Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • Sorry mum - I really didn't think about the jumping the gun thing - maybe that is why I am where I am now......

    Wine date is VERY SOON!!!!! I usually get off work at 3pm Aussie time n home by 3.30pm my time... Oh EST (eastern standard time - australia...) No I didn't see where you said never to skimp on the shoes...... What was that about??? I bought those 20cm platform numbers in black patent that all the hollywood stars are wearing!!!!!!!! MMmmmmmm nice shoes..... Hurt a bit but I am sure I can get over that!!!! Quite comfortable for their height too..... Ohh on FB...... I will go hunt it down....

    I was supposed to call my G last night but due to football I didn't call him - I wonder if he is wondering...... LOL.... Oh well I knew he would be watching and I didn't want to annoy when we are both doing something.....

  • I will tell you guys a funny cancer story: I was going to my highschool reunion...we went to the same school graduated same year. I asked him if he wanted me to ry to get him a ticket bc me and a friend had already got ours. He said he wasnt intrested in going. well the day of the reunion he was at my house.he had just got off work and i was out running around looking for something to wear. we were back and forth on the phone while I was shopping and i was describing clothes and asking his opinion. he got us some food so i could hurry up and eat b4 it was time to leave. i came home, ate food, showed him the outfit. then ran off to my friends house to get ready and pre party. he mustve been getting jealous and called me again to see if I had left yet. I said no im finishing a drink and doing my hair and my friend didnt like my shirt and insisted i wore hers instead. well that lit a fire under his butt! I got to the reunion and he called again and said, " well since we are together now I should be there huh?" and he did he came to the reunion and snuck in. ha ha ha

  • here we go again bein slow. im jinxing this im gonna go again then at least you can all talk on here...ughhhhhhhh

  • wonder where my last post is re shoes n wine dates........ hmmmm

  • Where it says the page number in the url - you can put the next page and you can see further posts if you get stuck - but mine re shoes n wine dates seems to be gong........

  • Yes change page numbers to go forward n then you will see posts after the last page..... but you have to come back to the previous page to post again.....

    Happy days - I have beaten the machine!!!!!

  • mama cappy: when you get a chance, I no you have been busy, ask your pendulum if he will contact me soon? try a week? two weeks? maybe you can even pin it down to a close date. I also want to know if he misses me and the kids? and that loaded 4 letter word...does he love me? im gonna be at work all day tommarow but i will be checking as soon as i get home.

  • nice princess that actually worked! thank you thank you!

  • Oh yeah and mama cap I just got updated on your slow these days...You are cracking me up I would be reacting on the inside the same way. Yes by all means pull up your big girl pants! ha ha ha. I try to keep mine pulled up on a regular basis. its tough with all that gravity weighing everything down. ha ha ha. I think you really need to get yourself in a better state of mind before making any decisions with this one. remember how these men move sideways before getting forward and if he senses any hostility from you he will run into that shell and it could be a long time before he feels safe enough to come out. I reacted impulsively to my love and that was in october and hes still just poking his cute lil head outta his shell. move cautiously but definantly dont tolerate any sh1t! i no you have already been so patient my gut says for me to tell you to react slowly.

  • You guys have been wonderful to me tonight! thank you so much...each of you! KMJ, Lovin, Pincess and CC --- gurl...that last thing you did recapping my last couple of weeks was incredible! I am so touched that you remembered all I have gone through and let me see some things a little differently. Yep...a case of the nerves. KSJ - I feel a ring of truth to what you had to say and Princess...thanks to you, too! All of your insight has been good for me. Lovin - YOU TOO!

    Yes I will ask the pendulum about that....I left all my pendulums in the bedroom so I wouldn;t get them messed up with the vibrtion level of the computer. I will say I got conflicting answers from the other one I tried and that eally gets to me. I have gone for months wihtout having to cleanse and always having the same answers on any of them. I am going to see if there is information out there on these that I have not seen and THAT is going to be a chore since I think I know EVERYTHING about the ALREADY! LOL I have been on a highest high and a lowest low. I am going to shake off all of it and see what happens tomorrow. I Strongly feel we won;t go out but I have a new me coming to the surface. I am going to start telling him what I want and what I need. I am going to delve more deeply with I can get some real answers. I am also going to give less and expect more and when I don;t get it from him I will get it somewhere else. Thats what the guys do!!! But I am not talking about sex here. Just the basics female needs and wants for happiness.

