Spirit help please ?? Very confused heart. D:

  • Hello, my situation is basically with a guy whom i have been swaying back and forth with... we're both very onguard with our feelings and I feel like we cannot move forward...to leave each other or stay, for the better.

    He made lots of excuses with me.. in a playful(?) teasing me kind of way, and i would never react to it, to which he then did see me, we had an alright time, but he then drew cold the very next day... even though he did not choose to leave me right away, we stayed in bed alllll day and alll afternoon just listening to music and fell asleep together, as soon as he awoke, he was cold as ice and seemed very confused/distant. I can relate to that feeling ...cause i had been like this with him, previously. For me, i was overwhelmed and filled with anxiety of my own feelings and doubting his.. was he the one feeling like that this time round ? Anyway, after analysing and thinking so much, i let my fear get the better of me, and i ignored him back. After two days, he got back in contact, but i was very very brief with him.. as brief as just saying "Yes." to when he asked if i was okay. That was it. And since, we have not spoken to each other at all. I feel like i have confirmed his fear or something, but at the time, i was feeling very defensive like he had no respect for me or something. And Last night, it got the better of me, and i sent him this :

    "It is very evident that you completely do not care about me nor respect me in the slightest. thanks [name]"

    He did not respond. Nor will he for a while, or even at all, most likely.

    What do i do ? I fear that i come off as quite chilly to others, including guys that i am interested in, that they feel they have to be this certain way with me, and then it seems to me that they're taking me for granted ! My venus is in pisces and i'm an aquarius which makes me flitter from cold to dreamy so often that i feel i have to withdraw all the time to make sure i'm not kidding myself !

    I have such a hard time trying to convey what is in my heart. But with him, he plays all these lil games that i used to play with other guys when i would get fearful of my own feelings...

    I really want to know.. what to do.. ?! Is it done with ? Or should i convey what i feel to him, right from my heart ? Or is it better for us this way ? I'm quite confused.. Help .. If anyone could give me a LOVE reading, or Guidance from the spirits PLEASE.. I would be most appreciative ! x x x

  • I want to simply cry a lil bit. ahhh emotions !

    And another confusing aspect is my job front.. I've dived into a rather ridiculous opportunity which i am doubting about.. ITs tommorow..and so far its stressing me out. I only decided about the job at the weekend, because i wanted an extreme change and excitement..and already i'm changing my mind becaus ei just want the peace and dreamy comforts..and this job is gonna be far from it... but my friends seems to just be agreeing that i should take it.. yet strangely i feel that my dad(whom passed away a good few years ago) would have something totally different to say. !

    Talk about a double whammy ! I've never felt myself be so lost in confusion before.

    Times like these, i wish i had my dad around, simply for the comfort and to tell me what to do.

    Especially these last few days but i can't remember the dreams.. like he is in my head trying to help but my mind feels cloudy. Anyway this is why i thought to come here and ask kindly please for spirit help, i want to be reached out to, and given a lil guidance.. cause it just feels a little hopeless right now.

    Pisces moon is really making me FEEL lots of things all at once ! I feel under pressure and time is slipping through my fingers.

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