AuntBuck I would appreciate your help.

  • I have been with a man who is wonderful for many years, but now I feel I want some fun in my life not just security. I want to go toward a man that I am just friends with but I'd like to be more than friends then. I fear I would be screwing up everyone involved just to make myself happier. I would also feel like I was giving up and not able to stay in for the long run. Is it time for a change and will everything work out for the best. I don't want to wind up alone down the road.

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  • To Crazyrider I have replied to your request as of the following.

    Your present partner has provided stability, security and over all been there for you. But as all long term relationships, time sometimes presents boredom and in general the sparkle just isn't there. We sometimes out grow our partners over time.

    I feel you and your present partner need time to yourselves to recover that sparkle you once had as I feel that you still love him and don't really want to move on towards a new relationship.

    Best advise Take time out, away from the home front, break the daily routine go out for a meal, have some fun as a couple, as you did before, I also feel that sure you could have another relationship, but I also see deep regreats by doing so. Hope this helps your way of thinking.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • You are most welcome and take care

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