Three Card Yes or No...Help please???

  • I have recently done a three card spread yes or no...the way they fell was upright Ace of Pentacles, Upright Fortitude, and upright the sure this means the answer to my question is yes...however, i would like more insight into the individual cards...Please and Thankyou!

  • I would be happy to help you unravel this spread a bit. However, first I need to know what each means or represents, then we can really get somewhere. Peace.

    One thing is certain: it's a very powerful spread since each of the cards represents a karmic or destined situation (Aces, Court Cards, Trumps).

    I don't know what deck you're using, but does Fortitude correspond with Strength?

    And I know "The Pope" as The Hierophant.

    Let's look at this more closely. It will be good practice for both of us and I've been using and researching the cards for 20 years.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • im not sure what you mean by "what each means or represents"...and yes on both the strength and the hierophant...

  • oh after re-reading i am guessing you need to know what each position meant ...i just drew them after shuffling 8 times as i always do (my birthday) ..i didnt signify a meaning for the position of the card, only if it was reversed or not. i have only gotten a full 3 upright answer "yes"one other time

  • Now I understand a bit better.

    I don't read reversed cards, so that effect really has no meaning for me.

    However, the strength of the three cards you drew bears witness to something very powerful.

    Each of the cards indicates a karmic or destined situation, and I believe your intuition is telling you that the answer to your question is a resounding "yes".

    I would suggest that you research the meaning of each card and then weave them together to give you the complete picture of your answer, which, in this case, is three fold.

    When I do a "yes/no" spread and use three cards, the cards represent in turn: Body, Mind, Spirit.

    When I do an "either/or" spread, I use six cards representing the same things.

    So, after researching the meanings of the cards a bit, you may want to designate them as Body, Mind, and Spirit accordingly.

    I'd take these cards any day if I were doing a spread!! Very good cards. Full of hope and renewal and regeneration.

    You're in a VERY good place right now. Run with the ball...Peace and Light.

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