Leoscorpian..........Can you lend me your insight???!! Please??

  • I need your wonderful insight on this guy that I met! He is a Cancer, BD July 7, 1973, My BD March 18, 1960. We met and I felt like I was "supposed" to meet him!! Things just clicked! I am married, (not happily by any stretch!!), and this Cancer guy met my husband as well. We danced, and had a great time all week, he called me several times after I got home, and he talked making plans to see me again, etc. One night my husband came up to me while I was on the phone with him, and it seemed to bother my Cancer guy!!

    My instincts tell me that I am supposed to be with the Cancer guy, in the future, like a year or two??? Plus we had this uncanny connection, (soulmate??) but I haven't heard from him for awhile now.

    My question is, do we see each other again, and if so, When, and also, do we eventually get married??

    Thank you so much for your time, and your great gift that you share with everyone on here!!! Anything and everything you see for us would be appreciated!!


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  • sorry I didn't see your post until today

    was busy at work and many new threads every day so your thread is buried

    I hope you're not in a hurry, I'll do it this week after the other 2 readings

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    I will need birth time and location for this

  • OK!! Thank You, No,not in a hurry, I do appreciate you doing this for me!!!

    My DOB March 18, 1960 in Paducah, KY 5:39AM.

    His DOB July 7, 1973 ( I think he was born in Brazil, but I don't have a city, or a time, I'm sorry!!)

    Thank You!!


  • Lildolphin

    I can only see so much in his chart so I can’t tell whether he is your soulmate. But I can see why you feel so deeply about him. His Sun in Cancer sits on your house of romance. The sun here invites romantic vibes from you. You are not happily married, you may have lost faith in love and romance and his presence brings the vibes back into your fading romantic life. His moon in your house of relationship and marriage, can invite the idea of spending your life with him, but there is no way to tell whether he is willing to go that far. His Neptune conjunct your Moon, he can feel your disappointment and it invites affection from his part. Then you feel that he has what you need to escape a disappointing marriage, but before going too far, I would suggest you try analyze what is it that makes you unhappy.

    Because if you are not happy in a relationship, then why do you stay in it? It is your decision to marry him in the first place anyway. Many people look outside for an answer when they supposed to look inside. Unless you turn inward and find the real reason why you are unhappy and work on it, you will never be happy - even if you leave your husband. You determine your own happiness, nobody else and nothing else does. You are why you are happy, not somebody else that you marry or jump in bed with. If you yourself is happy, you will never be unhappily married or in a disappointing relationship, because you wouldn’t allow yourself trapped in such situation anyway.

    Saturn is transiting your House of relationship and marriage since 2009 (either mid or late 2009, but it’s 2009) he is testing the structure of your relationship, and to do that he will shake the foundation. I don’t know when you got married and when the problem started, but if the foundation of this marriage is strong, you wouldn’t think of leaving. Try to go back to the time when you were really happy and work your way back to the present. It will help you clarify some things before you make your decision.

    It’s not coincidence that you met the Cancer guy when Saturn is testing your marriage foundation. Saturn will stay in the same house until late 2012, chances are you will meet him again (because it’s part of the test) or you will meet another person who gives you the same vibe perhaps even stronger. Whatever decision you make during Saturn transit, will affect you for a long time. I hope you will make a wise one.

    After 2012, a new structure of your relationship will begin. You will have spent enough time building it by then. Whatever this new structure is (whether you stay in the marriage or leave) is the result of your decision making during the current transit.

    Hope this helps.

  • Leo Scorpio could you help me as well!

    If possible could you do a reading for me? It would be much appreciated!

    My DOB: 11/06/1988 (Born in US, Olympia, Washington)

    His DOB: 5/17/1983 (Born in Brazil)

    I met this man at the end of March and talked with him for a month before we started seeing each other. I can't recall how many dates happened before we were intimate but it was at least 3.At one point there was a miscommunication and he thought I didn't want anything physical and still wanted to see me without that aspect of the relationship. We have since cleared that up and I have expressed my feelings for him and told him that at some point I was looking for a commitment, but told him I wasnt giving ultimatums (as to not pressure him into anything) I just wanted to express how I felt and what I eventually wanted. He said he wasn't quite ready for something serious with all that is going on at the moment. He is very successful and I believe his intentions are true, but I have now backed off to give him some space and now have not seen him for the past 3 weeks. I love his company with or without the physical aspect, I love his moodiness and I love the person I am with him. I truly believe I love him. Although I have not mentioned the L word to him as I think it would scare him off. I am very intuitive and can usually judge a good partner. I have not been intimate or seen anyone else the past 3 months as I have had no interest to be with anyone but him.

    Am I wasting my time waiting around for someone who will never even consider me as a partner?

    I am wondering if there is any future for us? If so what type of relationship?

    I know he is slow to commit and I am impatient (working on this very hard).

    Any recommendations for me in this relationship or in my dating life in general?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • hi TravScorp

    I can't promise reading this week. but I will try the weekend.


  • Thank you!

  • Leoscorpian

    Thank you so much for the reading!!! Yes, I do wish I knew a time and a place for my Cancer Guy, but I don't and since I haven't heard from him in 3 months, Im not sure I will have that information any time soon!!