    JEnna must be having a ba er.....LOL OK a ball! I am hungry and tired....and sleepy and there is not way I could have slept tonight had I not come here to read all of your support.


    Going to ask the pendy hot mess now! Back in a sec.


  • Pobably too late for CC to get this but my two best pendys say you will see J Tonight!

    Lovin -- He misses you the most but he does miss the kids - You will hear from him within the next week. Same ans. frome ach pendy! Hope this helps you!



  • Darn...not showing up...

    I that this!!

    CC you will see him

    Lovin - YES he misses you but more than the kids but he misses them too. You will hear form him withint the next week!!

    Sorry iof this is a dup. but I am dragging and need to go to bed and wanted to be sure you got the infor so posting the darn thing again! Couldn;t stay here waiting half the night!

    Hugs and love


  • GIrls...So tired. This time I shut it all down and cranked it back up and still neither of the other two.

    CC yes

    Lovin YES.. YES.. OH...and he loves you - (I threw that one in) Within a wk to hear from him.

  • Mama you are heard girl! You , we, all deserve to know what we are to these guys and it gets rediculous sometimes the mixed signals. I feel ya honey. I have impulsive aries and worry wort virgo rising...makes me question everything and i do ask the difficult questions boldly and bluntly. you deserve to be treated good as we all do. im just saying be careful how you phrase the questions dont ask questions that give you only yes and no questions and stick to the facts not your emotions. lets face it these men think we are all a bunch of emotional amebeos! ha ha ha. im haveing a spell of insomnia myself. I think they hear us better when we arent attacking them or trying to talk while clumps of mascara run down are faces...I am anxious to see what happens with you. I want ALL the juicy details. and jenna I hope you and your man are having an awesome evening as we post

  • Thanks CC for responding to my post noone was responding on the other forum but I think it's done with or something. This seems to be the HOT SPOT. Anyway were you able to read my post on the other forum because it is way too much for me to type all over again. I was having trouble getting on lastnight before I wrote it.

  • CC I replied to you but I don't know if you received it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hiya all

    Thank you for the nice words on my changed typings. Ill try my best to continue.

    Today is my cancers birthday. Sent him a card, hoping he´d ring me or at the VERY least mail back ad say thank you i got your card. Minimum the place i set it from has a gadget that shos you when he has seen it. tht way i at least get a notion that he is ALIVE and that h does check his mail!

    Cappy2: may I ask you to swing your pendulum for me on the question which man i should focus on more as a future mate, the ever silent cancerian fireman or the always sweet replying in depth resting in my company by mail and phone libra writer?

    thank you. I would do it myself but i fear im NOT anywhere NEAR objective enough to get any clear replies. SIGH! LOL

  • all you girls in love are really on a high right now and I cannot believe the conversation I had with mine's best mate tonight..... He has done and said all of the things I predicted he would do and I really believe I am connected to my thorn in my side on many levels... I thought this was completely OVER!!! But seems maybe things could turn around....

    WOW - things are really changing.... For all of us....

    Cappy - do hang in there cause it is worth the wait. Cause what these girls are feeling is what i finally felt after all of those years..... Nothing ever happened but when it finally did - it was really earth shattering...... HEAR THAT - EARTH SHATTERING!!!!!!!! I just read J3D's post and how elated she must be feeling to have that kind of closeness that only these addictive men can provide..... But it does not help when you are either tired or unhappy with a situation and it is breaking your heart.... You give so much to all of us I forget you are going through it too... Big white light to you.... HUGS n all the love radiating from me are yours tonight....

    CC - you seem to have it all wrapped up nicely - quite proud n happy that you are where you are after so much heartache n angst he has put you through... N wine date is def on!!

    J3D - congrats - I honestly couldn't be happier for you..... this truly is a great night... You are so addicted cause he is awesome and you deserve to be happy and he is making you happy... don't think about the future when you will be thinking he is a fond memory... don't even put that into the universe.... you know how that negative energy flows through... just be happy for now and see what happens.

    Bente - you have 2 that you are interested in... is this recent?? its exciting...... Or have i just missed something really important back a while ago???

    Crowngem - Can you copy and paste your post into this thread - I would really love to hear it 🙂 I have limited time at work... Sorry....

    Lovin - you really are loving your life.... or you just see the good in everything.... and you sooo make me laugh - clumps of mascara.... that was GOLD!!!!!

  • hiprincess: libra known him for 10 years, and when he turned me down in 2003 did i come across my cancer. i juss try not to drown in aggravations here . 😜

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