Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • tick-tock, the time is getting near for me to either get elated or mad. i want to see j tonight. watch i won't get to since i told him i wanted to stay to be closer to my appt. among other things.

  • ohh Cappy2 I'm happy you were like a confident FOX when u saw him. Similar situation with my guy- He stood me up for our second date, which was so weird cuz he had texted me the night prior thinking of me. I kept my composure and texted things like, "I hope you're late cuz you're getting me flowers", and did not freak out on him. I did call him a bunch of times, even had my dad try him on his phone-no answer. I get a text at about 1 in the morning, "There's no excuse about tonight, I had a really bad day. I'm sorry about tonight. I understand if you are fed up with me". I texted back call me and he did and we talked for awhile, he had a fight with his best friend about the house. Whenever they get upset-they get tunnel vision, they can't see anything else or see anyone elses feelings. It's so weird.

  • OH CC - i really hope you do see him tonight - and it is WONDERFUL......

  • make a new page..... stoopid forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THis is becoming very frustrating..........

  • Cappy2 (or should I say "Mom"!)

    I am so very sorry for your disappointment but you sound like one tough cookie. (maybe a hard shell but a soft center perhaps?) You're doing the RIGHT thing by getting out there again. From reading all the posts on this forum I guess we won't be surprised at all if your Cancer guy comes waltzing back into your life. But then who knows . . . you could meet the absolute man of your dreams who won't mess with your head and has the emotional maturity and stability to deserve your warmth, kindness and love! Wouldn't that be wonderful.

    Here is something that I can offer you as a daily affirmation . . . "If it is in the highest and best interest of all those concerned, I now welcome into my life, my heart, and my soul my NEW perfect partner; thank you God!" Ironically I started saying this prayer this past February and guess who shows up . . . on no less; yup - my Cancer guy!!

    Wishing you the very best and the warmest of thoughts!!

  • omg you guys...(whining voice). I am having a real hard time getting on here this week but I am making my best effort to keep up. by the time I read everyones posts I forget what I wanted to say and I forget who said what. My dang cable and internet were temporarily not working when I got off work. after making dinner for the kids i drank some alchy and played guitar hero w my kids. it was funny as heck! I put them to bed took a shower, and voila! its back on!!! mama you have really stolen my heart this week. my goodness how much crap do we gotta go through. It just isnt easy being a woman (duh). you handled that situation like a professional breaker upper! Okay this may not be the time to joke I really feel so sorry for what you had to go through. But you were right and he needs to see that treating you like this is unexcusable. like you didnt already know. I no by the time you read this your heart is probly jumping outta your throat and your stomach wants to fall outta your butt, so i will try to not overwhelm you w more opinions. Just no that I love you and so does everyone else on here...we are the bleeding hearts cancer society leauge of women sisterhood of traveling pants! or something like that. you guys seriously I am losing my mind completely I have been an inferno of trapped emotion thats about to arupt like mount helen. and did I mention: I HAVENT BEEN LAYED SINCE OCTOBER!!!~! laugh all you want but I am a women on edge. If I dont get some soon I am going to turn into a crazy lady that collects beanie babies and puts doilies on every flat surface in my house! aughhhhh mama I hope pendy is right I need to hear from my man Gods speed. and he better miss my crazy assssh. and the rest of you that are actually talking to your men and spending time w them...well I hate you! J/k You actually give me hope cuz I used to have that awesome cancer bonding time and it will come back around for me too and if not well I guess ill turn into that freaky lady I described earlier. Goodnite my loves hopefully I will regain my sanity soon.

  • Hi all.

    Ill start from one end.

    HiPrincess: ill try the mascara you suggested

    Jzzr: Ill also try the one you suggested cant harm no?

    CC: yes i saw Michael Jackson has passed. At first was like JOKE, like i thought when Mother Theresa died and when Princess Di was murdered. Yes i saw murdered.

    Anyhews to his eulegy ill say lets recall and remebrance his songs and the messages in those. Let u not dwell on his personal life. He was a man who has had a load to deal with that we only saw glimbses off. RIP MJ!!!!

