I cant see any light at the end of the tunnel

  • hi there every1.my names kelly and i have a son whos nearly 3 who i love more than anything.i've been really lonely for a long time now and feel like im stuck in a rut.i have nothing but bad luck.i try 2 make things better but always end up the same.i have lots of friends and very close 2 my family but thats not enough.i know it sounds selfish but i would really like 2 meet someone and settle down but it never seems 2 go right.can anyone please give me some insight on whats going 2 happen in the future?i would be greatful beyond words.

    thanks kellyxxxxxxx

  • Kelly, I have a message for spirit for you - "If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's because you are facing the wrong way."

  • Kelly i want to share something with you when i was in school there was this girl i was going with and some of the guys would tease me about her being ugly well to me she wasn't she was one of the prettiest women i ever went with and i have gone with some that looked like models, to me and what made her pretty was her personality and the love of self or her inner beauty i was about 14 then its like she took the very best care of what she had to work with and was glad to be her self i didn't see flaws i seen her inner beauty they moved away but i never forgot her and i was crazy about her i am fixing to be 59 now and have had allot of relationships but i still think of her once in a while because that is what i am trying to do with my life is be me be happy with who i am and if i do not like something about me then maybe i need to try and change it and i am learning to fall in love with me again and i know when i am, that will shine like the sun or like that girl i was talking about and then we become attraction to others and when we are OK with ourselves we can make better decisions own the people we choose and probably have allot better relationship than we ever had before and allot better chance of it surviving .

    I know its hard when you feel your alone and no body is there and feel like no body cares but people do they do here i care what happens to you and i want you to find the life you seek because i have been there, does not matter if you are male or female we all want to be happy and love and feel secure but it is within all of us but we have to find it and it takes searching . how do you feel about that baby of yours wouldent you do anything for your baby and i am sure your baby wants a happy mother and a mother who feels secure within her self and good about her self and it will show in your baby .You can not do any more than what you have to do with alot of times we limit ourselves with words like i cant or i dont know how or one of the biggest is i am affraied to or deep down we are afraid of failing .

    And then when we recognize we have fear we need to see where it is stemming from we realize it we face it we take corrective measures to get out of and to face that fear that has been blocking us from being the person we want to be and low and behold you start realizing I am getting OK with me and once you find you you find that inner love you have been searching for and its within you right were its always been but all these things cover it up the fears and insecurities and we find that true love of giving and receiving with out expecting any thing in return now how great is that and all we have to do is be willing to start and want that true love .Love freely given i give to you Tooter

  • thank you for that captain and delbertc.it makes me feel better knowing someone felt the same as i do right now.captain what do you mean when you say im looking the wrong way?

    many thank and love to you both,

    kelly xxxxxxxxx

  • It means you are not looking in the right direction for answers. You are looking for a partner to make your life better. It actually works the other way - when you make your own life better and feel happier, then you attract the best person for you. When you are waiting for a white knight to rescue you and make it all better, you attract no one because white knights don't exist in real life. Be your own hero. If you want to meet people, you have to make the effort to go out and find them, join clubs, etc.

  • thank you very much for your advice.

    kelly xxxxx

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