The meaning of 529?

  • I've asked under another thread to no avail, but I'm seeing 529 repeated a bit. I've tried looking it up as well, though there aren't any obvious meanings. I'd greatly appreciate if anyone would be able to enlighten me as to its possible meanings. I've only just begun learning to listen to my guides and wonder whether this is more than a coincidence. Thanks in advance!

  • Thunkani, I asked spirit for an updated numbers version and this is what they gave me. Look up the meanings for 5, 2 and 9 for yourself. Of course, the same repeated number - like 555 or 77 or 11.11 means that the angels are really trying to get you to live by the message of that number. the more numbers the more you need to heed the message.

    1s - Devote time to yourself now, cleaning up past karma and getting rid of all that no longer is useful to you or does not serve your greater good, in order to move forward in a new direction.

    2s - Dedication, cooperation, and devotion to others is called for at this time. Remain loyal and committed to relationships and causes that are dear to your heart. Nurture and expand contacts.

    3s - Seek a positive balance now. Have fun but be fair. Harmony and equality with the males in your life (or your male side) must be sought. Show your creativity and don’t be afraid of what others may think.

    4s - Practical realistic decisions and organised efforts are called for now. Do nothing frivolous. Think before you act. Assess with common sense all information that comes to you now. Release all rigid or judgmental attitudes. Be objective.

    5s - Time to display selfless, philanthropic love for others, to feel loose and free and to let go of negativity. This is about true love - not lust or neediness - but the unconditional sort that gives all but seeks nothing in return. Move away from your old routines and ways. Cleanse your heart of feelings of revenge, hate, regret, and sorrow.

    6s - Any bad behaviour or dishonesty now will rebound back on you or anyone who behaves badly towards you. Watch out for deceit or trickery at this time. It is time to be responsible, to be the good ‘parent’ and look after your family and friends. Add beauty to your life and reflect on all that you have. Be grateful. Pay attention to your diet and exercise regimes - to how you nourish and nurture yourself and others.

    7s - Strengthen your connection to a Higher Power now. Deepen your spirituality. Contemplate where you are holding guilt or regret for past actions. Stop punishing yourself - simply forgive and vow to do better. We learn from our mistakes. Find some time to be alone to examine where self-doubt may be holding you back.

    8s - This is your time of power; a crowning point; the summit or crest of your present life. Opportunity abounds to achieve the things you want. You have reached a turning-point-in-your-life. Don’t waste it or misuse it.

    9s - This is about healing the past and achieving transformation through raising awareness. It is a time for reaching out to others wounded like yourself and helping them to heal through your own experiences and knowledge of suffering - the importance of going within to find an answer and then sharing it with others. Heal the planet.

    0s - A time of no limitations or restrictions, a time to free your soul. A time to live your dreams, and open yourself to every possibility. To release all emotion involved in a situation and move beyond it. Freeing yourself of the shackles of society’s rigid thinking, of all preconceptions, judgments, and assumptions.

  • The order of the numbers is important - th first (5) being the one that needs the most attention, the second (2) not as much, 9 least of all but still something to keep in mind.

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