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  • (Cracticus tibicen) is a medium-sized black and white passerine bird native to Australia and southern New Guinea. ...



  • NUTZ REIGN!!! I whisper something thats NOT nutz?)....yeah?....

    I feel so humbled you say your beautiful kind words to me Sheila, Elaine and Zee....on this "realisation" of mine....hope you know, I mean REALLY know what your wonderful encouraging words do!!....Awww, I'm feeling so UPLIFTED by what you say, I can't put it into words!!!....just know! the bond that all us NUTZ are forming is the most precious and beautiful NUTZ know the TRUE meaning of love, and are forming a new way of how we truly should be "love, respect,compassion and harmony".....I am so grateful to be amongst the most NUTTIEST and most beautiful energies in our Mother Earth.....I love you all dearly!!....

    and now, I go back to being NUTTY....cos thats what we are doing in this wonderful thread!! I post this..............cos this is what we are..............our hearts are NUT kidding...I think 🙂

  • OH hehe TURF PISSINGS!!!!!

    Anyone for some NUTELLA?????

  • Where's all the NUTTY NUTZ then?....don't tell me you've all gone SANE....oh no!!! lol...

    I am SOOOOO pleased to see you still on here with us NOTSHY2BME...I mean on ALL the threads!! not just in NUT HOUSE....LOL....BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!!

  • Hello can i join the nut house? Im nuts

  • HELOOOO WELCOME lilacrose....the more nuts the will soon have an overspilling packet of em!!!..BRILL!!.....LOL

  • All nutz n nuts are welcome- I love the nuts heart ................ nutz for heart or n nitz for love heheheheheh

    nutella WHO said nutella ??? ................ a common thing in moms household food cabinet, i prefer something else which is also nutty n nooooo its aint peaNUT butter ......

    its Duo Schoko creme from winsenia mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • peanut butter yummmmmmmm

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  • Aaaaw thank you my friend, you made me blush!!....

    I'm so truly sorry to hear about Sparky, but I just know what a wonderful life he has had with you...and he will be so grateful to you for not allowing his suffering to go on, I know you must be feeling so sad, I thought I was going to have to face this with my little dog Dylan not so long ago, but the vet assured me he is not suffering, he's been diabetic since 2 yrs old, he's now 6, I really thought he had had enough of the daily insulin injections, but for now, he's ok, but, like you, I will do the same for him when the time comes....I'm sending love and healing to both you and Sparky, and I know you will have a special few hours together,

    much love to you...

  • notshy--we have a NUTTY send-off for your Sparky--NUTZ4SPARKY--filled with love & sending him onto the satrs to regroup & go where his Spirit will fly...BIG HEARTS & LOVE with you now....I started out with 7 felines in the 90's, now there are 2 lil old pussies with me.... Hard to send them off--I know you are doing it well & with LOVE.

    Anyone else notice the logo on that FABULOUS NUTTY Heart? It says....NUTS FOR LIFE!!!!!

    Queen Macademia's a bit indisposed now--so the staff in our OTHER club is tending her with TLC & did you know--she found something to SLASH in there? I'm looking forward to some great art coming from that....meanwhile...ALL YOU NUTS--make sure you visit Bee's lil Hive--the SPOOKINESS is getting very exciting.

    I think that Heart shall give us our motto: NUTZ 4 LIFE!!!!! I'm in--who else?

  • Dear Notshy2bme,

    Im so sorry ,i am heartbroken to hear your sad news about Sparky , its the hardest and kindest thing that we can do for our pets ,my thoughts are with you during this sad time .I will send you healing energy and ask Archangel Sandolphon to take Sparky under his wing .

    Sparky was truly blessed to have such a loving, kind and caring owner as yourself, you have made the right choice by not letting him suffer and he will always remember this and be thankful for it .

    I know its easy to say but try to take care of yourself during this difficult time , My heart and prayers go out to you Lots of love God Bless Lilac

  • Oh geeez!!!! I must be CHANNELING that uptight old Dr Freud! Or my keyboard is! Talk about NUTTY typo's! I meant sending him off to the STARS--

    but NUTTY ME! Maybe my mind is really on something else--and I mean satyrs (satrs)????

    Well--if that's Sparky's next life--may you ENJOY it Sparky--& for the rest of us--those satyrs will sure be welcome at the BonJovi show tonight....

  • Count me in on that Zee......"NUTZ4LIFE"....yay!! NUTZ rule!!!.......NUTZ for one and NUTZ for all...well thats what the the musketeers... said isn't it?..........LOL LOL

  • BONJOVI SHOW TONIGHT CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    OHHH LIVING ON A PRAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEE YOU THERE GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys can you change your username if you wanted ?

  • I'm not quite sure lilacrose, if you send email to admin they will let you know, other than that you could maybe just make a new account with different name, I once had a problem thinking I had been blocked from getting on tarot all it was I used wrong email addy to sign in...(red face).....I was Hopeternal back then, but anyway, I made new account and told everyone my new name :)....I even owned up that I made a wasn't "mr grumpy" causing me problems ....well, with that anyway!...he still hounded me for a short time after, but got fed up and maybe went on to his next victim...extremely rude man!!....but he did have many alias'

  • Lilacrose--I let my forumgroups know I was changing, then changed my user name just by going to accounts & changing it! Think I also sent Admin an e-mail to alert.

    It was E-Z.

    Healing Ways LOVE the Nutty Musketeers!

  • The forum serves has gone NUTTTTZZZZ or some twit NUT has punched the wrong button or loaded the ass wrong nutbolt dll file n all its NUTZ!!!!

    I AINT amused!

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