    As for smacking my cancer man on his head, more like CLOBBER his carcass good and ready LOL Ill most likely when he rings on my door and i open it will go " WHOA ...... f*** ME!!!! what TOOK U SO LOOONGG sorry kidding shiaz!!!!

    i dunno what it is about him that makes you forget all the aggravations and ggrrrr toward our cancer me, when you see or hear a word from him or and him in person.

    Are we that ............................stupid ? or that in love? or that craxzy for hope and salvation?

    Last word goes to lovinmylife:

    Not been laid since october??? TRY NOT BEEN LAID IN YEARS!!! First then you are entitled to whine LOLOLOLOLOL

    oh deary me, what to do, what to DO?

  • ps i forgot

    CC - DONT do the tick tock one, gets my dang ovaries going again. Nothing can dim out the ringing of ripe eggs ready to be fertilized. makes u ask, husband father of my kids to be where the h*** are ya? what takes you so BLOODY long? LMAO

  • Hello ladies, I had to read backwards and it's nice to see that some of you, your relationships are going as expected. Yeah, I know, not the fairytale relationships we all dreamed of when we were little girls huh? Real life's evils are our own impatience and insecurities and the little voices in our heads that play on those things. Someone asked why we stay when men don't act a certain way and why do we pine over them. It was EVE"S fault. She got us ALL cursed! The curse that we lose our minds and ourselves to the man, even though he doesn't deserve it!! Mine gave me a weird task, I had to find a certain size undershirt in grey or black. for his dad. I could find white and only one designer that does colors and they are expensive!. He had already found that one but, he didn't tell me he had already looked, let alone ordered them. He was looking for an was like, OK, why didn't you give me THAT bit of information in the beginning? I texted him later that if he gets desperate, cotton is easy to dye, you can buy the cheaper brand and dye them black, I provided the local store name and use vinegar in the dye process.....guess whose dying the shirts? I didn't remember offering to do it!!! But, he doesn't have time and I'm the "Arts and Crafts" person in our relationship. My horoscope for the day said that "if I speak up, my boss will include me in carrying out his weird plan!" lol. We've been seeing each other for 4 months. I did our numerology. I kept feeling that there is more. His 7+10 is the same as my 11+6 and we are the same year. He and I share the same Destiny number, we are both in year 1 of our new 9 year pinnacle. Our other numbers are in harmony with each others too. He's a older soul then I am. ( he's the big brother) He will have a major influence in my life thru this 9 year cycle. His major challenge is that he is intolerant sometimes of other peoples way of doing things, he feels he has the best answers ( he can be a bit biased) Seeing the other persons side of things an bringing a different prospective about things, is my strong suit !! So, I figured out what I was bringing to the relationship!! this year, we are supposed to do personal development which goes in hand with MY challenges.

    I do Tarot cards some days, just to see if he will be coming by and the spread I do, will show me if the possibility is forming with the current influences, for the near future. If I know he's coming, i can make sure my legs aren't prickly!!

    my big challenge right now, is what to buy him for his birthday. When I ask, he looks at me like i spoke in Czech then he changes the subject!! I think I'm going to make personal coupons and bake him a cake... or cookies so he can eat them at work, he won't share!

    Ladies, I hope you have relaxing weekend!

  • Cappy, He will be back. Usually when you've moved on to the next guy. You are right to get mad, there is no excuse to not call and him turning his phone off!!! I would have driven over there too and told him off too. AND you where lookin HOT too, ooh you HAD to let him see what he was missing!! I would have been saying wayy more then you had though! That is the biggest and one thing I will not tolerate is that lack of respect. I've dumped a lot of guys for that. So, now when you sit there at a dinner with the new guy and think, "This is nice, this is how I wanted to be treated by....." catch yourself !! and enjoy the company that your with cause, thoughts will make you sad and it will show on your face and your date will see it. Now, when your Cancer comes back into your life and, if you decide to 'deal with him" again. You got to let him know what you want and that you don't want to be in limbo on the relationship thing. You don't want to just have a Somthin Somthin with him and he better use the phone when plans have to be changed. If he can't agree......well, we are all cursed women so don't be surprised at what comes out your mouth! but this is supposed to be the year that people get rid of things relationships that are lingering from the past and aren't working. I'm a strong female and I can break off with a guy and be done. Me and my Cancer broke up for 6days and he wasn't even my boyfriend at the time, We missed each other! The Cancer Curse!