    I do hope he calls again. I think he stopped calling because he heard my husband (he knew I had him, he met him in Florida) but, I am assuming that he decided that he didn't want conflict (because he was saying on the phone when my husband came out that he did not want to cause me any trouble!!)

    I am happy with myself, my husband has caused me huge anguish, with an affair and his constant mental and verbal abuse. I felt like I met the Cancer man for a reason, and I hope I have a future with him!!

    I guess there are no guarantees, and there is still free will, but the connection was strong, and I believe he felt it too. Maybe the timing was off, or maybe I was supposed to meet him when I did, but we connect again sometime soon.

    Thank you again!!


  • you're welcome lildolphin

    big chance that you will hear from him or you will meet someone else between now to 2012. when shaking the foundation, Saturn usually also gives options (the Cancer man is one).

    as I said above, it's no coincidence that you met during this transit.

    I will leave you to decide, within 2 years I think you will come up with one. hopefully you will make the right decision that will no longer cause you sorrow.

    take care

  • Thank you!! You are so sweet!!


  • Travellingscorpio

    Yes your intuition can be remarkably accurate at times, so is your analytical ability. But sometimes your objectivity is blurred that you make the wrong decision at the wrong time. You may have made mistakes in committing yourself to something or someone that doesn’t worth your time and devotion. North in Pisces is probably why it happens. You are meant to be more compassionate and giving, rather than analytical Virgo. But do your best to stay logical, because without it, you will be victim of lies and deceit by those manipulating your kindness.

    Moon conjunct Venus in Libra gives you additional charm and increases your interest in art and artistic things. You have good control of your emotion, you hardly give in to mood swings or temper because you strive for harmony and balance. But watch for those who are only good on the surface. Sun conjunct Pluto is giving you a great boost of intuition and intensity. In Scorpio, you are probably good with exposing secrets, finding the truth, finding what is not revealed to you. This is a lot of energy, Pluto is perfectly happy here, it’s so intense other people you relate may feel it and react about it. They either stay away from you (to avoid the intensity) or actually drawn to you. You don’t even have to do anything (right or wrong) to cause this.

    Uranus conjunct Saturn can confuse you with two totally different energies. You may actually make one step forward and two steps backward, or the other way around. Whatever you do, there is always a pull to do the opposite. In Sagittarius, you mostly feel this when it comes to principles and reasoning you live by and make decisions with. Saturns wants it safe and cautious, Uranus just doesn’t want to wait. None of them is always right, so just do your best with all the information you have on hand. Speaking of information and communication, Jupiter bestows you abundance here. If you need advice or tips or information about someone, won’t be hard to find it. Sometimes it is delivered to you just when you need it. Your intuition is one of the many ways you can rely on.

    Mars in Aries is another extra energy that may manifest in you actively pursuing your dream or short temper. He is at home here, comfortable at pushing you around and making you restless, possibly worried over small things. Try to avoid this, or you will suffer health problems.

    The T square in cardinal signs is creating simultaneous tension that pushes you to take actions, going from one challenge to another. You enjoy solving problems and always ready to take on a new challenge. The thing is you may not take the time needed to wait and see. If you don’t see expected results soon, you will just assume the worst. Some things take time, and in this case, your Taurus friend is more of a wait and see type. Maybe it is a good idea to just wait it out and take things slow.

    He is mentally stable and intelligent, but he can be rather focused on material possessions (of course, he is successful). He can be headstrong and too confident sometimes, he will need to learn to stop and listen to others and act only after he truly understands the situation. This is his purpose with North in Gemini. If he learns to listen to others and carefully considers options, he will be able to avoid manipulative people. With Neptune conjunct his South, it’s even more important for him to achieve this purpose, since Neptune’s illusion can block him from reality and make him believe in what is not true. Mars in Gemini likes variety and pushing him to try out different things and meet different people. It will help him to be more social, open to others and their advices.

    You are good at caring and nurturing others, or you enjoy being paid attention to and cared for. His Venus in Cancer gives him this ability, he is caring and attentive to your needs and requests, but he will be hurt and moody if he feels you are ignoring his needs. Pluto conjunct Saturn can be very depressing. So much power confined by rules and structures (Saturn) he feels like breaking free sometimes and do things his way, but then Saturn will catch him. As a result he often delays taking actions, or actually not taking action at all. This could be why you haven’t heard from him all this time. He just doesn’t want to act yet. At least for the time being. Uranus conjunct Jupiter is a bummer. Here Uranus constantly pushes him to try his luck and he ahs to learn the hard way that luck can run out. Another reason to take his time before making decision or taking action.

    In many ways he is not as much of an action taker, and you are. I can understand you become confused or even restless because he hasn’t contacted you. My husband is such person that waits and calculates, and it got me all restless too sometimes. Maybe you can try maintain casual contact, at least this way he doesn’t feel pressured about anything. But even casual contact doesn’t guarantee he will respond (act).

