Cancer man, and he is confusing

  • Has any of u been sunburned n looked more or less like a boiled crab? my back is like that right now, afternoon coffee on a boat, back to sun, helping getting a hatch set into place n assembled, back to sun, front to sun ........................ how much more crab colored can u get? LOL


  • Hi everybody! ive missed you. been crazy busy with kids, work, sick grandpa. Havent heard from my guy in a week. ) : Ive been so preoccupied tho I havent really had time to miss him too much. I think I am finally starting to move on with my life. I havent been feeling a whole lot of anything towards him. I text him happy fathers day and he didnt respond and it really didnt upset me like it normally would. so thats a good sign. i feel really at peace with this situation right now and I think it has a lot to do with knowing im not the only cancer fool! lol Not to be overly optimistic, but im sure that he will come back soon and I will be needing your support and if he doesnt then you guys have another on line therapist that has been there!

    Stoker and Jenna...sometimes peoples energy doesnt mix well and thats okay just ignore each other then. We are grown ladies there is no need to be offensive just breath it out and retract your claws. ( :

  • Jenna: Oh ahh i get it, its prolly the way i snap of words and do like a modern texting way, like sms. ye ive heard for that at times. ill try and make an effort to type all words out for ya.

    My libra pal was also annoyed, and for him i make a effort, and ill try here aswell. how am i doing by the way ?LOL

    As for the club, hmmmm i kinda like the Calm b4 the Cancer one lol

    lets see if i can make one up.

    Crabby Crunchy Crabs Club

    Sideways Goals

    Silent Cancers Support Club

    Clubber The Cancers Club

    The Cancer Game - new on Wii, xbox, ps3 and pc

  • Ha Ha Ha Jenna I just saw your post after I wrote mine its just taking forever to get up here. I think a good name would you love a cancer huh? welcome to or how about : how to survive a relationship with a cancer male....cancer lovers survival okay w whatever I just no that talking to you all and you sharing your stories has helped alot!!!

    Cancer lovers lifeline....

  • I forgot to say at page 110 we are 40 pages from 150 and 90 from 200 pages. can we keep it going? i think so!

  • Claws??? What claws??? Theheheheeheheheheh 😜

  • Jenna you are so funny.

    And I have to agree with everyone else Ill go along with anything but im not crazy about the cult thing.

  • lovin.

    Im in the same boat as you. I text him to to wish him a happy fathers day and I got no response. But I also didnt expect one , so it didnt bother me either. But he called me Friday night asking me to come over so I thought what the heck Ill be nice and text him. I think this forum has got me to were Iam today. Nothing he does fazzes me any more. And Im not going to let any of it bother me again. LOL ( I know, good luck with that, right)

  • Websters Dictionary: cult: A group or system of religious worship.

    I dont think we are worshipping on here. If i hear of any of you worshipping these men I will straight turkey slap you! lol

  • Good sounds like we are on the same page kmj. Yeah nothing phases us at least for now. Once they realize what they are doing no longer bothers us it will be intresting to see what happens next. it may take them a minute to see this side of us. Not getting emotionally charged over what they do or dont do. they think they dont like it when we are upset by them but what happens when we are not upset anymore? Hmmmm intresting... ( ;

  • ughh this is feeding sooo slowwwwwww. i quit ! ill b back lata

  • I wasn't trying to be ugly, but that's 2 times a person in transit has read our posts and then say we are giving bad names or we are not saints. i did not intend to offend either. it just rubbed me wrong at the time. i am tired.....LoL

    Bente- I am the Virgo, I knew you weren't. I'm just about the only one on here regularly.

    Jenna?! feel better ;+)~

  • Mommie dearest-that actually did cross my mind - AFTER- the post of course!! I was being spontaneous that is what popped in my head and BAM out it came LoL

    I'm a Bible belt resident too! remember?!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey Y'all!! for those who don't know ...pages ago we thought we should have a name. in a post i just sent you'll see where cult came from...i was on the computer too long last night.

    Jenna-I still don't have my books, I am a professional B**** as well and I love it!!! grin i wanted to compare my shortcomings though. always take critisizm. Ellis finish school toay?

  • j3d-i'm with you on the LoL she's made me smile a couple times and i'm at work! thanks lovin'!!

    and that's me take critisizm-being a sarcastic virgo now-we always want to critisize someone or something-mainly ourselves...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • whatever lovin' said about it being slow fixed it!

    Hey everybody-I'm just happy that people are awake right now! S u **s working nights and not being sleepy. i found a couple other side of the world girls for a few!

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