    Jenna- congrats on making your guys birthday memorable!! you know Cancer's are sentimential. He will be fine with very little sleep, he will be on the high of spending that time with you. And the pillow smell, is that a Cancer thing? mine leaves his smell on my pillows too. Aren't you glad they wear the good stuff ? ( Thank God!) When he comes over on his lunch break, I have perfume on the inside of my arms so that when I hug him, his clothes smell like me when he goes back to work!! He puts his lab coat back on so he's usually the only one that smells it, lol I'm evil !!

    Moms- Wow about your surgeries. glad your alright. Your work isn't done here on this plane, that's why you didn't get to leave!! Doctors don't give much information anymore, they are afraid of being sued. Cause he probably didn't tell you about after surgery, pelvic exercises so that your V-female doesn't fall.

  • Hey y'all!

    Well I did get to see J last night! Nothing eventful, we sat outside and talked for a couple hours, I drank wine and he beer. It was a beautiful summer night, and finally no humidity. Went in and put a movie in but I fell asleep. We chit chatted a little this morning before he went to work.

    So, tonight I am going home and get of Facebook! No wondering if I see him, he get the kids. whew.

    lovin: i hear you! heck, i actually made a few notes a couple days ago! LoL, seems that people are kind of slacking off some or either they are tired of the slowness. i actually went 4 YEARS celibate!!! yes four, as in 4! my last serious relationship 12 years ago left me beyond devastated, and i was so, so disillusioned with it all that i didn't even want to go through the motions of a one night stand. he was a libra-long to short-we were engaged and he up and married another now you see why i flip so hard at the fact that i LET myself fall in love with J. but did i even have a choice in stopping this love train ;+) kind of sounds like from everyone else's posts i didn't. capitvated & mesmerized. it's kind of a shame too, you don't want to hook up with anyone else i'm sure. tell him your hormones need adjusting or something!! hahahah!

    bente: sorry that i got your ovaries cranked up-i don't have mine anymore LoL! the mascara HiPrincess-HIP is my new nickname for her, the 2000 calorie is good. don't know about the other one.

    2knowme: when is his birthday? my guys is this sunday-he is irish and wears kilts on occasion, so what to get him was easy! yep 2 new kilts and an accessory. i gave them to him already. i get excited when i give gifts and never want to wait. SO i am gonna make him a peach cobbler for the rest of his gift. that is is all time favorite. i think for 4 months a coupon book and cookies is good! let us know what you end up doing. oh and BTW, you have me wishing i had a piece of cake to eat!!!

    well, gotta work some, type to you all later

  • Back again-

    just heard from mom and she wanted me to tell you all that she is SERIOUSLY doing great and she thinks it may stay that way and to be proud of her and for her that she took the power back!! She said she may drop in for a bit tonight.

    YAY MOM! Girlpower!!!

  • cappy2: i'm so sorry that things came to that and i can tell you are so strong... i hope that everything works out for you in whatever you decide for your life... i hope you keep coming here to motivate us all as you have... Blessing & luv to you

  • Well ladies

    I do hope that everyone gets exactly what they want from their cancer. I am to strong to wait around for someone who only sometimes wants me. I want to be in love and have someone in love with me. I want to love that same person 50 years from now, sitting on our porch swing watching our grand babies. I am a hopeless romantic and thought I had found my superman in a cancer.GUESS NOT....

    Tonight I did a very brave thing....I threw my Verizon phone out the window going down the road and then deleted my Cancer from my AT&T and blocked him from calling. I can no longer deal with his mood swings or unsureness. I am a person to with real feelings and heart that has been broken and walked all over.

    IF I cant have that great understanding lover I dont want one...I will just raise my babies, work and live my life to the fullest.