    Try to remember have you hurt him in any way? Because if you have, it’s going to take him longer to forgive you (taking action). Or have you confused him somehow? Because if you have, that will do the same thing. Is there a sign that he is backing off, before all communication stops? Other wise, it seems a "wait and see" thing with him, I can only leave it to you to decide how long you want to be in this situation.

    Hope this helps.

  • lildolphin you;re welcome

    bye now take care

  • Thank you Leoscorpion! I think you provided very good insight. I did let him know that I want him in my life but it seems as if he has time for everyone but me. There was slight confusion in the past and he responded that because of that confusion he is trying to navigate things well and is short on time these days. I told him I understood and appreciated his honesty.

    I generally do not wait for people, but my intuition keeps telling me to stick it out and show this man that I am a kind, loving person that can be trusted. I believe both of us try to protect ourselves emotionally and sometimes doubt one another. This is something that will only change over time.

    I am not opposed to dating other people if the opportunity comes along, but I am not going to seek others out, as I truly want to be with him.

    I will continue to show him I am here, with casual contact so he does not feel pressured. (As I know if I push an issue with him it only makes him want to do it less) I will wait for him to contact me as far as us hanging out. I do not want to force him into anything. If we hang out or become exclusive I want it to be because that's what both of us want. I have told myself I am over him but in reality I have come to realize that I just want him to be happy and want him in my life, be it friends, lovers or something more. He knows I want to be with him and him only. Maybe my patience and willingness to compromise will pay off in the end. Something tells me that he is worth the wait. If things do not work out the way I hope then at least this will be a learning lesson for me.

    Do you have any specific advice for me as a scorpio as far as patience and understanding my taurus bull?

    I appreciate your help very much!

    I cannot thank you enought!

  • Uh!? You haven't heard from him in a while? Should you be together? Get a clue. No. You are still married. Finish what you've already started or you'll end up doing it with"cancerguy". He acted funny when you were talking to him while your husband is nearby, listening? Maybe cancerguy has some sense and won't have anything to do with you because he smart enough to know it's wrong to f*&^ someone over while making time with the next customer in line. Like Dr Phil says. If he'll do it with you he'll do it to, and in this case, the proper pronoun is She and that is you. I see you setting yourself up to be a victim. Incorrect. You are the perpetrator. Don't. Don't do it. It is morally and ethically wrong. Put yourself in your husband's shoes. Like it? Didn't think so.

  • Traveling Scorp

    someone with his configuration requires longer time than most people to make decision and take action, especially a successful person, who understands time management and planning

    he would rather delay making decision (waiting for the right time to make the right move) for almost everything in his life (because it’s proven, at least in one area of his life : he is successful )

    "There was slight confusion in the past and he responded that because of that confusion he is trying to navigate things well and is short on time these days. I told him I understood and appreciated his honesty"

    Part of the confusion (in the beginning) is as I said above, a lesson for him to “really” listen to others, or else he will misunderstand or simply not getting the message. You might have contributed to the confusion, but it’s most likely because you have made wrong decisions regarding relationships in the past, you were not sure what to do with him in the beginning. This is cleared up, as you said. So it's all good here.

    "but it seems as if he has time for everyone but me."

    if anything, your most apparent competition is his success. I can see he is rather attached to material or professional success. he may spend more time for this than anything else. so it's a good thing that you know it now before you go further, just so you don't feel neglected or anything. if there is 'another woman' competition, she will most likely be someone related to the business or achievement. this is the area I see him mostly attached to.

    You need to get over these past hurts, past mistakes. Stop ‘moving’ and just be. Believe that things will work to your advantage, as long as you are honest to him and any confusion is cleared up. How long should you wait ? I would leave that to you, but whatever you do, you will need to keep communication open, even if it’s just a Hi how are you, even if he takes his time to respond. Well he takes time in everything anyway. But this will show him that you –really- want to be with him. You said he knows it, but your perseverance will give him more proofs that will help him make decisions (because eventually there is no more confusion in this regard). he needs to 'really' get the message, not just 'know' it.

    I can’t blame you for not waiting, but since you have made it clear you are serious with him, maybe you can give it longer time than you generally give anyone else. Let’s say you give it 3 months to other people in the past, maybe for him you can give 6 months. This is just a general idea. But as I said, don’t wait in silence, because you want to make sure he gets the message or he will think you are gone. He is more passive than you are in general, so most likely you have to take the initiative to contact him. Just make sure you are not giving too much as to not being used because he thinks you are desperate. Keep it light.

    "I have told myself I am over him but in reality I have come to realize that I just want him to be happy and want him in my life, be it friends, lovers or something more. He knows I want to be with him and him only. Maybe my patience and willingness to compromise will pay off in the end. Something tells me that he is worth the wait. If things do not work out the way I hope then at least this will be a learning lesson for me."

    This is a good attitude. You don't expect much of him, so you will not pressure him. Pressure won't go well with him anyway, because he is not a go getter. When pressured he will stay still, where as go getter will actually move faster. It's just who he is. As you said, in the end, it's all learning lessons. Useful, even if you are not with him, but a definite advantage if you are 🙂

  • MargiAnne

    I'm sorry, I don't recall asking you a question!!

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