4 The Magnificent KushikamiKiba

  • Hi KushikimaKiba

    Ive of late notice your maginificent work here on tarot dot com. What stood out was your use of criterias and keeping them coming high hell fire and waves. Brava!

    Your insightful work impressed me, and to be nutty enough to join the many members who posts the same issues over and over like some comnpulsive behavior. i think its a female thing lol

    so with further no ado:

    Cwb a nutty pisces march 10 1972 born

    My q´s are among a few:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born april 7 1962 Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    What mood is Alden in?

    What mood is Charlie in?

    A reader said within 14 days Charlie would come to me here in denmark, can i rely on this?

    Connor asked me yesterday to look into what he n i would be as if we desided to try it? we´re already great friends, trust oneanother.

    Will physiotherapy me the ticket to my back gets better, or is it a combo of physiotherapy chiro massage n excersizes?

    N last whatever else u see feel get that the spirits wants me to know

    KushikimaKiba, i´ll be okay if you at this time choose to not read me. I cross me nutty fingers and i hope and pray by all nuts on the tree of idiocy you will help me become less nutty.


    cwb the nutty nut

  • CWB

    i wish this site had video so you could see how low my jaw just dropped. I'll get to this when i get the energy to do so again. i just broke my limit of 3 by doing 13 in one go. I'm exhausted beyond all reason.


    I'm flattered you'd call me magnificent but please mellow down on the titles. It can put a lot of pressure on a 19 yr old

  • I HAD to read this one--dunno why:-) Now I do!

    A-CWB--I hope you never stop being a nut!

    And the answer to your back is the combo!

    Alexander technique & Feldenkriess come to my mind too!

    And KushikimiKiba--when you're 19 & already awakened to your gifts enough for CWB to give you a title--WELCOME Sister--from one who is 55 but awakened very young too.

    Come on over to CWB's Laff & Whine clubs--as well as the Lack of Respect forum--for whatever support you need!

    Rivers of Love & Gratitude & Light & Blessings!

  • KushikimaKiba, wow 13 in a row, whoa,. Well done n Do take the rest ya need. sorry to startle u with all issues.

    river of rivers n love thanx on the combo reply. ive had 5 this week alone, massage, chiro, physiotherapy , massage n chiro. im done in LOL

    i left the link for u on the high heels river of love n rivers lol

  • Please forgive me for popping in here, but I so wanted to say that coming across this WONDERFUL thread has made my spirits SOAR....how wonderful you are CWB to show your warm deserving gratitude to him!!...and, I have to agree with another beautiful soul I have come to love and respect, RisingPhoenix, I too hope you never stop being YOU...you are a breath of fresh air!!....

    love you all!!

  • Thanx HealingWays. Cheers

  • 🙂

    Rivers of LOVE & HEALING--& STRENGTH to us ALL--there's a carnival ride of CHANGES about to HIT! it won't be as HARD as the last year has been--just starting but when it start to flow rather than trickle--it's coming fast & furious! We ALL need to be ready! I get that's why we're coming together:-)

  • Rising, common mistake. I'm a guy

  • Oh MY--young AND a SENSITIVE MAN!!!! SWEET!

    WELL-come young Brother!

    Your delivery is very mature & SENSITIVE!

    You are even more unusual than I thought! Usually--it is WOMEN who awaken so young:-)

  • Ok CWB here we go

    From the looks of things both charlie and alden are interested in you but they both have some major issues with regards to long term. Charlie for one is a natural leader and has fought many battles in his life this however makes him feel like he needs to take care of the people in his life and from the looks of things he's tired, i feel that he is no longer able to support others and he might think that being with you will put him in such a position. I doubt thats the truth but its the way his mind works. Alden has some emotional problems and sees you as someone he can truly open up to, not in a very long time has he come across someone like you and he believes you will help him move on to a brighter future, problem is he is fixated on the idea that he has to do it alone. Connor has known you for a long time and it shows itself in the cards, i feel that he has long passed the point where friends is enough and being unable to fully express himself brings him pain. He sees a bright future with you, he sees abundance that is to be shared and commitment. He hasnt done much but his emotions are slowly working to push his true feelings to the light. Despite all this i'm sad to say pregnancy may not come at this point in time. Something keeps you from starting a new life, with a new life. (I suspect its medical) But from the looks of things, if ever you do get married it strongly points to Connor for the simple reason that a queen and king are shown in his side of the spread. As for the other reader, i cant say for certain if you can trust his reading or not. But then again it wont hurt if charlie does show up or doesnt.

    now for the medical reading

    With regards to your back, you've been taking treatment for some time and it looks like youre beginning to doubt the possibility of it getting better. Its taking its toll on you and i feel that you are considering to just stop what you're doing or lessening it to a certain degree. looks like its not such a bad idea, you cant rely just on physio but then again too much might also be putting strain on your back. I get a feeling physio and massage would be the way to go, not so much exercise as after therapy you need to let your back rest, and exercise if done wrong can lead to injuries. so I'm suggesting you not do any activities that can strain your back until it gets stronger.

    That was a tough one

  • WOW..............................WOW................................im BLOWN away KushikimaKiba. my minds blank.

    ill need to re read this many time bc WOW .................... holy .....................

    thank you .............. once i regain my brain n thinking cords ill thank u properly.


  • Rising

    I dont claim to be psychic and my awakening had a different effect on me, thanks for the compliments. I'm quite touched that you'd think that way about me, haha yes i heard most girls awaken early and guys tend to do so very late, Thing is i was always like this, as a kid i saw the world differently and i felt things differently, by the age of 13 i was fully awakened and that led to one heck of a rollercoaster life with more downs than ups.


    I cant guarantee this but i think i'm just a big a Nut as you 😛

  • Heehehehehe u just gave me an idea Kushi LOL

  • I did? do share

  • Check new thread called Nutty Nuts Lounge.

  • haha, nice thread finally a place where we can all let loose

  • yup oh ah n also the HIGH HELLS CLUB men ARE allowed

  • And my Sweet YOUNG AWAKENED ONE--I know about that rollercoaster--me too from early childhood--you don't HAVE to wear high heels!

    Just--as we're all dolled up & in our heels--gussy your self up a bit to look GOOD for all us hens in there too--we're all VERY appreciative of a fine young awakened man!


  • Glad you guys understand, haha

  • I welcome you in Sweet KushikimiKiba--however you choose to come you are well-come:-)

    And of course--if you WANT to wear heels--we'll be fine with that too--some women in there can't wear 'em, and I know plenty of men who like to be taller too! Me? I grew up in toe shoes--& though I prefer barefoot to anything--LOVE MY FMP"S & can run fast in 'em if I have to:-)

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