Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • Sorry girls -- I have so many thanks to make and comments but in a bit of a rush...will be back later.

    Bente - Focus on Fireman -- Not the writer (there was no room for doubt on these)

  • You girls are going to have to tell me again what you are doing to get this stuff posted!!

    I have had modicum success going back a few pages and then when I came back it would refresh to my post. HAsn't done that in over a week for me..maybe two. So tell again what method you guys are using?


    Rushing or I would give thanks and praise! LOL

  • Looks like forum has the hiccups ..... AGAIN!

    Speaking of mascaras, do you guys know of the one who has 2 in one? its first usage is white, and then black? claimed to NOT give you fly feet. THATS a lie. I sincerely doubt ANY mascara gives you THE lucious look. Even the new ones who claim it can get even the small lashes.

    I dont buy it. You may ask why not, well if you look close you can see the model is wearing FAKE eyelashes. Those ALWAYS look KAZING! Great!.

  • Holy damn, guys! I gave up trying to keep up with all these stories. But it seems like your all having some luck. That's good! I have absolutely no idea whats going on with mine. Last I checked with the tarot cards he was still trying to piece everything together in his head. Having lots of fun waiting for that.

    But I kind of had a girly episode and got mad at him, so I think that might have put me back on the tredmil a touch....oopsies. Its true that these cancers are damn sensitive. Its cause I was gone for 3 weeks, so I missed him, and he had the perfect opportunity to hang out and he was being frustrating. So I gave up and went home. Then I found out the next time I worked that he ended up going out. So, I got offended. And acted mad the rest of the night. Then I text messaged him and asked him why he snubbed me, and he said he just ended up being at work late and felt like a beer after, there was nothing else to it then that. So I felt bad and apologized, but of course he didn't respond to that text message. I haven't seen him in like a week and a half. I hope I see him tonight...

  • Wow, so I just wrote this long as post, clicked 'submit post' and it disappeared. This forum is messed up. Grr.

    I'm glad you guys are making progress with your cancers. The last the tarot cards said about mine was that he was still really confused and trying to piece everything together in his head. I guess it doesnt help that the last time we spoke I got mad at

    Its cause I had been gone for three weeks, so was eager to hang out with him. Well, I got off work and it looked like he was going to be off, too, so i stopped by and asked him what he was doing that night. He said "Oh, nothing...I guess I'm just gonna go home, wait for someone to call." and he looked up at me, so I took that as his usual sign of 'i want to do something but am too Cancer to ask'. SO then he was like 'what are you doing tonight?' and i said "Oh...nothing. No plans." So he just goes "uh huh" and goes back to what he was doing, so i sighed and assumed it was all up to me. So I asked why didnt he just go out for some drinks? He said no, he didnt want to drink. I asked him if he's seen UP, and he said he doesnt watch movies. So, surprised at how stubborn he was being, I said "Well...Jeff, why dont you just come out for a drink?" and he said "No, I will not go out for a drink. I guess im just gonna go home."

    So, totally embarrassed, I said. "Okay. Sounds like a plan. I'm leaving." and I turned and walked away, and I heard him say "Okay...." quietly to himself. So, that miffed me. But, I got over it. The next time I saw him at work, we talked, everything was great....until I heard him talking about the amazing time he had at the bar, the same night he refused to go out for drinks. So, I got pissed and cold shouldered the crap out of him the rest of the night. I could tell he knew I was upset, because when he knows im angry he always trys to get my attention.

    So, the next day I decided i'd text message him and find out why he was being such a dink. So, I sent him a text asking why he snubbed me, I really wanted to hang out so that really sucked. he messaged me back saying he just ended up being at work really late and felt like a drink, there was nothing more to it then that. So, I kinda felt bad for jumping the Girly Gun and sent him a text apologizing for being totally girly. of course, he didnt respond to that one. And I havent seen him since. But hopefully will see how he'll act.

  • well guys... I sent him a letter and i think he should have it by now... no response so far... he can't seem to pick up the phone but i hope he at least responds via email.... Cappy; can you check your penduleum for me and see if he will contact me soon or if he will come back?

