• Thanks guys not sure if i will change ,but if i do i will let everyone know.

  • Rising Pheonix and Healing Ways you both have such lovely user names .

  • 🙂

  • As do u lilac question!

  • Thankyou Cwb and so do u it is very unique, i wanted to call myself lilacwine after a song that i like but i didnt want everybody to think that i was an alcoholic, now i think i should have called myself living on a prayer since i love bonjovi so much, but i cant see anywhere in my account where i can change my username , if its going to be to much hassle to change it i will stay as i am because i do love the colour lilac and my favourite flowers are roses and i dont want to open a new account and lose all the threads in my profile .

  • LilacLOVE--when I changed my user name--I didn't have to open another account--I just went to MY account & changed the user name--now remember I think I also contacted Admin to alert them--and I THOUGHT my old posts--granted it was only a few months in--but I thought they'd read with my OLD name--& poof! like magic--there was my NEW USER name on all my OLD posts too!

    If you haven't been to the after-party yet--get thee back QUICK! A few of Jon's friends showed up & they're about to do a lil song they recorded together last year--on my birthday no less!

    & when you tell your friends about how Jon can sing in a whole 'nother language--they'll ALL THINK YOU'RE NUTZ!!!! NUTZ-4-LIFE!!!

  • Sniff sniff u all forgot the high heels club., so many cute men n no ladies cept me waaahhhh

  • Dear Rising , I just got back from the afterparty i didnt want to leaveJon and his friends i was having a great time, thankyou for organising this wonderful event, I think im still typsy from all that ameythst champagne that i have been drinking . I think im going NUTZZZZ when i go into my account it will only let me change my first name or nickname which is diifferent from my username it doesnt say anywhere about username sorry if im driving you all NUTTZZZZ about this.

  • hmmm. I just searched my gmails for support at tarot dot com & found that I'd changed my NICKNAME to Rising Phoenix--but then didn't get my daily horoscope e-mail--so I sent a note to support & got this reply: "I have checked with the Forum Admin and they received your confirmation and are working to update your username. They will be contacting you when this has been completed." It all got fixed within a day or so--so maybe you need to contact the support at tarot dot com email to ask how best to do it! All sites are always changing how these things work...and the support here is TOP NOTCH!

    SO glad you enjoyed the concert. You're so welcome... your request made me connect with some old friends! And how that that Jon singing in FARSI???

    Queen Nut---cute men? I'm coming right over!!!

  • Hello all!!!


    thanks for asking me to come over! Been a while since I was in Tarot. Am I in the right thread or which thread did you asked me to take a look at?

    Lots of love to all of you!

    x x x

  • Well emergence if ya feel like a nut do stay hehehehehe

    if ya feel like high heels n clubbing find the HIGH HEELS CLUB

    if ya for decandence find us as ROMAN DECADENCE

    FYI _ i got NUTZ for nuts so now i have a good BOWL full of NUTZ Theheheheheheh

  • HI Emergence!!! YAY! You're back! I'm a little busy just now...took a quick powder room break--those men in the High Heels club trying a little too hard--- but come take a look see at all the places CWB invited you to--

    but especially come to our NEW Roman Decadence spa--we're just fitting it out---HELP US!!!!

  • Ok Queen Macademia & all you NUTS in here--

    #1--Ramo de Risas just posted OUR THEME SOMG in the LAFF's room--guess she was trying it out to see how it flew...GOOD woman--now you are getting the concept of trying out your material in a "warm" room first!

    #2--MY LIFE is about to get REALLY NUTZ--the lender's going through with the short-sale--I have no date yet beyond their "intention to close it by Sept 30th"--but that came along with the "she's going to be approved for HAFA pending receipt of 3 doc's..." 1 doc the most recent utility bill to prove I still live here--the other 2 DOC's that must be signed--I've been waiting for them to send me--oh...since April???--had a million conversations with the HAFA folk who ALL lie...& THEN--when the one who said "pending receipt..." told my GF realtor "those can be downloaded..."

    a few days later--she came to get my sig's on 'em--and OF COURSE--they must not only be faxed in but MAILED in--but do you THINK there was a mailing addy??? NOOOOOO!

