Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • mom-i just went up in the url address line and highlighted pg. 132 and type pg. 80. i just did it and it went back lickety split.

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  • haha good story antbeetoo!!! 😉

  • CC -- Sorry I missed this last night.....I know you are sleeping but I a m leaving town as soon as i wrap a few things up here..probably around 8ish but I'll be back soon...I have more to say here but need some coffee. I will email you the results. I hope you didn't mess things up.

  • I'm in such a fog I think I canceled my last missive. I'll check back in a few.

  • CC --- I left comments at least 20 mins ago so I am not sure it's refreshing again and losing our posts. If you need Check facebook and work email.

  • I cannot figure out what is going on with Pendy. I can get clear information for everyone else but a total stall out for myself. I have just tried for 30 mins with THREE cleansings in sea salt water. Tom told me he, Ken and I were all psychically connected.. If that's true why can't I figure out what is going on here? I just realized most of you won't know what I am talking about. I thought I wrote about Tom here recently but it must have been facebook. Tom was my guy for 5 years until he died of Leukemia three years ago. He told me he would do all he could to place the right man for me in my path. This morning I had a very vivid dream and Tom told me everything would work out perfectly with Ken. He told me to have faith. OK....since then I wanted more answers because Tom would not tell me more...he just smiled and repeated to have faith. You know....I have maintained faith for five months. Then there was the breakup and how much faith do I have to have? I believe Tom came to me for a really big reason. We really are connected. So...I am handing it over to God. After all....what we all want, or should want is the best and highest outcome for all involved...not just ourselves. It all has to be good for all concerned or it isn't the right choice we are making.

    All that being said....I do have faith. I have faith that no matter what the outcome it is part of God's plan for me. But I do have faith in Tom's words, too. He said he was but a messenger but one with pure love for both myself and Ken and assured me that things will be wonderful. That could mean wonderful seperately but I just know he meant together.

    So girls.....I will report in as information becomes available. I would appreciate any positive thoughts or prayers that the best and highest solution for the good of all concerned will prevail. In fact...that has been my wish with all of you through the weeks on this forum.

    Love, Light and Peace...


  • Hi everyone, you know it's Waterman. Sounds like a superhero, doesn't it? I haven't been here in a few days, so I thought I'd write a little sumpthin. Well, today is my birthday and I just want to take it easy even though I have been '' celebrating'' it since yesterday! Thank you all for the best wishes on the teeth situation. They're getting better, but now my vacation is over and I'm back to work tomorrow. Bummer! So as always , I continue to read your stories, which are always interesting, by the way. It seems as though that if I miss a day or 2 or 3, I have to go back and read everything that was said and then it's like , I can't keep up. Man, I just do not have the patience for that, so I'm sorry if I don't comment on a few things. Now when I say comment, it's because , remember, I don't give advice anymore. It's like compaining. Who would listen anyway? So i'll just sugarcoat everything and it makes me feel better. So be aware ladies , that the next few weeks are gonna be trying for us Cancers and u too. Our concentration is more then likely gonna be on work and our own personal aims and goals. Especially us males. It may seem quite selfish, but I'm sure you will see in the next couple of weeks. At least for me, that's where i'm headed. It may seem as though you might be neglected a little. I could be wrong. If you hang in there, and give space, it will be worth it next month. Have a great day everyone, cause' I know I will! It's beer o'clock 4 me! bbL..............:)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WATERMAN!! I am going to another party later today and I will drink in honor of your special day!!!

    Enjoy! Let us know how your day went ;+)

    Cap-gotcha and emailed you back....i love you girl!

    hey everyone else-gotta do my nails now, be back later

  • oh cap-i don't go back to work until tuesday night-thank the Lord!

  • hello all! My Cancer is on vacation about 1700 miles away, spending it with his parents and his daughter. He's coming back the day BEFORE his birthday. He has texted me everyday that he has been gone and, he decided that he had time to have me work on another project, this time he emailed it and, it was 32 emails. I opened my mail and went, OH MY GAWD!! ha Ha ( I sent him a text) it just looked bad. all I had to do was extract informatiion from EACH email and look up the addresses of business in the area he said and make mailing list. I don't have Outlook on my computer so I've had to use Yahoo address book and click and save from the online yellow pages.

    I kept thinking of something that was told to me years ago. "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it" Well, I wanted to be part of team type relationship, where we have a goal and work on things together. Granted, he's paying me for this. I think he's getting me "married" to this business that he's starting. The market is there. There is a high demand for temp Pharmacist! He's been a Pharmacist for over 20 years and been a relief Pharmacist for 10. He can take off as much as he wants, for as long as he has the money! But, he's ready to place other Pharmacist in these places and make the percentage off that. Thnak goodness I got all my work projects out of the way on Friday. If what Waterman says is true, I'm going to be grateful if he leaves me alone for awhile. I decided to check out a job for the weekends, counting money and doing bank deposits, along with my 3days of working in the week, I'm not going to have much time for him......which means he will be trying to give me MORE task to do!!!! Plus I have to give him his birthday present and we have to see each other for that.

