Twinsoul...May I have a reading please??!!

  • Twinsoul, Hello!! You were reccommended by someone on one of the threads that I was reading about !! If you could please lend your wonderful insight to my situation, it would be so greatly appreciated!

    I need your wonderful insight on this guy that I met! He is a Cancer, BD July 7, 1973, My BD March 18, 1960. We met and I felt like I was "supposed" to meet him!! Things just clicked! I am married, (not happily by any stretch!!), and this Cancer guy met my husband as well. We danced, and had a great time all week, he called me several times after I got home, and he talked making plans to see me again, etc. One night my husband came up to me while I was on the phone with him, and it seemed to bother my Cancer guy!!

    My instincts tell me that I am supposed to be with the Cancer guy, in the future, like a year or two??? Plus we had this uncanny connection, (soulmate??) but I haven't heard from him for awhile now.

    My question is, do we see each other again, and if so, When, and also, do we eventually get married??

    Any, and all instincts, information etc, about this would greatly help me. My heart is just saddened by not hearing from him now.

    Thank you so much for your time, and your great gift that you share with everyone on here!!! Anything and everything you see for us would be appreciated!!


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  • Twinsoul hasn't been around for quite some time. You'll have better luck asking the Captain or hanswolfgang for a reading. They come to the site regularly.

  • BUMP!! Please! Thanks!!

  • Bumpity Bump please! Thanks!

  • Again to add to the other comment, twin soul has not been around for some time now..

    Hugs sheila

  • Twinsoul actually posted a response on 8/12 to someone on here!!!!

  • I know I'm not twinsoul, but common sense would say to divorce your husband (since you said you're not happy with him) and then pursue the relationship with the new guy. Dont be a cheater.

  • This post is deleted!

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