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  • Hey Lady! I was wondering if you could help me out regarding the Tarot -- I am feeling more connected than I have in a long time (and possibly ever) and know that the cards I am pulling are dead on for me, but I am not far enough along to understand their meaning. You explained on another thread that Pages are about messages being delivered or received - this is something that was never in the "explanation" of the cards when I have looked up their meaning. Can you suggest a book or books to get me started? There are so many out there -- would appreciate your help in steering me toward a better one. Thanks 🙂

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  • MsSunny

    I wrote you in a thread of mine yesterday in case you might not see it

    'MsSunny --Can you please help me'

    thank you,


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  • Hi watergirl,

    I have a list here for you, and I have collected various tarot books and decks for 15 years, but many books I re-sold on amazon or gave away, including tarot decks. I think I am addicted to Tarot, but I stopped collecting a few years back. I don't have anymore room to store them. LOL

    here is a few thou..

    1. A magical course in Tarot by Michele Morgan-author of simple wicca (this is a great book!)

    2. The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett

    3. Spiritual Tarot by Signe Echols, Robert Mueller, Sandra Tomson

    4.Tarot Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

    5. Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway

    any tarot books by Juliet Sharman Burke/Liz Greene

    below are Book and Tarot deck sets

    Cosmic Tarot and Book by Jean Huets

    Inner Child cards and Book by Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner

    Motherpeace TArot and book by Karen Vogel

    Crows Magick and Book by Londa Marks

    I only use one deck (cosmic tarot) when I read for others and myself as well. but I rarely read the tarot for myself. the others are nice, but rarely use them. the last deck I bought was about a year ago, titled "Karma Tarot" pretty interesting artwork.

    once you get the basics down, you can move on and allow your own intuition to stand out on its own with what each card reading would mean for you. over time, you learn to apply your own symbols, key words that will help you define your cards.

    when choosing a deck, the images, colors, needs to speak to you on an intuitive level. either you like it or you don't.

    the images drawn, is similar to a large canvas/painting you see in a gallery. what does the image or picture say to you, and without looking in the book(s). go for the abstract feeling first, and then explore the books.

    let your magic guide you.. Sunny

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  • Card 1, what I bring to the relationship: Ace of Cups you bring in hope, faith, bliss, contentment, a new beginning, or renewed beginning. is this relationship new? or are in the process of renewing?

    Card 2, my future desire in the relationship: Five of Swords this is about confrontation, and possible defeat. are you asking too much or expecting too much at this time. do not make demands, as that can backfire. you have a desire to keep certain people away. are there others around him or you that influence either of you? it's a negative cycle so be cautious of what you hear, say, and a lot of what you see and hear is not always the truth. there are others around that would love to see you 2 apart. they could be in-laws, or even an ex, family/friends, .. interference, and you want to stop it or at least control it.

    Card 3, what TP brings to the relationship: King of Wands this is a man who can get things done, and does love you, and loves being with you. he cares for you from his heart, and is very supportive of you. this personality however, does limit the quantity of time spent together. he wants freedom and plenty of it. he is passionate and cares about the 2 of you, but usually this type do have others around that do depend on him and he could be married or has a career that he is married to.

    Card 4, TP's future desire in the relationship: Judgment this is the turning point for him and you. this usually implies forgiveness, and starting fresh. it's about acceptance, forgiveness, remorse for hurting another/you, clean slate, not looking back.

    Card 5, why we are together which also determines how long it will last and what we can learn: The Sun you bring out the best in each other, and provide emotional stability. you are happier when together, and have a lot to offer your community, family, friends. you work well together, and are very compatible.

    I think I know which card you are referring to, the 5 of swords?

    you should be aware, that suit cards are minors, and represents things that occur pretty much everyday. everyday events are usually about minor issues.


    Major cards are trump cards, and are about the grand scheme of things. it's importance is significant, and depends on your actions, and will determine your destiny .

    ms sunny

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  • hey, thank you for the quick reply and feedback.

    I am recovering well, but I have to slowly work on getting my strength back. it's a healing process for sure.

    wishing you well, and stay cool lol


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  • hi there, sorry I did not see this sooner.. hubby and I are healing, his was much more serious than mine. he is a survivor, but still it's scary to see him so vulnerable. it was frightening time, but it's all behind us now.

    my illness is serious enough, but not life threatening. just damn expensive! lol as I have a high deductible annually.. but hey, who's complaining? I am just grateful to still have my feet on this wonderful place called earth.

    have a good day! Sunny

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