• Hi ~ You are doing so great on insights for all these people. Oh I have been dreaming up a storm. I dreamt about an old friend he walked directly to me & said "Do you Love me" & I said "Oh my God of course I do." Because it is unconditional Love for this person. So I wondered why I had this dream & what it meant or if he was really trying to ask me? This friend is from 25-30 years ago. Same person on dream decoding thread. Ive enjoyed reading the things you have helped everyone with. Bless you for all the time & energy you have given. Look foward to hearing from you. ~D

  • Hey Dmick....I can't believe the dreams I have been having lately. I dreamed last night of playing in a poker game. Hmmm....haven't examined it too closely. Will have to do that later! Will chat more in a little while!

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  • OMG....I'm in Hillsboro! 🙂 Where in Portland....

    I've been busy this week trying to get my school paperwork in for approval. I would like to start at PCC next month. Hope I get approved since I already registered for 4 classes. LOL.

    I'm just hanging in there besides that. My first real love? My ex husband and we're already friends and see each other because of our two children. My last love....a disappointment. He went back to his first love...last I heard...wasn't quite what he expected but nothing I can do about that. He made his choice....says he still loves me....but won't leave the first love even though it isn't working out.

    Do you do any meet up groups around here? I go to many of them. Love them. They have helped me so much on my journey this time around. If you can get this before they delete it...I'm skinnyjack3 at the g mail thing. Drop me a line there.

    Talk to you soon!

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  • Yep....I definitely know where Damascus is. :0)

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