4 The Magnificent KushikamiKiba

  • I love to be barefoot, but i like my sneakers too

  • KushikimiKiba--

    Put on your high heel sneakers--because we're GOING OUT TONIGHT!!!!


    check out Janis Joplin's version too--LOVE that--but the one I gave above is CLASSIC!!!!

    you can always kick 'em off whenever you feel like it!

    LOVE to you:-)

  • Rising~~

    sad to say i cant get a hold of the video, something about violating terms of use

  • Oh sad..go to YouTube & search this title--it's good too: Elvis Returns 2008 High Heel Sneakers 8/9

    Pretty classic:-)

  • ok i'll give it a look

  • Hi Kushi

    Im torn between what my psychic sense tells me and what common sense pushes me to do.

    My psychic sense says relocation will come instead of education but my common sense, which i wish to whoop its arse, goes all its the wise thing to do ladi ya ya blarh!

    Education im signed on to styarts aug 31st 2010, but i feel changes moving suddenly at lightning speed and that i wont even get to start but by then am i making my home elsewhere, different country house state u name it. its excites me

    many are happy for me on education and some to the sense that i feel trapped n nausious. in past when people did this i was submitted to inhuman conditions both workwise as well as psychological psychiatric wise.

    Plz psychics, readers plz tellme what you see fell get. Im a pisces march 10 1972 born.


  • CWB

    I also got a feeling you'll move out instead of school

  • Thanx Kushi mwaaahah kisskiss

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  • Hi KushikamiKiba!

    Popping in to say Hi! and fill you in some for feedback...

    I have questions bubbling--but they have not clarified yet to ask--

    if you get anything from my feedback--feel free to share it!

    things are very interesting at the moment....I've been being still

    while TCB-ing on all the worldy things--biz & the short-sale of my home

    (this is actually GOOD--I did not buy MY dream home in the end of 06--I bought my late Mom's dream-home to relocate her to from east coast to west. Flying back-n-forth to tend & help her was killing my biz & finances! I did not buy in an area I would have bought for mySELF--I bought in an area more to HER liking & need. AND THEN she didn't make it here, I got STUCK--almost in solitude for 3 and a half years!

    That time of solitude had been predicted for me by several since childhood & is over now--last few months--new good people coming in & things changing & opening UP!

    I'd HOPED to be able to keep the place & turn it into a creative retreat--but life has turned out that it's now in process of SHORT-SALE! Like others all across the States--the Bank & the govt program is doing it's best to put the screws to me & not fulfill it's promises of relocation money--THAT is a battle I'm about to fight via YouTube & other media... )

    Yet--here is the interesting thing--a 'real-world" new friend I met July 4th--is about to assist me with his expertise in something I needed & a number of others have fallen through with in the last two years....he's coming today--so we can complete this part of the marketing (video's of me!) that's been stymying me quite some time now...

    ANd here is the other interesting thing...and I wonder if you get whether this is the person--the gift--you got. I use FB for business--have now increased my base of followers to a point where potential sponsors can see I have a real following--internationally--I have 2 Pages now--& the following is growing...I've made seeral Friends across the world--people who--we share things and are a "same wavelength" so much--we started chatting & private messaging...

    The one in particular I ask about is in S America...we began as colleaugues on FB sharing art. music. poetry...always thanking one another & offering props..then began sending each other things we came across we were not posting on our own pages--but knew the other would like...

    A month or so ago--communication became more personal--his gifts of music & poetry & art have really inspired me (since before I asked you for a reading--mind you!)

    In the last two weeks--the communication has become way more personal..we share in a very creative poetic way--he communicated he felt something very special happening...I said from what he'd been posting I thought we have had many past lives together...last night we FB chatted for the first time--and then met in the ethers....pretty incredible....

    I have never had a virtual romance before...it is like a plate of cookies or a big box of chocolates in my very hard-working days...now something much more.

    Is HE my gift that is something very good? Or will it be something ELSE?

    I've been releasing releasing releasing--even more intensely since being one of the first group in the Abundance Broadcast. I KNOW--just a "KNOWING" that's been with ne several years--that once I am released from this house--Bank planning to close mid-to-late Sept--I will finally be completely released form any karma of my blood family--& finally free to go on to my new life.