  • daisies: yet another of our club to take back the power! congrats and good luck! does this mean you're leaving us too? i wish you love & luck, but check in here if it doesn't go down all the way and if so look on facebook for some of us. kmjessica is the best place to go look for us.

    well, i am content and happy with my cancer tonight....we shall see what tomorrow brings! toodles

  • Hi everyone, especially , my Cappy, aka "MoM''. I have come back. it's 3:30 in the morning here. For some reason I'm just sitting here, thinking again about my past. What I could of done different. trust me , if I could have changed everything in my past, I would have. All my decisions, all my mistakes, yeah. For me as being a male Cancer, it's hard to deal with life. I may be this way tonight but tomorrow will bring a renewel. Sometimes I hate the way I am. But other times I like it. For us Cancers, it's like a tug of war. Back and forth, constantly. I tend to find solitude sometimes in drinking. I like it . But I know it only enhances our emotions more. It's an escape, from everything. Tis the truth though. I'm glad I found this forum. This is a tough time in my life , but I will always see through the tough times as I always did. I have to say this about my sign, we will always see through the tough times and stick through till the end.No matter what we are self preserving. That tough front may not be such a front. The older we get, the more wisdom we gain because we suck in everything. it's exactly how people are . And we don't stand for it.


  • the way to cancer mans heart is good booze and the music he likes. And maybe a ball game or two!

  • Daisy, you have to tell him that you love him and noone else. He will be there for you. You have to say it and unconditionally. All the time. And give him kisses to reasure that! Otherwise he won't be sure that you love him. Be expressive! Show him. Then he'll think. trust me.

  • Daisey- Good for you. You know what you want in a relationship. You want attention and to spend a lot of time with your mate. That is a need you must have fulfilled in order for you to be happy. That's not a Cancer man. I'm older and I am more like "leave me alone for now I don't want to be bothered! come back in say, a couple of days, geez, have a life, I'm not your servant, and no, you don't need to know or, be included in everything I do and don't take it personal" Thats the kind of relationship that works for me, Cancers and Scorps are a lot a like, we are just more likely to tell you to "back off, but don't take it personally"

    CC- I make peach cobbler too, that was the first baked thing I gave my Cancer and I gave him enough to take to work and share. he didn't share, he had it for breakfast and with his lunch the next day. His Birthday is 7/11. I finally figured out why he kept looking at me funny when I asked what he wanted for his birthday, it was because last month I told him I would do a certain 'thing' that orginally was my wager in a bet. He lost the bet when The Cavaliers didn't make it to the NBA finals and my Lakers won. He's from Cleveland Ohio and I'm from Sacramento California. He still hasn't done my winnings! he thought I was trying to get out of it with trying to give him a different gift. I had texted him about it and he said he thought I had forgot. He still wants the cookies so he can eat them in the car. He's one of those skinny ones that inhales his food and loves to share what I'm eating. I offered him a bite of my burrito on our first date, just being polite and he bit right where I had and now, I don't even ask, I just hold food out to him or push my plate towards the center of the table. Thats less calories for me!

    I can relate to being celibate for 2 years 2 months and 2weeks! after a broken heart. and after the first one I broke my Celibacy with, who had given me a bunch of lines about spending more time together then nothing, to find out he met another woman. After that, I sort of just played with guys, I collected them. I didn't sleep with them, I did it for my esteem I guess. I did have lovers here and there. I had one that I saw on Saturday for about two hours and then I would leave, we did that for 2 years, until he moved to the country. For 12 years, I had my mom and my kids to take care of, I didn't have time for a relationship. I only decided 2years ago, that I want a serious relationship and I listed what is important to me. I'm 45 so I'm not looking for a man to have babies with. My thing is I wanted a partner, for business and for travel. I always like having a second business while I work elsewhere. my cancer has included me in his business, I do the time consuming marketing mailing and the typing. He travels all the time. he belongs to a ski club and if they go Victoria BC, he can ski and I can explore the area. I sweeten the deal by saying I will give him massages when he gets back from skiing. ( massaging was my second income when I lived in Cali) One of my ex-dateums who has a girlfriend now,invited us to a party this weekend, I didn't really want to go but, I let Lawrence know about it and I let him know I didn't care if we went or not. he emailed back that he will be working, but he included an invite to a party for a much later date, that he had gotten and he didn't know if he should ask me or not. I know that the caution comes from past women, and they were terrible when they blasted him! We are definitely learning about each other everyday!

    We live in Las Vegas Nevada so people come alive at night and want to gather and mingle. I'm more sociable then Lawrence is so, I do go to some gatherings without him, mainly because he's working until 1030pm. He likes to come pick me up on his way home, lol

    Remember that happy feeling you have, even when he doesn't come over for a week or so. Time is different for men!

    Have a great weekend and Kiss, kiss,Toodles to you too!

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