    Anyway.... i'm trying not to let this get the best of me... but ...well

  • Focus on fireman ............................ right when will he focus on me then? sorry to be a nag and sound whiny, for but crying out loud, im sick to death to lead and keep that torch going. man

  • j3d-LoL-you said aunt flo came to see you, i guess that was my round about way of saying get the plumbing out and she won't come back-LoL again

  • hahahah nicely put CC!!!! I have issues too - n may need to go through that one day - but atm I am keeping the plumbing just in case..... As I am only 32 and there still might be time for me......

    Bente - yes I have tried that mascara and it doesn't work - I use Max Factor 2000 Calorie and always get comments on my lashes.... But they are quite long anyway....

    Tru - Glad to see you back!!!! I sincerely hope he calls or responds in some way to that letter....

    Maria - Perservere mine used to do that to me all the time and I jumped the gun n broke it off and now I am regretting it and spent most of last night crying because of discussions and have realised I have probably lost the best thing that has ever happened to me.....

  • I've got to tell you, I'm really enjoying reading about everyone's scenarios . . . don't get me wrong; if you're having a bad time I really feel for you. I can only hope and pray for patience as reading about some of you having to wait 2 - 3 weeks is going to absolutely drive me nuts, I can see this already!! It does appear however, that a lot of you guys are having some terrific and very fulfilling experiences with your Cancer guy . . . so happy to hear this!

    Cappy, I'm absolutely addicted to my pendulum now! It's truly amazing how it "reacts" to the different questions. At times it moves in a very gentle manner and other times; geez-oh-pete!

    Bente- by the way, in my humble opinion Dior's Catwalk mascara is the very best. I used Lancome for almost 30 years until they dropped my favorite so I crossed over to Dior. It's a bit pricier than most but worth every cent!!

  • Sorry girls but it is my turn to vent.....

    Last night I had a conversation with G's best mate about my birthday party when my life fell apart.... I thought I was over it - but I clearly am not...... I spent about 15 mins going over all the events fight with my sister and brother, waking to find him cuddling my friend beside me in MY bed (I KNOW nothing happened but it still hurt), the fact him and I never talked it through, losing my job 2 days later..... And I had to go over the whole thing with his best mate (cause he is my best friends boyfriend).......

    I spent the next 2 hours uncontrollably crying and have no idea why this has all come to the surface now... I am feeling completely drained of all energy and am completely numb today..... I think I am still in shock that all of this happened only a couple of months ago... I really don't know how I am going to get over this - but I am glad to have all of you here to talk to and understand what I am going through.......

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.....

  • did y'all hear that Michael Jackson died today of a heart attack?!

    i am hoping since mom hasn't posted it means she's with her guy. she said she expected him tentatively around 6 her time, well it's after 7 for her now. i hope she doesn't have to hurt.

    hot mess pendy was right last night. j called and i went to his house. i wasn 't there 30 minutes and we fell asleep sitting in our chairs talking. oh, he also said that he didn't want to go to that water park this Sunday because he thought that since it would be my first time around his children a less involved, more casual setting. so he wants the 4 of us to have some lunch and spend the day at the pool. that way they can first know me as a friend. that way if we end up not working out that is how they will know me always-as he plans on us always being very close friends. then we can form a natural bond as time goes on and if things work out for me and him. he said he hopes that we are together for a long time and if we do work out more power to us.

    he wants to go to that water park later on in the summer .he has a point, i wouldn't want the kids to get attached to me and then us break up. you must be so careful with them at their ages 8 & 10. i am beginning to not like the word friend :+0 but this conversation i wasn't being referred to as his friend at least.

    j3d-glad you had a good time. did you manage to sleep at all? i am the one who used "pillow talk". don't you love it when their cologne lingers. jeremy's was on one of my pillows not long ago and i kept my nose stuck to that spot all night. wish i COULD answer you questions about the addiction you have to him. i don't get it either. do you think it could be because they are a constant challenge for us? i know that is one of the reasons for me. he!!, if i get a guy that i know i have at my beck and call i either run all over them which i don't like to do, or run away from them. probably too is the electricly charged pillow talk. i can't ever get enough of him , ever; not in bed or out of it! i love him, but i hate being the way i am too.

    maria-don't you want to crack him up side his head?! even though HE is referring to us as being in a committed relationship and all; i got irritated with him today. i took ALL of my stuff from his house a couple weeks ago so today when i was at home getting ready for work i gathered up my makeup and change of clothes to bring with me. i called him on my way in to work and told him i wanted to come to his house again because i have an appt. with my hairdresser at noon tomorrow. he lives about 4 miles from her shop. well, that butthole says-he didn't know yet but he may have to go back to the town he's worked at all week! it is getting tiresome having to get up and usually late, to rush to my house and get ready.

