• Is there anything that I can do to help my Aries man get over the fear of marriage and make that commitment to me as he has told me he would in the past. He knows this means alot to me.

  • Leave your Aries man to deal with his own problems. Ask yourself why you need marriage and commitment so much.

  • I've been doing that and I can't completely figure it out! I think security is one thing and the other because I don't want to be hurt anymore.... What do you think may be my problem.

  • If you can't deal with your fears of people leaving you (even temporarily) then an Aries is the wrong person for you. They like to be free to go off and have adventures, returning when they feel like it - if you try to tie him down, your relationship will not last. And just because you marry someone, it doesn't ensure they will stick around. You need to trace back the source of your fear of abandonment - probably to your childhood - and deal with it. I feel you fear that no one will stay with you because you are unlovable or not good enough. (Not true but you may think it.)

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