Cancer man, and he is confusing

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  • Hey everyone. See my posts above for my situation. So, since last Wednesday it's been downhill from there. On Thursday he texted me to thank me for making him waffles that morning. And then on Friday he tried to call me on his late night drive to Kansas. Then I sent him a text to say hi on Saturday to which he responded briefly. On Sunday, I was post-call and wanted some attention, he said he'd call me on his drive back. He never did. I sent a text saying "Hope you got in ok. Goodnight." This morning he said "I passed out on the couch when I got in. You should have called!" I sent one back saying "You should have called on your way home." He didn't respond.

    So, he is still my personal trainer. Today I saw him at the gym and he asked "When are we going to work out?" And I said he had to actually call me to work out some times, until then, I was ok on my own. He said he'd call in 45 minutes. 3 hours later I texted "That's an awfully long 45 minutes." 5 minutes later he called to ask me about times to workout this week. And that was it.

    I feel like he has completely relegated me to his "client" and forgotten about everything he said on Wednesday. I don't get it. I don't want to seem needy, even though I FEEL a little needy right now. I am a little angry that we haven't hung out since Wednesday, and that he treats me all business all of a sudden. He said he didn't want things to get confusing but I'm more confused than ever!

    What do I do? I know some of you will say to leave him alone for now, but unfortunately, I can't completely since he's my personal trainer. Yet, I want him to step up to the plate and be who he said he wanted to be.

  • Hi All my Lovely Ladies,

    I have had the MOST interesting couple of days.... I have found out my cancer has been cheating lying and manipulating me for quite some time now..... I was in a place where I thought we were getting some kind of clarity back into our relationship - then I found out he went to dinner with another girl when I was supposed to drop his bday present off and he blew me off and gave me a completely different story to what she told me.... So the girl spilled her guts to me and apparently they have been hanging out quite a lot... Needless to say I blew up!!! I am so hurt i am numb....

    This morning I found out he slept with his ex when we were getting back together at one stage - So I am completely done.....

    Just thought I would give you all an update....

    I am starting to become jaded with men again and really I don't think it is a cancer thing - I think a man thing....

  • Hey CC, Remember when I wrote that if my Cancer gives me a key ( like yours did) I know he's lost his mind. HE"S LOST HIS MIND! lol, actually it's so that I can work on the accounts at his house. I went from just doing list to mailers to accounting. The accounting has always been his job. He's only home 1 or 2 days a week so it's gotten a little behind. most the time I will be there alone. he knows I've been missing the jacuzzi tub so, after I do the accounting, I can soak in the tub. He's been sharing stuff about his growing up that I doubt he's shared with others too, like yours. We also were talking about traffic tickets he's gotten and some I've almost gotten ( cleavage works!). But he won't let me massage him, he knows I'm empathic and I "hear" life events from people, when I massage a persons lower back.. We actually went on a double date this past weekend. L asked me to set it up. It was kind of weird because I dated the guy 3 times and 1 of those dates was after me and L had met each other. I kept calling the guy Aunt Maudie when I would talk to L about him. The guy is kind of fem to me. After the date, L says he didn't see it. They had a good conversation and the guys new girlfriend ( he met her about when I met L) and I, hit it off well. Guy kept mentioning things we did when we dated, I kept looking at him like "what are you talking about?', he got more memories then we had dates! Lawrence enjoyed the whole thing. I think he was curious because the guy would IM me when I was online, at L's house, chatting about his girlfriend then switching to when we dated. But whatever reasons L had for the date, when we got back to my place later, the love making was WOW!!! I had to text message him Sunday about that. He texted back once he got to Santa Maria. Sunday he had to drive to Cali coast to work, he left me work that HE was supposed to do, Saturday. He's trusted me with his signature but he didn't leave a checkbook!!! lol He's been really good with the texting back, it's usually within an hour now!!! We'll see how long this last. I know in the next 6 months things are going to get busier with the business and his job. I know that I can get caught up in the business side of our relationship and forget to be "girlfriend" I have to remember to remind myself and him when we haven't spent time with each other, for awhile. I'm not IN love. I'm in a really nice friendship that has stress relief bedroom exercises!! We went a week without and I was snappy!!

    Well, I'm off to bed, I worked last night, have a good weekend!!

