut today i was gonna give up,i bought credit and i was still warming up.but after these insightful messages i have read,let me hold on to my man.i hope it works out.

    thankyou guys.

  • let me be patient.

  • "you are an idiot.... Timing Argue & Fight.... WTF...

    what is wrong with you..?? What is your problem..?? "

    Lol... actually MilleFeori, you are the one with the problem... You were the one that wants to know over and over what my point is.

    Takes a big **** to see a small one.

    I don't have the time for these petty little comments. Go and find somewhere else to play.





  • Wow, this needs to stop. This topic is not about arguing. Millie, stop freaking out. Seriously.

    Your post will be the last of this argument, or I'm going to get an admin to close this thread. And I think that will make everyone who found solace and comfort in it very upset. So, kindly stop.

  • To get back to the original topic - Cancers and understanding them...

    I'm a Taurus with a Cancer moon and my partner is a Cancer with a capital C (he has a stellium - that means 4 or more planets in the same sign - in Cancer AND in the 4th house, which is the traditional Cancer house - his sun, moon, Mercury and Pluto). He certainly has his times when he goes into his shell. I had to learn not to take his moods too personally and to avoid having his mood swings drive us into HIGH DRAMA (I do have a Cancer moon myself - so it's not a one-way deal).

    As a result of me being able to accept him more as he is, he doesn't seem to need to go into his shell as much. He still has his mood swings and if he needs some down time or alone time he just tells me (instead of creating dramas as a way to chase me away).

    The best remedies: a walk through the park or gardens (he LOVES flowers), music - not just to listen, but to sing or play himself (not for seriousness - but for FUN). I gave him a harmonica for his birthday. He's a businessman and has never played a musical instrument, but he loves it and picks it up and wails away on it - no one taught him how, but I enjoy listening and am amazed at what comes out NATURALLY. I think the key is that it is something he doesn't have to take too seriously and he feels comfortable enough with me so he's not worried about making a fool of himself.

    I think the key is to create an atmosphere where Cancer can feel safe enough to just be him or her self NATURALLY.

  • God are these cancer guys just big babies?? So my cancer guy is angry at me for no apparent reason. He is getting carried away by a misunderstanding of something I have said on Facebook that was TOTALLY not directed to him in any way, I think it's funny that he thinks this way, but why should he be upset with me if he is avoiding me and hasn't spoken to me in a month now. I feel if he has something to say or if he is feeling something towards me, he should communicate with me!!!

  • Yes, i've heard they're really sensitive. This sounds very familiar. I think all Cancers have serious temper problems. They just don't explode like fire signs, or snap like air signs. They keep it bottled up and don't tell you whats wrong. Like women, LOL. THey really are the mother sign.

    You just have to be very direct with him. Tell him you want to know what's going on, and also that he needs to have a little more faith in you. Put your foot down!

    As for me, I think my cancer is well aware of all his cancer traits. He told me he can't be in a relationship, because he will want to go 5 days without speaking to anyone, or he'll want to talk with other girls and not have someone get upset about it. He says he has a temper he needs to control. He basically knows exactly how he acts and is waiting until he know's he won't act that way. It's funny how so many cancers seem to be like this. Their strong suit is supposed to be loving people, yet it seems like they arent mentally built for relationships. I just don't get it. I feel bad for him, actually.

  • I swore I woulnt post here, when I found this thread three months ago! That was about the time my (not actually mine) triple, yes TRIPLE cancer (stellium on the acendant including sun and moon) hurt me the first time. Somehow I kept letting him in and getting hurt, even after telling myself to kick him to the curb several times. My gut believes in him though, no matter how mad I am or if I am telling myself I deserve to be treated better.. I can't stop believing in what I see in his eyes or sense when we touch. He hurt me to an extreme on Mon. makes me feel like I'm just sex to him. I wrote him off again, he texted tonight.. Nice at first then he texts a dirty pic. And said something like.. That IS caring, when I mentioned caring. Grrr. Can't get him outta my heart, can't get him to stop pinching or remove the shell, is only the physical chemistry wasn't so mind blowing. I feel like an idiot a lot, yet want to believe in him. I need strength! Or a good set of crab utensils, and a steamer!