    Well, I'm sorry you ladies Cancers are being......well, kind of how I'm being!


    o.O more focus on work???? Is that all you cancer men are? Work?

    Sigh , i dunno if i can hang in much longer.

    How long do you cancer men keep mouth shut and not talking? Seriously, I need insight to cancer men and hurts, do you blame the new gal for the past ex´s or what?

    Maybe you can leave email for us waterman, that way we can consult you through that, an you are free to keep up LOL

  • Happy Birthday Waterman! It's my friend's birthday today too. Waterman, I really need your advice. I've never asked for it before, cuz I didn't need it 'til now. My whole story is back on this forum named 'Will my Crabby Cancer come Crawling back?'. It's back a couple pages so if you need more details, go check it out. Basically I met my Cancer in December and we dated briefly. We had amazing chemistry and it looked like we were headed towards a relationship. Then things got really busy with work and he had a certain deadline he had to make with building his house so we didn't go out for about a month, but he kept reassuring me that he wanted to see me again. Then we found out that his ex (the last one from a year ago he viewed as a 'soulmate') had cheated on him when they were together. We decided not to see eachother for the time being because he was so busy and he needed time to get over his ex situation. Again he reassured me that he likes me and just can't date me right now. Things got interesting after that, I've ran into him three times and I know the first time he had come to the bar to 'check on me'. When I saw him two months ago (I checked on him) things were great and feelings were still there for sure. I could tell he was still working like a mad dog cuz he lost a little weight. He had said this summer he was going to lighten up his hours. I was gonna just wait for him to get ahold of me, but I remembered he'd wanted to see me dance (I'm a professional dancer) and there's a competition next weekend right by his work. So I decided to stop in at his work (he manages a restaurant) and give him a flyer and told him the general times I was dancing and recommended he come anytime during the weekend as it's awesome to watch anything. My question is, if he doesn't end up coming- should I never give him another chance, or perhaps chalk it up to his Cancer life situation right now and not take it personal. For now I'm not going to text him about it... not even when I find out my specific times- I'm just going to wait it out to see what he says first. I don't want it to seem like I'm desperate for him to be there, because I'm not.

  • by the way, my guy turns 30 on the 20th!

  • I know you wrote this three months ago but if you are still looking at t his guy bail out now. Cancer men are terrible. They play on emotions, they lie (and they are generally good at it) and they cheat. I met and fell in love with one and lived with him for five years when I found out he was married (she moved out when she found out he was cheating on her so I never met her) and found out he was having an affair with a co worker on me. I also found out it was something he had repeated often in his life. Being married to one and cheating with two or three others. They come across as really sweet nice guys when in reality they are bastards. I've tangled with two of them now. Never again. Cancer men are off my list!

  • hey y'all!

    going out & look good! jeremy must've forgotten i'm only his friend!!!! he texted me an hour ago and i've yet to answer......

    i am not in a shell-i'm out on the town LoL! i am showing him how i don't date people.

    oh, he texted me several times yesterday too & i did reply evil, sly, grin; with a gleem in my eye

    i'm not going to cheat, and i do plan to bump into him sometime. i have to my hair did great!

    cross your fingers for me.

  • Happy Brithday one more time, Waterman. Glad all is well with your mouth....or close to well at least.

    I trust everyone had a great fourth!

  • Hello, and my regards to all. I have read the recent postings on cancer men. Most of what has been said, fits my cancer man. We have been together for over 6 years. When we met, even though I do not believe in love at first sight, something happened between us, that I knew was special. First problem, he was still married. But, he said they were getting a divorce. Of course me being a suspicious person, I thought he was full of it. We continued to see one another, at the place were we met. Not all of the time, because we were both working. We continued talking. Then I moved, and it seemed he was there either looking for me, or waiting for me, after he was finished working. He also moved. But in with his brother, and his wife and family. When I met him, he told me he worked 7 days a week. I didn't believe that either. But, it turned out to be true, except for when he was lining up jobs. Early on, he said, I think I love you. I said, you can't love me, you do not really know me. To make a long story short, here we are 6 years later. He has asked me to marry him, two or three times. The last time, I accepted. This man has been hurt two or three times, a long time ago. This is why he does not call before he comes over. He'll show up, whenever he wants to. At first that bothered me. But, not anymore. I love him very much. But, I keep thinking " if he'll do it with me", " he'll do it to me ". He also is hispanic. AA1 ( gemini )

  • happy fourth everybody had an awesome time this weekend with my girlfriends. I have not heard from my guy in a few weeks so I have given up but I like to check up on here and see how you are all doing. Luv to you all!

  • This post is deleted!

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