    he did say one time a couple days after i took my stuff that when he was in the shower it seemed bigger in there or something to him and the second day he realized what the problem was. i had taken my bottles of stuff out. i got a kick out of that for some reason. i guess because he tries to act aloof about so many things and little bitty junk like that affects him? i'm coming to see that they really are attuned to more than we reallize they just are great at not letting us know it!

    bente-sounds like you want to crack yours up side his head too!

    tru & izzr-hey! glad you're back, and i took what you said izzr as you meant it.

    princess-you are great! love that sense of humor. i also want the new girl (forgot her name) to put her post here at the hot spot as she called it. i can't get to that thread either.

    TG-where are you?!!

    OMG! i am sooo sleepy i can't stand myself. s u c k s to have to sit at this desk for 5 more hours and try not to go to sleep!

    i am going to re-read the last few pages. to get a screen name of one of our newer posters and clarify my head. guess i need to quit staying up all night on here and facebook.

  • Well this thing is broken again???!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!!!!! I really wonder how many pages they are supposed to go for..... But can't they see that we are NOT finished with this yet?????

  • well, i sure wish there was a way to contact the systems administrators over this website. so we could inquire about this problem with slow or no action.

    hope that mom is having fun and not laid out in the floor due to hyperventilating or something. this is frustratiing-when i can read and post my work time goes faster.

    well i will check back. i'm gonna post my lovescope for today i think i applies to most of us girls and not just me.

    Today's aspect could indicate that you are of two minds about a person with whom you have been thinking of forming a relationship, simply because they bring out some very strange reactions in you. On the one hand, you see them as a source of amusement, and on the other, you find them at times extremely irritating. Only you can decide if it's worth it.

  • hi-i wanted to say "hip" as a nickname, maybe that will be my name for you. whadda think? i am wondering if the mods aren't messing with our heads. i noticed last night when we started to complain it sped up. surely if there was a limit to the number of pages or posts there would be a notice of some kind...

    also, sorry you cried all night last night! i hate to cry! but this guy can sure turn the faucet on! as far as our wine date you have to remember that the best time for me is around midnight CST or i am off on sunday & monday night. oh, i didn't hear about that other job. turns out that d a m n e d man just wanted up my skirt/down my pants because during the last pow wow he brought up two of the most pricey restaurants in town and off handedly said we should go to one or both. he knew j fixed my car and that we've been seeing each other and so last week j saw him and he didn't speak to him-that was the next day. 2 nights ago i email and asked if he knew anything and he said he normally doesn't know about anything like that and he wouldn't. i was so mad!

    gonna go up and smoke-i am freezing

  • Well Everyone....

    Disappointing news for Mom. First of all...I am somewhat relieved...haven't shed a single tear... Yep --- you know what's coming but its worse than you think.

    My guy forced me to break up with him tonight. Seems to me he planned it that way. (PEndy says no but I don't believe him)~He stood me up~. I answer. Called 30 mins later phone turned off. Well...that did it...told me everything. I was not going to let this be an e mail break up. By damn he was going to have to see my face when I told him what I had to say. I drove over to his house...knocked on the door (still very light as he comes around 6) ...he answered....and I calmly told him that I know he didn't forget out date..and he stood there a moment and said I have had a really bad week...(I am so sick of hearing that) I ignored it and immediately said So you decided to stand me up" ....So this is how it is" he was about to say something and I said..."I guess I was very wrong about you" I turned and walked off and looked back at him over my shoulder and said "I had a BAD week, too" and walked to my car... I got in and started to back out and he was still at the door...looking at me. I only glanced and he could not see me from that distance... Honestly....I am relieved. I have done everything wrong with this man and it would have never worked anyway. He is very self centered and its always about him. Always...always about him.

    Please don't worry about me...I came home.....warmed up some dinner...then got my camera and went out back to my garden and put the timer on and a smile on my face and took several pictures to go on tonight!!! TA DA! I know what you are thinking and you are right. I will be singing a different tune when it all sets in..... I think I am still in shock. (But I was so proud of shaky voice, looked him straight in the eyes, held my chin up and calmly told him what I had to say and left. I was regal, no shouting, no cussing, no making a fool out of myself....I somehow felt empowered! The first thing I did was get out Pendy and started with the questions.... (the moment I got home!!)

