Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • hey there from alabama crownjem. i'm cancer can or cc for short on here. i work nights and glad to see somebody here! we are a great group of women being slowly driven insane by our cancerian men. i will go read it. do you think you should've posted here?

    don't know if you are reading this forum but you should. we have grown quite close here and support is 24x7, 365 days a year! stick around, we welcome you!

    be back after i read the other forum's post.

  • well for some reasn that page won't load for me. i will keep tring and get back.

  • hi everyone.. i'm a couple of pages behind but i wanted to give cappy2 the info she asked about...

    I'm from the Detroit Metro area.... I'm 41 and my cancer guy will be 46 in July but he seems to be telling ppl that he's in his late 30's ...go figure...

    I have 2 kids... both girls....ages 15 & 18... my 18 year old is not at home... she away at college...

    anyway.. i'll keep in touch.. the way... thanks again for everyone's kind thoughts.... please let me know how to check my penduleum...

  • MOM!!!!!! & the other regulars!!!!!!

    I finally figured out what the name of our group can be called!!! Well, I like i tcan you tell

    Crazy Cancer Cult!

    Y'all speak up o.k.

  • Tamieeeeee.... That's perfect!!!! I LOVE it.

    They sure do drive us crazy... lol.

    Hey every one,

    A Warm welcome to the new girls, please do stay...

    Not an easy task to catch up... Have a real busy day ahead with salaries and all.

    For now, have a great day/evening everybody..

  • Ok I skimmed the last pages through. Ahm no comment except to the crazy cancer club, ahm not all of us r cancers. Soahh uhm .

    well hum ....... come again?

  • Bente - what Tamie meant... we all in love with cancers...

  • tru! i have family all around there and when i was little even lived in detroit! most of my dad's family live in the U.P. though...

    I just thought of a post Waterman put on here. He said something to the effect we are here implying we are "saints to their sinner" ladies and gentleman ;+) i think i can speak for all female parties here.

    we never said we are saints and without any fault with our guys, and the things we post that sound negative are merely the result of an actual event they were involved in. we are simply here to try and be able to make the best of these relationships for us and the men we love.

    i'm thinking that they would surely rather we are here (even if they don't know we are) going on and on about whatever it may be at that moment, than for us to be engaging them!! LoL i am not trying to sound hard or harsh on you waterman!! just had to do the "girl power" thingy...

    we love them to distraction and want what is best for them and us! Anyway, my 50 cents worth...

  • Are we in love with em? or are we annoyed by their lack of attention to us? hum well i´d like to sign up 4 the Crazy Cancer Club. Ill b member nr. 2 after owner LOL

  • I totally agree with you Tamie..... i for one never claimed to be perfect and not at any fault. We are all only human. The reason for us being here is because we love them. We are getting the support that we need over here...

    Bente... lol... yeah, we are annoyed with them... still love them to death... right girls..?


  • got it bente? we seem like a cult following of cancerian men.

    i'm a virgo too remember ;+)

  • TG- absolutely!! have you been to facebook in the last 20 minutes TG?

    i simply have to get my a$$ off of this computer!!! this is worse than a crack addiction i'm sure!!!


  • j3d-i totally feel you for sure now! the message to your sister you sent the other day.

  • Tamie - send your answer right now... took me for ages... typing a sentence every now and again inbetween work... lol

  • Jenna your so funny. I was having the same problum with my pendulum, so I got a new one. It works alot better

    CC love the name for our group.

    I also agree, that is why we are all here. We do love them that is why we cant let go. That is also why they frustrate us so much. Do you think if we didnt love them we would get so frustrated, No we just wouldnt care.

    Welcome Truepisces. Your bio sounds like mine. We are around the same age. I have both girls to around the same ages as yours. Except my cancer is 8 years younger. Did you say were you are from?

    Good morning everyone else.

  • "Us here at Crazy Cancer Club are on call 24/7. Your Cancer man in his shell? Not calling? Being defensive? Calling you a 'friend'? Yet you feel your heart throbbing for him? Well you're not alone. There are others being put in your position as well, and here at 'Crazy Cancer Club' we provide a support group to vent your thoughts, get advice, and get back into touch with that last little part of you that's sane."

    hahah hey guys, I peek back in and read up on things here and there 😉

  • Oh how I need help with my Cancer Man. We started dating back in October of 2008. I swear the first time I saw him I fell hard. This had never happened to me before. We spent as much time as possible with each other. Well in April of 2009 he started telling me that he needed time to himself and the sex became non existing. We would see each other maybe once a week and talk maybe once a week. Well one day I got off of work early and went by his house. WOW! he practically cursed me out for coming over and not calling first and low and behold there was another woman in his crib and the woman who was there was a "friend" that he used to have sex with. So of course I was upset and hurt and crying for days. Well now it's June and he's calling and texting me again but of course he can only talk to me when she is not around (Yes their still together) He says he still loves me and he thinks about me all the time. He tells me to have patience and not to get involved with anyone else cause we'll get back together eventually. I am so confused. I love this Cancer man with all of my heart. I never thought I would fall for someone this hard and put up with BS like this. but I find that I am. We've made plans to get together 2morrow (She'll be at work) I don't know what to do. I want to be with him but I want all of him. I didn't like the feeling of being played and I don't want to do that to someone else. But I'm so in love with him.

  • Hey Tralovesme,

    I don't believe what i am reading here...!!! You say you don't want to be played, but yet you allow that.

    Well each to his own, but for me that would never work. He can't have his bread buttered on both sides. You want advise...? My advice would be to tell him to stay away from you until he has made up his mind who he wants..... I would not allow being the second women.

    Hey Kc, nice to see you visiting. Love your little description of our group... lol

  • I agree a cancer guy is confusing or he is confused himself. I am dating a cancer man at the begging of this month he ask me to move in with him, by the way we leave in different states so I wind up my business in my place and I can him to tell him when to expect him and he tell me to wait for another month. I am pissed up I dont know what to do, ditch him I dont know but am not talking to him for a whole week at least. anyhelp out there??

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