Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • Wow - Mum is back!!!!! And just when you thought you could leave us!!!! That cancer man called you back into his arms!!!! WHY do they do that??????

    MZ aries - Your story sounds a lot like all of ours 🙂 and you are asking the million dollar question we all want to know - do I stay or should I go???? They confuse us to the extreme and I don't even think they know they are doing it... Did he "sleep" with that girl you know?? has he done that before?? Maybe he is putting his problems of not being able to be trusted onto you?

    Maybe go and read about them through the other forums regarding cancer men and see if you can gain any insight - there are some good words of wisdom within these pages. 🙂

  • HIP! DEAD ON BABY! THERE IS A PLETHORA OF WISDOM HERE especially. didnt mean to cap lock that....

    how's the puffiness? LoL? i'm still whipped! from the pillow talking. that you gotta love!

  • start running and dont look back, ...seriously i can tell from years of experience worst thing i ever did get involved with one. he had a previous bad experience and couple of years down the line i was getting the grief for things that she had done. i tried to explain i was a totally different person than his ex but he was having none of it " all women were the same " i was totally confused and hurt and he changed from soft centre to very sarcastic an nasty. the best thing i ever did was to stop being nice and revert back to my normal cheeky self, it was a big shock for him

  • YEah especially here!!!!! You will find some negative nancies telling you to run for the hills - but i don't believe you can bunch all signs together like that - everyone is different - you just need to stay positive and find out for yourself - like we all are....

    There was something I was going to quote but it really has slipped my mind.... I might remember soon...

    But I wish they could completely fix this thread....

  • HIP-wonder if they quit trying to fix it?

    Mz. Aries-if you read here and especially some of my psychotic posts, i think you will see that one day we are determined then later that day or very soon we get melted by them in the good way. although i couldn' t handle him going out like that without doing it myself. mine has flirted too much and two times thought he may be cheating only to find out he had his kids one weekend and the other time he invited me over to drink with him and the female friend. i went and got my stuff from his house, but he was so remorseful for letting me misinterpret and cry and be hurt so bad that he more than made it up to me.

    good luck and KNOW that here you can express yourself in any manner necessary at the time to feel better and we will still not judge, cajole or be ugly to you. we try to help any way we can! several of us have formed pretty strong bonds/friendships away from this forum because of meeting here.

    keep us posted

  • Anyone heard from Taureen, or j3d lately? i need to go to FB and email them...

  • well night all! time to go home YAY

  • Nah haven't heard from them for a while - maybe they gave up or they got lucky!!! Lucky would be the way to go...

    I think we just write too much for the web ppl.... haha

  • Hi All

    Ive been silent for some time, mainly because I chose to dump my fireman cancer. I passed a reader who has not read me before so I took a shot. The more i thought of what he aint done the more pissed off i got. I envisioned canons, bazooka´s and usage of these. I played it out. All it got me was me looking smelling like a drowned cat. You see i forgot one thing. That water is YIELDING. Throw a rock in a bed of water and what happens? It yields.

    Yesterday he spooked in my head and I kept being guided to use my own oracle cards. So i did as suggested. When I asked WHAT DOES FIREMAN CANCER WANT FROM ME, the Soulmate Relationship FLEW from the deck i shuffled. FLLLEEEWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was dumbstruck. Blown away!!! Speechless. I SO dont know where to go from here. I dont. One suggested, keep in touch with him, poetry or stories i asked, anything as you boost his ego. I snorted n went what about my ego? Sigh.

    If ANY of you do cards or runes or even pendulum. plz aide me out. The questions you ask regard your own cancer and you, can you ask for me and post here plz? thanx

    You guys ROCK!

  • Hey everyone,

    I haven't been on here for some time. Nothing about my situation with cancer guy has changed, and i have moved on. Been so busy the last week that i luckily didn't have time to ponder about him. Don't get me wrong, i still miss him, miss our chats etc.

    I have came to the conclusion that he is not interested, maybe never were. Although pendy and even mom's HOT MESS says otherwise. Far more easier to believe that he were acting.

    Bente... i will try and do some questions for you tonight...( don't know whether it will work. Mom is the best for this job...)

    Tamie... will send you mail to FB...

    Wish you all the best of luck... need every ounce of that with cancer men... lol

    Love you all

  • Veritas Virgo- your husband is a habitual cheater. You already know it. You fear the unknown without him and you also feel your kids need their daddy around. Yes, single parenting is tough but, having a parent that is stressed out of her mind about a cheating husband, is worse for the kids.

    Mz Aries- yours hasn't healed from the past females and he is "punishing, getting back" at them by hurting you. Time to love yourself and not let him keep abusing you mentally. He's using you as the whipping girl. Tell him that your aware of this. If you feel that he's still "hiding" behind the hurt, time to leave! He will suck the life out of you!

