Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • This post is deleted!

  • ((( JENNA ))) Where are you? (((Come Back)))

    My pendulum just told me that Jenna was with Joey! We'll find out late tonight or tomorrow!

    CC --- Have you talked to her tonight on FB? Last I heard from her was early afternoon.

  • hope i don't forget anyone. not everyone has a nickname

    j3d-jenna trupieces-tru

    cancer can- cc or tamie bentestoker-bente

    cappy 2- mom kmjessica-kmj or jessica

    taureengirl-tg karmacutie-kc or karma

    hiprincess-hi or princess


  • hello to everyone here - i would like to apologize for when i first posted on here that i dove right into my cancerian drama....i find these post's so insightful & i know i'm not alone here..

    thank you libra for your response...i appreciate it!! however, i'm giving up hope - we're co-workers / friends (at work) and i don't see any potential for it to escalate anywhere. in all fairness he has a gf (who lives in another state, but visits often)....i think i just might be setting myself up for disappointment.

    we flirt & he's touchy feely (is that a word) lol - but isn't that the nature of a cancerian??? i'll just wait and see what happens,,,if anything at all; but i truly truly desire him and it's soooooo freakin hard to let things ride out (take the back seat). i just don't wanna make an @ss of myself ha ha ha.....

    well good luck to all the rest of you out there - i'm new here and i hope i can keep chatting with all of you....i'm just a little behind there's so so much to read here!

    bye for now....

  • Hey Jenna -- What's up with Joey tonight? Everything OK? I'm just sorta coasting until Thursday to see if it really happens (the date) Bridge club here at 10:30 a and I am so tired!! Will be glad to have my turn over and done!!

    Aqua --- We are glad you are here. You will have to camp put here to catch up!!! : ) We're here for you...

    This time I am really going to bed...caught up on facebook.

    Later, all...


  • one more comment -

    Aqua --- We all dove right in...its the only way. Don;t apologize for that. We have to know what you are in the middle of tp be able to help.

  • sorry y'all it left off part of my post.

    she sent me something of fb mom, can't check it from here at work. will get with both of you. after i get home.

    jenna good! ;-)~

    oh wait it jumbled them together o.k. will re do it

    j3d-jenna t


    cancer can- cc or tamie


    cappy 2- mom

    kmjessica-kmj or jessica


    karmacutie-kc or karma

    hiprincess-hi or princess


  • aquagirl-aqua is your nickname LoL

    mom is right there is no other way than to jump right on in with both feet! wait until you read some of the crazy a$$ posts of mine....stick around we're glad to have you!

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  • Aqua - we are all here to tell our stories - as good or hurtful as they may be.... Never feel bad for letting it out here - cause this is what it is all about.......

    Happy you feel you can talk about it...

  • jenna-go on and blow that gasket girl!!! just don't touch that phone again. i sure do feel you there too...that's kind of how i was saturday night. just got f'ing totally pi$$ed. i will be home in about 30-45 minutes we can hook up then of FB and chat or whatever if you want.

    not to cut the rest out just slow response on some of these posts showing up...anyways i know i won't see mine tonight and probably not talk to either he went back to the town a couple hours away to work today and he is gonna call if he won't be back til thursday so i can check on his dogs to make sure they have water due to the heat. his a$$ better get in touch or be touchable irregardless!

    i'm outta here...

    hey there HI!

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  • OMG jenna - my brother works as a roof tiler too - he comes home after long days in Qld weather and is tired and lazy too... But I can tell you after a few years working in it you do get used to it.... And Gary has a demanding job that is out in the sun too - and he wanted to take me out for dinner for my birthday in the middle of summer after a 13 hour day!!! I thought of him and said you are too tired and it is too late - but then I was upset that he didn't think to do something on the weekend for it!!!! He still can't understand what is wrong with that..... Neither can I really....

    I think you have a right to be upset after all of this!!!!! I would be too.... I know we have to understand what they are going through - but don't they/shouldn't they give us the same respect!!!!!!

    Sorry I am in a bad mood with mine atm - even though he has done the right thing for over a week now - today he has not...... Even up to last night at 9 when he called me back - but not so much today - maybe I am having a moment too......

  • why does this forum not post stuff anymore????????

  • hey cc!!!!!! so so glad things are going well for you!!!!!!

  • Jenna - I vote you go with the opposite thing - yes means no and no means yes!!!!!!! LOL I don't know why pendy won't go for you.....

    The one I have been using does not work AT ALL!!!! I think it is because it is not weighted properly and has all sorts of feathers n stuff on it - so going to buy a proper one this weekend I think...... If the computer doesn't cost too much...

  • hey hi are you still around? if so lets get on facebook and chat it's faster

  • well i guess everyone else is already in bed. low and behold as i was leaving work jeremy actually called me. he is back in town but has to go right back tomorrow. i stopped at Wal Mart to get a bottle of wine and he wanted to stay on the phone until i was safely inside the store and then i had to call him when i was ready to go back to the parking lot.

    then he was eating and called me as i pulled in my driveway, we then got off my cell phone (bad reception here) and we talked for about 30 minutes.. he is now asleep and going to call me in the a.m. to wake me so i can go out to sunbathe before work. my alarm clock doesn't work. i need to remember that next time igo in the store! oh well it remains to be seen.

    i'm going to be on facebook for a while if anyone wants to reach me.

  • wonder how long this spree will last!! well until the other shoe drops LoL goodnight y'all

  • Hi everyone. I think I submitted a post on the wrong topic I put it under cancer leaving me clueless. I'm crowngem hoping someone will read it and respond to my post. If not this is really helping me, it almost feels like I'm writing in a journal which I hear is a healthy thing to do.

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