  • the scariest statement here, he's cheated on me.... in you mind or literally. Find your own self worth lovey. and allow yourself the possibility of a true sould mate that only wants you. Without trusth and honest there is only self doubt and regression.

  • Im not even sure if this is the right thread as there are so many! So, last night I though I was done, but on a Sag moment of impulsivity I contacted him tonight. Got some things off my chest after asking if he's sure he wants me to move on (without getting a clear answer). Left it be restating that question.. telling him I asked because I want to be sure before I dated somone else (made it obvious a date was pending with someone I stopped seeing early on because I met him so checking with him first was like saying once I do see the other guy, Im going to stick with that) and told him I'd Id rather be with him but stated two of my basic needs. No response, which is normal for him, he's more likely to wait till he's home after the weekend. I think its probably done, but have that inkling in the back of my mind that he might come back around. Im tempted to use a pendulum, but it always says he thinks Im the one and will be back.. and I dont even know anymore if I want to hear that.. because I cant do it his way anymore, he's going to have to meet those two needs of mine or Im going to have to move on. Who knows?! I never tossed the idea of me dating someone else at him like that, maybe something will give finally, one way or the other.

    I'd love a psychic feel on this if anyone reads and gets something. Our astrology points to many karmic and soulmate things (and yes, I know that doesnt always mean rosey things or that it will stick), not to mention phys. attraction. Im a sag but not the aloof kind, I have a lot of fire and water which makes me very intense and passionate and deep.. meaning his coldness hurts a lot sometimes because I thrive on deep connection.

  • Hi everyone!! I know I have been gone for a long time now... Things have been up and down for me throughout the last couple of months.... I haven't been here because as much as this thread helps I can find myself creating the drama of others relationships in my own... So I thought I would come give you all an update...

    My last post was probably a bit of an emotional vent - for want of a better word... I should NEVER say things in the heat of the moment - but sometimes I need to get it out in a non-biased forum... With people who don't really know me...

    So my last post was - he has cheated lied and manipulated me... I don't think that is the case anymore.... I think that because we had broken up and I wasn't going back to him like he thought I would - he thought he had lost me so started trying to see other people... As soon as I found out - he stopped immediately! Which is good... I think... The girl in question even text me 2 weeks later asking why he wasn't speaking to her anymore.... And they haven't seen each other since... After that incident I was DONE - OVER - FINISHED - but then we were both at a party together in early August and he would not leave me alone - even though I asked him to and ignored him for the best part of the night - I WAS DONE!!!!! I was doing my own thing and he was by my side for the entire night... So we did end up together after a lot of trying on his behalf.... I put up quite the fight 🙂 And am so proud of myself for doing it!! I seriously was NEVER going there again - but he kept on trying and telling me all sorts of things.... Oh I must say it was a h00ker party..... and there were some very revealing outfits that night - but he would not leave me alone...

    So since then we have been together almost 6 out of 7 nights every week.... He has opened up again and we are better than ever... There are still a few niggling things that irritate me about him - but I am sure that is the case with every relationship.... I am now not dealing with the non-responsive texts/calls and he responds EVERY time without fail.... We are still in the "dating" stage this time - but I know it wont be long until we have fully committed and made the next move... I am still quite guarded and am questioning a lot of things with him - but I think that is making him realise that i do actually love and care for him... Being a Cap - i am VERY good at hiding emotions..... I am learning not to do that with him as it makes him go into his shell every time....

    I am unsure if this is a time of testing or not - but it seems that every time he does the wrong thing and I am unhappy about it - he doesn't do that anymore.... And it seems that when I blow up about something - he comes back better than last time.... So maybe all of this will be worth it in the end....

    Maybe I am going to find that diamond hidden away in that remote box somewhere inside him.....

    I really hope things are going well for all of you.... big kisses mwaaa!

  • Do any of you think that -

    Cancer + manipulation can = a guy secretly trying to make a woman pregnant?

    I think I might be...


  • Off topic for a minute, but it might be relevant but what does it mean when a person has "weakness" in a psychological sense?

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