    Ok, about me and MY Cancer, Lawrence!! anybody ever do numerology? I haven't for years but, something about my guy made me do his and my numbers. Guess what? he's been doing Numerology for YEARS!! He can do them in his head. He did mine when he had my birthday information in front of him, that's why he was insistent to meet me. We have the same destiny number! His baby sister is a Scorpio and she's in Medical too. ( just like me)

    Anyone see the movie "23" with Jim Carrey? He was the son of an accountant and it was mainly about how the number 23 always came up in their life, drove them crazy!! L is a whiz with numbers! L lived in a house in Los Angeles that, when I did the address and zip code, and also did the one here in Las Vegas, they come up the same The number addresses came up to 23 which is 5. The name has 6 letters when I convert them, they are different but, they are both odd numbers. His zip codes always equal 9 so, he keeps all his numbers in harmony, all odds. Our destiny number is 9. . I got the L.A. address because he sent me a mailer letter and there was his old address in the email. I know he knows that was in there. You know they say there are no accidents or coincidences, things happen according to a plan. I think Lawrence kind of figured out how to read the plan! I've never had a guy in my life, that uses the wisdom of the ages before, very cool!! He got back for Ohio and he was very loving and affectionate. He spent his birthday with me he laid on my hip after we were sounding like we were making a movie!! I got the present, he bought me and all-in-one printer. He's adding me to his payroll. My printer and supplies are tax deductable! I get to get credit for my "office' space and use of my computer too! I mentioned all of it to him and we both laughed because we think a like sometimes. He has made wayy better investments then I have though. I might have to start practicing using Numberology. I can read Tarot but, that's mainly to show what the outcome is if things stay the same. if you decide NOT to do something because of what the cards say, you can change the outcome. Like NOT going out when the cards show the possibility of meeting a new guy. And making my life more complex!!

    my relationship is harmoniously boring, just like I like it. Well, I'm off to bed, it's 7:30 in the morning. I go to bed and he goes to work. makes it possible if he wants to come over during lunch! lol

    Have fun ladies, life is too short to be sad for ANY of it!!!

  • Hi all! I haven't written for a day or two but all is coming up roses on my homefront. I spent way too much money sending him pretty pics of me for his b-day which is today. The contract laborors over there don't get mail like we do. They save it up and deliver a whole truck load. Anyway, suffice it to say he was happy with the present that got to him almost 4 weeks after iI sent it. He called and he said I went overboard and he is going to reciprocate when he gets back in Aug. I told him he didnt have to but he said he does it with jewelry. He said God told him the second part of his life would be the best part and that he believes that is going to include me. I told him we needed to be in a secluded place when we met again and he wanted to take me to dinner or drinks and i said that wasn't what I had in mind and he said that he was a gentleman and knew where our evening would end but he wanted to treat me like the lady I am. I apologized for acting the slut. He said be a lady for him in public but be the other in his bed. He wants us to bear our souls to each other and be one. I don't think it can get much better. What do you think?

  • I am married to a Cancer & they are extrememly loyal. We've been through alot during our

    marriage & we are still together since 1972!! You cannot force any relationshiop just let

    it happen naturally & if it's meant to be it will work out. I am a Gemini & someone who reads

    tarot cards told us before we were married that it's a bad combo. But it worked for us-so good

    luck & yes at times my husband can be a tad confusing but I know he loves me very much!!

  • No he did not sleep with her. Its just that fact that I told him that i knew her that should of been off limits to him or any other women. We shall see what happens nxt.

  • Thanx Taureen.! 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • hey j3d! sounds like things are going good for you! yeah, we were great and now i'm in culture shock cuz he got his kids monday and will have them all week. we texted 1 time yesterday but i am going to try and leave him alone a couple days. but I MISS HIM! so much.

    glad to finally hear from you! i am bored to tears today and not interested in anything! i just asked my pendy if J loves and misses me-it said yes. i hope he misses me as much. at least he has a diversion where i don't!

    anyway-glad you are happy right now! sorry bout the ex-father in law.

  • maybe since both ours posts posted things will pick up here. at least i can occupy myself here. UGH! i don't like being in this uninterested state of mind! and 4 hours until quittin' time.

    i want him to miss me but i don't want to interrupt his kiddie time either....

  • I'm so confused... I don't understand how I could have fell in love with my Cancer with the way he treated me. Is it because I could read his intentions behind his actions? Or am I just simply retarded?

  • Karma! no you are not retarded! after all the hoopla they put us through say one thing and ACT different, i'd say it's you read intentions!!

    how are you?

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