    I FEEL Abundance coming--not sure which of the many streams I've spent the last few years developing--with zero income--& I'm trusting in the Universe to bring it to me from the "right" place first at the "right" time. People around me who know can't believe how calm & positive I am--I'm dirt-broke--NEED the relocation money the govt program's trying to renege on....yet I have this strong sense that wherever the funds I need to put on a new place to live & work--IT IS COMING! All I have to do is be calm & put one foot in front of the other & trust & be ready to receive...

    And now here is my FB arts colleauge--who I've been referring to as my "very dear Friend" for months when I share what he posts or sends me--and something is happening....

    So I[m not sure yet what I want ask about this...I am being still while going with the flow...

    any clarification for me? THANKS!

    LOVE & LIGHT my Darlin' One....

  • Rising

    Get back to you ASAP sort of busy today

  • Dear CWB:

    As for the issues with your back, try long soaks in the tub and rest completely from all unnecessary exercises and work. Your muscles are in need of a rest.

    Glad to know everything else is going okay.

  • Hi Firefly01

    Thanx, i have no tub but a shower which i use frequently, i also went to my doc n he sent me to physiotherapy, n i get treatment when i feel i so need it. Often its a matter of rest which i got plenty of since ive been ill for over 2 weeks now LOL

  • For Kushi, Firefluy01 n

    Question ladies n gents, MY Charlie has his rental for view on youtube n one has a song by Van Morrison called SOmeone like you. Now these vids was posted nov dec 2009. n YES i KNOOOOOOWWW im SLLOOOOOWWWW, BUT after listening to the lyrics i STRONGLY feel he posted n CHOSE that song with me in mind FOR ME to hear find n TRUST.

    In case u need the lyrics :

    Van Morrison - Someone Like You Lyrics

    I've been searching a long time

    For someone exactly like you

    I've been travelling all around the world

    Waiting for you to come through.

    Someone like you makes it

    All worth while

    Someone like you keeps

    Me satisfied. Someone exactly

    Like you.

    I've been travellin' a hard road

    Lookin' for someone exactly like you

    I've been carryin' my heavy load

    Waiting for the light to come

    Shining through.

    Someone like you makes it

    All worth while

    Someone like you keeps

    Me satisfied. Someone exactly

    Like you.

    I've been doin' some soul searching

    To find out where you're at

    I've been up and down the highway

    In all kinds of foreign lands

    Someone like you... [etc.]

    I've been all around the world

    Marching to the beat of a different


    But just lately I have


    The best is yet to come.

    Someone like you... [etc.]

    ladies plz tell me what u think feel n get plz plz plz plz plz

  • Rising

    I told you in the last reading that you will receive a gift, now "harvest" shows itself, with regard to your current situation the fruits of your labor i believe, will be shown, keep in mind however the storm has yet to pass, there will be obstacles still in your way, obstacles that intend to slow down your progress and try to stop you by hitting you where it hurts. Strength is required here, for what you have now is rightfully yours and nothing is allowed to take it.

  • My dear darlin' Kush--remember I said the questions are bubbling but not yet clear? Came in to tell you--it IS clear. The gift is HERE. Here yet not here..but SO HERE.

    Yes you are right about obstacles hitting me where it hurts--I've accepted that if real funds do not come in in the next few weeks--I will have to sell my piano--that will hurt--but if it moves me forward in my flow--so be it--if I have to sell all my furniture (but my bed & my art studio furniture, easels etc) I am ready for that too--all that is replaceable... so be it...I also get wait--be still--be patient--it might not be necessary to go that far--ready if I must though...

    but the gift--person--you saw is HERE--

    and oh is it GOOD...oh were you RIGHT...

    my gifts of gifts I never expected to come this way at this moment in time...

    many many past lives together..now connecting virtually and in the ethers....

    we have been waiting for one another....

    Thank you my darlin'--I KNOW what you say is so...

    I'm very glad you see that

    what I have is rightfully mine & nothing allowed to take it--that is how I FEEL...

    very good to have your confirmation on this

    no worries--I HAVE STRENGTH

    will keep you posted as things unfold

    How are YOU?


  • Glad you finally got your gift. I myself am doing well here, work's a killer thought but then again what job isnt

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh KUSH!!!!! Is this GIFT of a PERSON GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!

    Hang in there--work may be a killer--but it is WORK--with so many struggling without work--a BLESSING--you have many tests before you


  • hi kush,im new here,can i ask for help a reading for my future im born on marcvh 4 1968..im jobless as of now,it seems that luck is far from my side lately,,thanks in advance ...appreciate your great help a lot..

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