  • Hmm Human Touch is the most natural manifestation between two people ~ it's when we ADD later on the Guilt of what was Sweet & Feeling Good ~~

    that energy and that lesson is passed & you have this memory now ~ like many memories ~ we tend to hold onto the BAD & UGLY ~ WHY ~~~

    if you keep feeling BAD or guilty ~ then expect to feel Sick & Diss-eased .. WHY because that is where you wil be heading ~ if you keep focusing on that MISTAKE or that WRONG ~~~

    all that energy in you is feeding on that Guilt ~~ is that it ~ is that what you want for the rest of your life ~ to feel Gulty ~ NO NO NO NO

  • me and j are in a beautiful place anymore.... 🙂

    will write more later

    new pics on my FB. especially the one on the album cover a great pic of my J!

  • This post is deleted!

  • So did everyone go on vacation at the same time? LOL

  • lol. everyone went fishing & swimming..... I can't believe this stinking humidity.... never mind the heat ~ i hate this humidity ~~ so i'm gunna stay indoors & keep nice & cool..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.......

  • Could I get someone who is good with a pendulum to ask a few questions for me about my Crab? I really need some help!

  • Hey everyone...

    What happened to all of the regulars...?

    Given up like me.. or things going well for you?

    Would love an update on your situation....

    Squabull... i am willing to help. The one that's the best with pendulum haven't posted for a while, so i'm not sure if she still checks in here.

    If you have an facebook account you can add me..... Taureengirl Brits...... and send your questions in private there.

    Alternatively you can post them here.... i'll check every now and again...

  • Indeed the same is happeining in my life... just when people are connecting & co-creating...


    makes no sense, whythey even bother to post~ if they had no inentions on sticking around....


    as for the newer posts~ the Pendulum is just another metaphysical tool that allows the energies of the spiritual realm to enter..... be causious of the energies you are bringing in..

    Ask for protection & ask your Ascended masters & Elders to keep watch at the Gate....

    as many good & evil energeries slide in ....

    Pendulum is also another form of receving spiritual mesages....

    I use crystal dice, ~ AA board From Doreen Virtue

    when i need guidance & spiritual messages....

  • MilleFeori, i cannot speak for the others...but as for me... this forum has been my lifeline at a stage when i was heartbroken.

    I found acceptance, advise and friendship among the ladies on here. All of us understands what it takes to love a cancerian man.

    But you get to a stage where staying away is best for you...... Reading all the posts reminding you of your own situation which is exactly the same as everyone else!!

    As for your comment about pendulums.... i know it all

  • But what is your point then!!!

    if you already know the behavior sensitivity emotional side of a CRAB why then seek further answrs to what you already know..~~~~~

    Cancers are indeed hard to approach & harder still to understand,.,,,

    All it takes is just a little confusion & misunderstanding, all those who are not Cancers well you Might as well say Cya to your Cancer Male or Woman

    Was so very . nice knowing ya......

    that is my take , on my own self.. asi see myself & how i react or mingle with other's NOT of my own Sign..... i would Never want to mingle with the same Sign, Instant Argue and Hate... Ayeeee

  • When two people attract but on the opposite poles of Like attracts Like"

    this will always be atug-o- war of emotions~~ don't know of any one perfect balance between two people of any Sign, that are in harmony or balance~

    there's always something to Tick the otheror cause forever dislike distrust and hate.....

    oooh welll..... animals of the wild seems to know something about relationships that we evide ntally know nothing about.......... lolol

  • Maybe if you read the post again...... someone else wanted answers from pendulum....

    I have walked away... and would not ever date another cancer boy again.

  • Oh goodness, did i mistake your post for someones else..

    i didn't take notice, or if i typed out your name... but let me re read.. BRB

  • Hmmm i re read the posts... there's no mention of either Name... But i did add to the Pendulum , not referring to anyone.. just a General Comment... So once again Hun, what is your point..???

  • MilleFeori

    But what is your point then!!!

    if you already know the behavior sensitivity emotional side of a CRAB why then seek further answrs to what you already know..~~~~~

    As for your comment about pendulums.... i know it all...

    When i said i know it all..... i referred to pendulums..... the use of it etc

    Don't assume things if you don't know the circumstances. Maybe it's just your way of communicating that don't appeal to me. As i read some of your other posts. Women come here to get advise.... some understanding... and surely not to be critisized.

    At first when i came here.... i knew nothing about cancer's, whether male or female.

    I was merely offering some help to another woman being where i was.

  • hahahahahaha i never knew Cancer men were so intriguing! That's funny! wow...what a topic!

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