    So GF calls--and the HAFA rep tells her I've been BOUNCED OUT OF THAT PROGRAM--WHY??for not sending in the doc's they never sent me!!!

    Yes I realize this sounds like it should be in the Cry Your Socks Full Club--but I'M NOT CRYING--

    just THIS IS THE NUTTINESS that MORE THAT 25% of AMERICAN Homeowners losing our homes are going through right now!!!

    And I've been busy connecting with sources to work it through--it's not over til the Fat Lady SIngs--& since they KEEP changing whatever they say--this too may change!

    AND ALL the sources I connect with tell me how amazingly CALM I sound about it--that's cos--I have long-life-developed skills, YOUR support, & I'm very aware that THIS part of my life is ending so my NEW LIFE can begin--this place is one of the things that must be released, & though I have NO CLUE where I'm gonna be living yet--& have NO money to relocate YET--


    Cupid says so!

    So I share this with the rest of you NUTZ--because it's getting pretty NUTTY in here--I have a 3800 square foot house FULL I'm already packing each day--a NEW HOME to locate & pay for with funds that are coming from --which source???--we'll see. which iron turns into GOLD FIRST!

    And ask that you NUTZ keep me in your LOVE & send me NUTTY MOJO for all I need to come IN!!! All KINDS of interesting doors are opening!

  • This post is deleted!

  • THANKS--notshy! It IS NUTTY--but I've been working for several years on putting my biz back AND at the same time doing it in a way that I can answer people's demands that I SHARE how I got WELL again & what I know without being forced into the role of a "guru."

    I AM AN ARTIST who's ART TIME has come! I finally managed to make that happen--I am now a networker connecting healers with seekers, seekers with healers & a storyteller sharing my story.

    PHEW! And talk about nutty in our country--for the first time in my life I am having a Mainstream America experience!!! THAT'S NUTTY for ME!!! But it will give great fodder to my storytelling as soon as I am out from under the debt of this house I bought for my MOM--and THE ABUNDANCE is starting to flow in--via LOTS of virtual LOVE & support...

    THANKS for the MOJO!!! & LOVE!

    LOVE, LIGHT & a whole mixed bag of NUTZ!

  • OUR BEAUTIFUL NUT, will ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART, MY THOUGHTS and in MY SENDING MORE LOVE, ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY TO YOU THAN YOU KNOW!!...luv ya!! dear one!!...sorry I haven't been on much today, had stuff, you know, LIFE happening, lol, nothing bad!.... but just wanted to send you this pic before I head off to sleep..... Night Night...

  • we are family, hey, hey, hey, i got all my nutty family and me!

    we are family, hey, hey, hey, i got all my nutty brothers and me!

    we are family, hey, hey, hey, i got all my nutty sisters and me!

    we are family, hey, hey, hey, living nutty, to stay stress free!

    hey, hey, hey,

    we are family, hey, hey, living with a concsience but remaining

    quite nutty!

    we are family, living, loving, laughing, theres no greater way

    to be!

    we are family,

    girls you are so lucky not to actually hear me sing this, my voice is squeaky and off key!

    what can you except from a nut like me!

    my favorite coffee, chock full of nuts!

    my favorite spread pea

    nut butter

  • Such a beautiful song RAM, now what name are you going by now...hehehe

    How old are you hahahaha

    Thanks Ramo you have oficially joined the nutty nut clan..

    Hugs to you


  • sometimes you feel like a nut,

    sometimes you dont!

    but you are better off! when you feel like a delicous nut!

    name now! my friends when i was a teenager used to call me cookie,

    i think they meant cracker!

    loving it!



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