Virgo man aquarius woman

  • guys and gals I need some major help Im inlove with a virgo man just resently he broke up with me and came back and broke up again now what the heck do I do I truley believe that we are meant to be but Im doing something wrong to push him away he is not from the united states he is from nigeria and I understand things are done differently there so I have done everything possiable to do the things he is accusomed to but he wont commit he had asked me to marry him about three months ago but never followed through what do i need to do to reconnect with him in a way where he will commit Im not asking for marrige right now but would love it soon we have a hard time communicating I listen he doesnt and he often acts like he could care less how Im feeling do I get him to show he cares and to hear me I believe he is very insecure I know this is alot to ask and I would get our chart done but he doesnt let me spend money on things like that and why am I willing to give all my freedom to be with him I am in no way insecure and am a strong woman that speaks her mind with anyone but hm I just want to be happy with him

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