    Did he plan this --- No I want the truth...did he PLAN this? NO.

    Has he been wanting to do this for months? No. Are you sure he didn't plan this? No.

    Was he thinking I would get over it tomorrow when he tried to smooth things over? Yes

    Is he really so stupid to think that.....? Stall - no answer

    I look pretty good tonight...(laughing here..we all want our exit when we look good and not mascara clumps running down our face (quoting Princess I think...maybe not) So I asked Pendy if he thought I looked good and Pendy went sorta wild with a huge YES.

    I asked if I would hear from him and he said Yes. I said by email (because I knew he was too chicken to call) and he said Yes. I said over the weekend...Yes. I said will he ever try to come back...? Yes. I said this summer - Yes August? No July? Yes.

    Now this is where I stopped because 1. We know that they can stay away weeks , months or YEARS. I dont think he will have his head sorted out and all the things he has been going through finished my then...even the end of July. Had Pendy said September I would have thought maybe but I will be on some other guys arm by then!!! : ) But it doesn't matter....I am finished. I will feel sick when I first wake in the morning...maybe several mornings... but I have hated how he has been, in my opinion disrespectful of me by it always being about what he wants or doesn't want and when and why and on and on and like a fool...I stepped right into it feeling sorry for him and let it All Be About Him! So...I can start fresh with all my new information from my books and be killer ready when I Yell "N E X T" !!

    I love you all...thank you for all your wonderful support....I just might end up being one of the lucky ones, who knows? (Be able to live without him) Like so many of the others who's guys are gone...I may find my time here limited...I will be (laughing here) Busy Answering ALL the Emails I Will Be Getting from Match!!!

    Back later...I am going to download these new pics and I will post a couple on FaceBook. Does everyone know how to get in and join up with us? If not...somebody tell them!

    Mama C

    Remember...I haven't seen him in five weeks, I've lost 9 lbs, had some highlights put in my dark blonde hair to brighten it (Had this appt for 4 weeks so it was just lucky) and it looked good. I looked Good!

  • PS ---- MariaRia! I yelled out to you the day we reached 100 pages!

    Go back and look and we all thank you for starting the most popular forum on the entire network!

    Who knew 1/12 of the male population would need a forum to deal with them. Our girls now are from all over the world! Join us on we can see who we are.


  • mom-i am proud of you too. just don't stop our communications-even if you don't come back here stay on facebook. o.k.? i salute your grit by going over there. most men and i'm sure cancer's like to try to slink away.

    i understand what you said about him having a "bad" day, week, year or f'ing life! even though i'm good this minute i am finding that i'm sick of the way they think only them ever gets hurt or has a bad time of things.

    i hope when my time comes to an end and you notice i said when, i am strong like you've been tonight. i love you and we will keep in touch. are you putting the new pics on FB?

  • OH MUm - Looks like you had the WORST time - I can't believe he has done this... I truly congratulate you on your composure throughout the whole ordeal....... You sound strong and like you are on your way to bigger and better things!!!!!! GOOD LUCK with!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will find someone who is more AWESOME than he!!!!!!!!

    And yes CC they do only seem to think they are the only ones hurting from all of this.... But then with Mum n I being Cap's we tend to hide what we feel a LOT!!!!! And I for one am not going to show that he has crushed me........ And do NOT say WHEN CC - it is an IF at the moment.......

    N I thought things were bad for me right now...... Gees what a complete lack of respect he has shown you.... Mine used to do the same thing - just watch as I walked away then a couple of days later he would phone or try to smooth things over - but only after he had done what ever it was that he wanted to do in that time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missing in Action i used to call it!!!!!!

    My thoughts are with you and BIG HUGS n WHITE LIGHT to you beautiful woman 🙂

  • WOW Mom, I dont know what to say.

    Im very proud of you for what you did and keeping your cool

    Im very sad for you that it had to come to this

    Im happy you are a strong women and are getting out there right away.

    Ive felt the exact same emotions when I told J that I had had enough. We can only take so much and then its done and over.

    But please dont go away, I can understand if you dont wanna come here but please keep in touch on Facebook.

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